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  1. nofishfisherman

    How Would You Handle This.

    Tough deal on this one. You've got to decide how much fight you want to put into this. There are also a lot of life lessons here to teach your son just depends on which one you want to focus on. In most circumstances I would start out by going to the landowner and explaining the issues and see if you can get it resolved. However, with it being an 85 year old woman you'll have to decide if you want to drag her into it. I'd probably at least inform her of the issue so that she's aware of what is happening on her property and what type of person is out there. She should at least know that much as the landowner If she wants to make it right then so be it but I wouldn't push her on it. Just leave it as a heads up and let her know your son will move on as to not cause trouble if she doesn't seem like she's got it in her to straighten things out.
  2. nofishfisherman

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    Sounds like a good neighbor to get to know if he's going to be around all the time.
  3. nofishfisherman

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    I'd have probably done the same. I assume his stand on your land is facing toward his property. Not much is gained by forcing him to move his stand 50 feet. It doesn't really gain you any more usable space from the looks of it. I'd give the agreement a shot for a while and see how it goes. Just remain friendly with him in case something in your original agreement needs to get changed. I'd probably still get the property surveyed and posted. it looks like you've got more neighbors and if you're not local you don't know who else may think they can hunt your land while you're not there. If the land has been vacant for awhile I would bet you'll find a stand or two or at least evidence others have been there in the past few years. Just tell the neighbor you're letting keep his stand that you're posting but that he's still cool to use the stand that way he doesn't get surprised by the signs early one morning. Probably also want to work out a gentleman's agreement to help keep an eye on each others land while you're not there.
  4. nofishfisherman

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    You're doing things the right way in my opinion. No reason two rational adults with the same goals can't come to a common sense agreement. If things don't work out with the agreement then you can always get the line survey and then go from there. Its hard for us to get a sense for how big the issue could even be since we only see the small snapshot of the property and can't see much of the neighbors property or see how he could possibly be using that corner of your property.
  5. nofishfisherman

    Opening Day

    My buddy bailing was only one factor that led me to staying home this weekend. The warm temps were another and I've also got some other commitments that I opted not to skip. my consolation is that I'll be hunting the next 2 weekends. Next weekend I'm going solo and the following my buddy will be with me. Typically archery season I hunt by myself at least 75% of the time. I don't mind it, sometimes actually prefer it. However, my buddy hasn't had a ton of time in the woods the last few years so I'm excited to be able to log more hours with him this season.
  6. nofishfisherman

    Opening Day

    I was supposed to be going out this weekend with my buddy but he to tend to some family health stuff. I was planning to just go alone but something about hunting opener by yourself doesn't feel right, its supposed to be shared. Instead I think we're hunting the 2nd and 3rd weekends.
  7. nofishfisherman

    What's Your Go To Broadhead?

    I'm a muzzy user as well. If you're looking to stock broadheads its hard to exclude Muzzy given they are a mainstay in the market.
  8. nofishfisherman

    Why do packers fans love their coach & management?

    I'll agree with the OP to a point. Given the level of QB play over the last 25 years you'd expect more than 2 superbowl wins. For the most part they have not done well building up the rest of the roster with enough supporting talent to win at the highest level consistently. They've also had the ability to feast on a relatively weak division. The Bears and Vikings have each had some small windows of success in that time but also long stretches of substantially sub par teams. I wouldn't necessarily complain about 2 superbowl wins in that amount of time but if I were a packer fan I would be frustrated at the lack of a supporting cast and the lack of activity in free agency. With a QB like Rodgers they always have a chance to win but they tend to be content floating in the range of "good" and hoping to catch lightning in a bottle every 10 years or so when with a few moves here and there they could have been great for an extended stretch of time.
  9. nofishfisherman

    K-drill roll call and update

    Picked up the 6" last year and paired it with the M18 Fuel drill, no Clam plate. Tested one battery and got 45-50 holes on one charge through 14-18" of ice. Absolutely love it so far. Its light weight, never refuses to start, no gas or oil to deal with, and I don't have to store a larger auger thats useless 8 months out of the year.
  10. nofishfisherman


    I assume you burned your deck down immediately after taking these photos.
  11. nofishfisherman

    Getting antsy

    I can only answer for myself but I try to figure out why I'm shooting 2" left. The first 40-50 good shots already tell me its not the bow and that its something that I'm doing differently (unless there is a new variable introduced to the equipment). I try to make my practice shots more thoughtful than just absent minded shooting so if something isn't right I work to figure it out that way when I hit the stand the next day I'm aware of the mistake I was making and can make sure I'm not going to make the same mistake when the shot really counts. If you're shooting without any thought behind it then you won't know if its your bow, your form, or if your going to have the same issue the next day. There is a saying the practice makes perfect, in reality its perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect practice to me means executing each shot like its your only shot and if something is wrong you work to fix it.
  12. nofishfisherman

    Getting antsy

    I guess I just can't understand the mentality that doing something correctly one time means you're now perfect and no longer need to practice. Let me pose this question to you. If you had the chance to attend an NBA basketball game and were given the chance to shoot 1 free throw in order to win $1 million. Would you stop practicing after you made your first 5 free throws or would you keep practicing? If it were me you better believe I'm going to practice until I can make a free throw in my sleep. But like you said to each his own.
  13. nofishfisherman

    Who Made This Heater?

    What it went for back in the day doesn't have much impact on current value. I'd look at what a comparable heater would go for today. Is it comparable in function and heat output to a Big Buddy heater or something else? Find a comparable modern heater and use that as your basis for setting a sale price.
  14. nofishfisherman

    Wrist Slings

    I started out without a wrist sling and shot fine. I had a sling in my case and one day decided to use it and noticed a difference. I was able to shoot with a more open hand and relaxed grip. I felt like my pin float was reduced and easier to manipulate my point of aim when my hand was open and more relaxed.
  15. nofishfisherman

    Getting antsy

    I'll agree that shooting a ton of arrows in itself doesn't add a lot of value assuming you're shooting well from the start. However, there is more to practice beyond making sure you can hit what you aim at. Like you said target practice and shooting at live game are very different. What I try to focus on at the practice range is my shot routine and metal process. I want to make sure that my process is so well locked into my muscle memory that it is simply reflex when Mr Big walks by. Its too easy to see a deer and let a piece of the process get sloppy. If that happens it can be the difference maker. For example I was hunting with a buddy last year. I know for a fact that he takes his bow out once or twice before the season to make sure he can still hit the target and that about it. Well, first day out last season he drew on a deer and he had a mental breakdown and put the wrong pin on the deer. The result was the deer ran off and his arrow was buried in a tree trunk directly above where the deer was standing, that was his only shot attempt for the season. The only way to lock down your routine and make it automatic is through doing it correctly repeatedly and the best way to do that is at range before the season. Of course its not going to be fool proof and things can still go wrong but I'm a believer in preparation. I don't want to put all that time in the stand and then have the entire season come down to a mistake that I could have prevented with proper preparation. This is just me and my mindset though. We all operate a little differently and have different experiences. I've only been shooting a bow for 3+ years and only have 2 seasons of bow hunting under my belt so some may have things locked into muscle memory over 20+ years, I'm not there yet so practice is required.