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  1. I assume you're talking about a brick paver patio? Is your major issue the labor it takes to power wash the bricks each year? Sounds like you're hoping to avoid that. I've never sealed a brick patio but understand it can help prevent staining and mildew growth and generally extend the lifespan. If you're looking simply to avoid the annual pressure washing I'd assume you'd still need to do that to keep them looking clean even after sealing. I have a stamped concrete patio that is sealed and even though I make sure its swept off regularly I still need to power wash it once a year. Its a night and day difference between the before and after. If you do seal the brick make sure your brick has enough texture to prevent the sealer from making the bricks slippery. If the sealer covers up the texture it can make things super slick when wet. My patio was a death trap in the winter or anytime it was wet. When I sealed it this spring I added a product called Gator Grip to the sealer. Its basically super fine poly beads that add texture without being visible. it didn't 100% fix the slippery problem but still made a big difference and now you at least stand a fighting chance to not fall on your butt.
  2. Im good with the Cousins deal and the Diggs trade. They got a nice haul for Diggs considering what Houston got for Hopkins. I liked Diggs talent but for every 2-3 positive plays he seemed to have one negative where he took off his helmet or did something else on the sideline. Let him go to Buffalo and see how he does there. As far as Cousins I think it was an ok deal. Cousins certainly has his flaws but there aren't many QB's in the league right now that don't have serious flaws that will hurt you from time to time. There also weren't many options available if they wanted to replace Cousins, the only options they had would have been a step back. Hopefully now they have a few years to look at finding the QB of the future and they have some extra draft picks to add talent around him mainly at the O line.
  3. I don't have any specific lakes but if I had a kayak I'd be looking for some of the smaller lakes in your area. Get on google maps and look for small lakes near you without a boat launch, then look to see if there are any workable carry in access points for you and your kayak. You never know what sort of fishing you'll have in those smaller lakes. It will probably take a little exploring to figure out which ones are good and which aren't but you should at least have the lakes to yourself. You can speed up your exploring by checking out lake maps at home on the Navionics app or other online maps you may find. If you can find any sort of dnr survey that might help weed out some potential dud lakes. However, it seems like bass tend to be under reported on most of the MN DNR surveys. I'm not sure their methods work well for establishing accurate bass numbers so don't let that alone sway your decisions.
  4. I use the 3-2-1 method but thats really just a rough guideline to go by. Sometimes it ends up being 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 or some similar variation. Just got to let the rib talk to you to determine when exactly to wrap it and when exactly to unwrap. It can depend on type of rib, temp youre smoking at, how consistent your temp is, if you're using a mop sauce, if you're finishing with sauce or leaving dry, etc.
  5. I didn't think it made much sense either but Ball to the Warriors was some of the latest draft speculation I had seen. Obviously its WAY too early for serious speculation I just know I don't want the Ball kid on the Wolves roster considering the baggage that comes with him.
  6. In that case a portable set up about 50 yards down wind of the house is probably the best option.
  7. A lot of them get used as the bathroom for the weekend. You could easily do the same in your situation and get rid of the bathroom in the house all together. There are of course draw backs. The portable will be colder and probably not as nice of a set up overall for the job at hand which makes the late night trip even more unpleasant. There are also some benefits to going this route. Its saves space in the house and maybe a little cheaper to build the house depending on what you do with the space you save. If you're in a portable away from the house a little you also don't have to worry about someone from inside the house pounding on the wall yelling at you to "quiet down in there" while you're in the attached bathroom processing last nights chili.
  8. The rumors I've heard is that the Ball kid could be the #1 pick by Golden State. If thats the case they can have him. No amount of talent is worth having to deal with the Daddy Big Baller. I'll take the 2nd pick and 2nd best player all day long.
  9. Looks like that front bunk won't be able to be a jack knife couch give that it will block the door when folded down. After seeing the design I feel like its going to be cramped when you start adding more people to the house. You may technically be able to sleep 5 but I don't think you'll want to.
  10. Ive given some thought to how I'd build a future wheelhouse and this topic is something I've debated. Ive used houses with bathrooms both ways and the added privacy of the outside entrance bathroom was nice and overall I think we all preferred that. The big down side is any late night bathroom needs. You'll have to know your audience on that one and determine how big of an issue it is. If you do go this route and opt for no heat make sure to put an extra hook on the wall on the heated portion for you to hang your toilet seat to keep it warm. That will make the family love you a little more. I do like the modified floor plan laid out above. If the bunks are short that could be an issue. I'm 6'4" so need a long bunk but how tall are the kids? Could those bunks be dedicated kid bunks and you get the longer bunk? The only thing in that modified plan you may want to look at is the hole placement in front of the front bunks. Depending on the frame your working with you might want to move the hole over to the right a little to move it away from the bunks a little. Right now its placed squarely in the middle of the only place to access the bunks. If you plan to use rattle reels at night I could see someone jumping down from the top bunk and not having a good place to land without ending up in the hole. I'd for sure give some thought into squaring off the front V and putting 2 longer bunks up front. Maybe plan for a jackknife sofa up front and a dinette in back. If you go the route of squaring off the V put some thought into how you could best use that space you'd be losing.
  11. I get what you are saying on this but I really try to apply the same mindset to all special interests. Should I support some sort of public assistance for resorts just so I don't have to drive a little further to get bait but then tell some other special interest group that doesn't impact me to screw off when they look for some assistance after experiencing some type of loss in revenue? Seems kind of hypocritical. If one group gets assistance why shouldn't everyone? If resorts really do go under after one bad year then my guess is that something will pop up to fill the void. Hopefully whatever business fills the void will be able to survive a bad season. Maybe some type of weather related insurance for resorts isn't a bad idea. Resorts could buy in each year to protect against these bad years. Seems like there could be some sort of private business opportunity there if someone could find a way to price the risk correctly.
  12. Its clearly been a tough year for a lot of businesses that make their living off the lakes. While I can sympathize with them and understand their perspective I'm not sure they should be offered up much government assistance unless its in the form of some sort of low interest loan to ensure they have spring start up costs covered. Although I feel like if you're a business that is at the mercy of mother nature and you aren't able to withstand one poor winter and open up the following spring without outside assistance then I don't think you're bound to be in the business very long. Every business comes with inherent risk. When you make your living on the lake in the winter you know you are 100% at the mercy of mother nature year in and year out. Some years you get great conditions starting early in the year and you're able to make some extra bank. Some years you get kicked in the teeth with bad ice conditions that prevent you from making as much money. Its a risk you accept when you decide to make your living that way and you hope you can use the boom years to help get you through the bust years. Its really no different than any other business. Every business has its ups and downs and outside challenges that aren't always within your control. You can't bail out every business when they run into some type of struggle.
  13. I broke down some of my selections in a previous post assuming I could only have 1 firearm. I think BigDave also broke down some of the benefits of various firearms. The simplest way to break it down would be to have something from each category below. The exact model/caliber of each probably doesn't matter as much. The biggest thing is being comfortable using it and having available ammo for it. If you have something from each you'll probably have your bases covered in terms of self defense (close and long range), hunting (small and large game), and anything else you may need. 1. Handgun 2. Rifle 3. Shotgun 4. AR15 5. Bow The only reason I had a bow on the list is to reduce the reliance on ammo to make the stock pile last longer. No matter how much ammo you stockpile if the world falls apart and can't get put back together again sooner or later your ammo supply will run out. You just need to hope you stockpiled more than the other guy.
  14. The generalist will certainly have the advantage over the specialist if the world falls apart. The wider range of knowledge, skills, and tools you have the greater your chances for survival. Its tough to select a single best firearm for a survival situation when the correct answer is to have multiple firearms each for their own purpose.
  15. Only difference is the Wolves have slightly better uniforms.
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