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  1. I think there is likely a trade coming at some point. They seem to have a bit of a back log of position players and an obvious need for pitchers (both starters and in the bullpen). Something will have to give. They have a tough lineup in place which should give them a chance to win, hopefully they don't squander it by not finding a top end pitcher and some help in the bullpen.
  2. "Twins win again, 9-8" or "Twins drop another one, final score 10-7". I think those will be the 2 most common headlines on top of the Sports section this season unless we do something to improve our pitching,
  3. yeah it drive me nuts as well. Had an old neighbor that let his nice boat sit out year round with no protection. He was older and stopped using the boat but never bother covering it and he refused to sell it. Many of the neighbors offered to buy it but he'd get really snarky and rude with his refusal. I guess he got enjoyment out of seeing the boat decay over the years. I'm sure the boat is pretty much worthless at this point, before I moved you could see that one of the seats had finally fallen over, I can only assume the floor rotted out couldn't hold the seat base any more. He had a nice little drop down fish house as well that he just let sit and rot. Could have been a really nice light weight set up for putting out on a local lake but apparently he used it to hang up his furs when he was trapping and then never bothered to clean it out. Not sure you could pay me to go in there now.
  4. I don't have Hulu but I was at a buddies house and he insisted I watch an episode while I was there. Its frickin' hilarious. Youtube has a bunch of clips if people want to get a taste of it. I've thought about signing up for Hulu just for this show.
  5. You are my new personal hero for doing this to your car. We need to see more pics. Maybe I should consider this with my old Mazda 3 that I'm looking to replace.
  6. Exactly, sure throw the freeking ball but its the running game that opens up those throws. Cook ran all over the Saints in the first half then the Saints geared up to stop the run leaving the passing game open. On Thielens catch in OT they had put 8 in the box to stop the run leaving only a single safety deep. That meant either Diggs or Thielen was going to get one on one coverage without any safety help. Thanks to an effective running game they could throw the freeking ball.
  7. I had plans to head up to the Bemidji area with a buddy and our oldest kids last weekend but we opted to cancel with the nasty forecast. Had it just been the 2 of us guys maybe we'd have been dumb enough to give it a shot but not with our two 6 year old kids going on their first overnight fishing trip. Glad we didn't make the trek. Given how much ice we had in the metro Saturday morning when we planned to leave I doubt we'd have made it very far anyways. We did head out to a north metro lake on Wednesday and had 5-6 inches of good ice with another inch or 2 of bad ice on top. Almost no snow cover on the lake made for a slick walk out which wasn't easy for my 3 year old son but we made a good afternoon out of it chasing flags. Probably head out again this Sunday to another lake near the house.
  8. Based on your description I got to agree with those recommending the kdrill with milwaukee M18 fuel drill. I needed a new cordless drill 2 years ago and also wanted a new auger so it was a no brainer for me to pair the 2 up. I've got the smaller Kdrill but with the 2 batteries I can easily get 40-50 holes through 12-18 inches of ice no problem. Thats way more than enough for my purposes. It also cuts really nice and easy. My wife was out with me and the kids once and she's never used an auger of any kind and she wanted to give the kdrill a shot. She was cutting holes with ease and the auger is so light there really isn't any issues with fatigue. Its also really nice to throw the drill into reverse and clear the hole by pushing the slush down the hole and up under the ice. No more scooping holes. A smaller advantage but one I still notice is how easy it is to store in the off season. The drill is always in its spot in my workshop and the auger itself is small and easy to store compared to the bigger units. If space is an issue and you know it may sit for awhile between uses that advantage becomes more noticeable.
  9. My mom does pretty much the same thing by making huge spreads of cookies and candies like that but in her case its just her doing all of the work. She's dabbled with the idea of opening her own bakery over the years but opted to keep it as a hobby instead. Its not unheard of for her to show up at my door with 3 identical cakes wanting me to eat all 3 and tell her which one is the best. Apparently I'm supposed to be able to tell the difference between the 3 different variations of the recipe that she is working on. The only noticeable difference I can see after eating all 3 cakes is which notch on my belt I'm using.
  10. I picked up the Buck Bomb Rut Kit the other day before a weekend of bow hunting. It was like $6 so figured why not give it a try. I had a few bucks and does walk right by it and not pay any attention to it. I've also used some other brands over the last several years and never had any luck with any of them. Like Huntnfish the only thing consistent with these scents is that they always open up in your pocket or your pack. I spent last night washing my hunting pack to get the doe pee smell out of it.
  11. Maybe he'll make me one then. I don't mind answering to Uncle Nofish for awhile.
  12. Nicely done. Sometimes simple is best. Now the question is what did you charge him for 3 months of labor? If he walked away with that house for $3000 then he got a steal.
  13. You may not need a rotation full of aces but you've got to have something decent to roll out to the mound each game. TB appears to have overall good but not great pitching which is still far better than what the Twins bring. We'll also see how TB fairs long term. So far they've pitched well and taken a short series to game 5 but they still haven't advanced so they haven't gone on any sort of a run just yet.
  14. Very true. It was a fun regular season but I could never get that excited about the Twins making the playoffs knowing that their starting rotation was such a mess.
  15. Lack of options? They had 2 guys that could maybe compete with the Yankees, Berrios and Odorizzi. Berrios couldn't get it done in game 1 and maybe they were thinking instead of wasting Odorizzi for game 2 on the road in NY where its going to be hard to win no matter what they figured they'd take their shot with Dobnak and hope to get lucky by out scoring the Yankees and then hope Odorizzi could shut the yankees down in game 3 back home. Obviously it didn't work but I'm guessing it wasn't going to matter much either way. The Twins were outmatched in every single part of the game. Unless we can seriously beef up our rotation and bullpen I'm guessing we regress back toward being an 85-90 win team next season. Thats probably where we would have been if we didn't catch lightning in a bottle with all of the homers this season.
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