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  1. nofishfisherman

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    They also do a better job of cleaning the driveway all the way to the pavement. 2 stage blowers always leave some residual snow. There are times a 2 stage is really the preferred option but for all but that absolute biggest snowfalls (minimum 12"+) a single stage will clean your driveway quicker and better. Its also easier for the wife to do it which is beneficial. I've had a few hunting and ice fishing trips capped off by coming home to a driveway the wife wasn't able to clear with my large 2 stage blower so she spent the weekend driving through the snow packing it down onto the driveway. I suspect the folks that are adamant about 2 stages being superior probably haven't used a quality single stage blower.
  2. nofishfisherman

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    He goes by the name Moonshine, I'm guessing it takes more than a bottle of bourbon or case of beer to do the job.
  3. nofishfisherman

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    In my experience the best solution is to have both a single stage and a 2 stage. The better 2 stage blowers out there will probably be fine for 90% of our snowfalls and in most cases they do a better job on the smaller snowfalls because they scrape the driveway cleaner. The 2 stages are nice for the really big snowfalls, windblown drifts, and the snowplow drifts. You can always deal with the lager snow falls by getting out once during the storm to clear the driveway so you don't have so much to do once its all done. I've had ok luck with a Snapper single stage handling snow plow drifts and smaller wind blown drifts. You have to go slow and maybe chop up the drift with a shovel if its too big but its doable. Even if you have to break up the drift a little with a shovel that can be easier than maneuvering a large 2 stage at times. If I could only have one blower I'd probably opt for one of the larger single stage blowers. My wife has a hard time handling my large Toro 2 stage and most of the time its just over kill for smaller snowfalls and ends up taking more time than a good single stage would. My mother in law has the Snapper single stage and she can run that just fine on her own so I think almost anyone could.
  4. nofishfisherman

    Helix 5

    For reference I do have the original Helix 5 and its just the basic unit so newer units may be better with interference.
  5. nofishfisherman

    Helix 5

    I have the Helix 5 portable unit that is set up for ice fishing with the mount and soft case. If I'm fishing alone I like it. Does everything I need it to do and also gives me the option of using it in open water. If I'm fishing with others that have vexilars then it struggles with interference. If you play around with it you might be able to clean some of it up but in the little playing I have done I wasn't able to get it below the annoying level. This has only happened when I'm fishing in the same house as someone with a vex. If I'm in my portable by myself I haven't had any issues from people fishing in other houses nearby.
  6. nofishfisherman

    Trail Layout

    Back to your original question regarding trails I would be hesitant to go in and start cutting long straight trails without knowing how the deer are using your land. You could end up cutting a nice bedding area right in half and ruin it entirely. What I would do is figure out where you want to set up camp/cabin and get a nice access in to that spot. Then figure out where you want stands to be placed. There are also some areas you want to avoid entirely, if there is a bedding area you don't want to be putting a trail in there because each time you head to your stand you risk clearing your land of any deer. From how you describe the land it seems likely deer are using at least some portion of your land for bedding and cover. Once you know where you want your stands and you know areas to avoid then you can figure out how to route trails. I wouldn't make them any wider than an ATV though, deer will use them but they also like to feel secure. I personally also wouldn't make them perfectly straight, I'd figure out point A and point B then route the trail through the easiest ares that also avoids potential bedding areas. Odds are it won't end up being very straight at all. I'd probably focus on your main access road to your campsite and work on improving camp first while dealing with narrow winding trails for awhile. Maybe hunt it like that for another year or two as you learn more about your land and how the deer are using it. That way you can make a more informed decision on trail placement. Odds are you'll find that some of your current stands don't produce as well as others and need to be moved. No sense building large trails to those stands until you know they are in good spots likely to produce year after year.
  7. nofishfisherman

    Where Ya Opening The Season

    I traded my rifle for a bow a few years ago now and while I am happy with the decision I do miss the excitement of opening day and traveling north with a few buddies. We didn't have a long established tradition and we hopped from one public spot to another in search of a little peace and quiet that we never really found but it was still fun albeit frustrating. Now I spend all my time bow hunting and have access to land that is bow only without any rifle hunting for miles. I won't be out on rifle opener but I should be out the middle of next week for my 4th trip of the season.
  8. nofishfisherman

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    Gotta lay off that late night chili. You may like the gas but I assure you no once else does.
  9. nofishfisherman

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    Same here. Its also nice to not have hundreds of dollars tied up into a gas auger that I'm only going to use part of the year. I'd rather put that money into a good drill that will drill through a lot of ice and then I can still use it year round as an actual drill. Just makes sense to me.
  10. nofishfisherman

    Tic Toc- I'm Ready To Leave

    That's awesome. I'm really impressed, anyone can shoot a cow elk but not everyone can get that cow elk to smile for the hero photo.
  11. nofishfisherman

    Tic Toc- I'm Ready To Leave

    Sounds like a great trip, I'm more than a little jealous. Also a great bit of parenting. Sounds like your son is well on his way to being a good man, well done.
  12. nofishfisherman

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    Building is certainly more fun and gives the property more character.
  13. nofishfisherman

    2018 Twins

    Thats sort of the point. They didn't come up short in negotiations they simply didn't pursue anyone from the start. Its no secret the Twin organization has been reluctant to add to the payroll. If you're not going to add to the payroll then you better be smart with how you spend the money you do have. Its not hard to see that they could have gotten similar production for less money than they paid Mauer and then would have had more to pursue other players more deserving of the contract.
  14. nofishfisherman

    2018 Twins

    Its hard to make a list of players that the could have signed but didn't because the Twins never really pursued any top end talent. Darvish might be the exception but that offer was made with Mauers contract set to come off the books in a year. 5 years ago they would have never made the offer which sort of proves the point that Mauers contract was a limiting factor in who they would target in free agency. I don't really begrudge the Twins for signing Mauer to the deal they did they really had no other choice. At the time he was a hometown hero who just had one of the greatest seasons any catcher has ever had and they were set to open up a new ballpark. Had they let Joe walk in free agency it would have been a PR nightmare. Besides as the time his output seemed to deserve the deal he got. There is no crystal ball that would have indicated he'd regress and that he'd have to move to first base. Had he been able to stay at catcher then his current offensive stats would have looked better given what you typically get from a catcher. However, you tend to expect more offensively from your first baseman so his stats started to compare less favorably to his piers at the position.
  15. nofishfisherman

    2018 Twins

    The was the first thing I thought when I heard he was fired. Not sure why anyone is real concerned about Mauer retiring. He's an ok player but nothing more than just ok. If he were to come back I'm not sure what sort of contract he'd want but I'm guessing you could get more for that money elsewhere. I'm also interested to see if they Twins invest the money they'll save now that Mauers contract is up or if they'll pocket it as additional profit. The Twins way would dictate the spend half of it on mediocre journeymen players that just keep the ship afloat while they pocket the rest of it.