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  1. nofishfisherman

    What Killed This Fawn?

    Hard to tell but I'm guessing you're on the right track with a vehicle or something like that. If it were a coyote or other predator I'm guessing they'd have kept up the pursuit and in that case it would have been pretty well torn apart. I'm guessing a vehicle hit it and it wondered around for awhile before finally dying there. If it went awhile after the hit the blood trail may have long dried up before reaching your land. Looks like a few small scavengers may have already found it, thinking birds mainly. Coyotes will find it sooner or later.
  2. nofishfisherman

    Birds Everywhere!!!!

    I've seen a huge uptick in birds around my place as well. I have let the feeder go empty now because the deer get to them before the birds do but still lots of birds in the yard.
  3. nofishfisherman

    Are People On Here Still?

    Are people on here still? That I don't know but I think most people here are on something, I'm just not sure what.
  4. nofishfisherman

    What's Up? Spooling, Spooling, Spooling!

    Natural consequence when users start bogging down the site with too many memes?
  5. nofishfisherman

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    Id rather role with Saunders then hire another retread coach that got fired somewhere else. I think the NFL is starting to learn that rehiring retread coaches typically only yields the same results. Now they are looking for younger more innovative first time coaches and they've been having a lot of success. I think its time for the NBA to do the same thing. Hopefully Saunders can have some success this season and earn the full time job. I know Flip would sure be looking down as one proud dad.
  6. nofishfisherman

    Girls Are Trouble

    There is a group of 4 that roams the neighborhood constantly. Looks like a mama and 3 yearlings. Lately they've been joined by a 5th young doe. I've only see one small buck (6 pointer) all the other bucks have been like the ones above. There are just the 3 I have on my trail camera the others have either eluded my camera or I've seen them down the block. I know there are at least 5 unique bucks in the same range as the 3 I have pictures of.
  7. nofishfisherman

    Hamstring Curls Bad For Your Back?

    I suppose there is a difference between "could" put extra strain and "will" put extra strain on your lower back. I haven't seen any of research but having done hamstring curls I can see where maybe it might make sense but I never experienced any issues. There are a lot of good ways to work your hamstrings and a varied approach is usually best anyways so its not going to hurt to mix in some other options and reduce your dependence on curls.
  8. nofishfisherman

    Girls Are Trouble

    Its amazing what happens with bucks when they don't have to worry about getting shot. Here are 3 bucks that visited my front yard within less than a 2 week span in December. I live in the burbs just north of St. Paul with only a 1/3 of an acre lot. I also have pictures of countless does with up to 5 in the yard at one time.
  9. nofishfisherman

    Just Food and Drink

    I found a deal on a whole leg of lamb for Christmas dinner. This was my first time preparing a whole leg but it turned out fantastic. I looked at various methods and sort of combined the pieces I liked from each one. I started by trimming off the fat which was non typical from most methods I read about. Then I put it into a liquid brine for 3 hours which is also not typical. After the liquid brine I dried it and then did a thyme, rosemary, garlic rub and let it sit until it had to go into the oven. Cooked it at 350 degrees for about an hour and a half to an hour and 3/4 and then raised the temp to 375 to help crisp up the outside. Once the oven hit 375 I dropped the temp as low as my oven would go and let it hold in the warm oven until 30 minutes before dinner. 30 minutes before dinner I pulled it to let it rest and then I carved it right as people were sitting down to the table.
  10. nofishfisherman

    2019 Twins

    I like the Cruz signing but I'm also worried he might get "Twined". We've got a long history of signing aging players with some power only to find out that we signed them a year too late as they usually start their decline as soon as we get them. From a production stand point I do worry about Cruz since his average dropped 30 points last year. Hopefully that was a fluke but at his age its hard to imagine it will rebound too much. I do like the idea of bringing in someone that can help get through to Sano so even if Cruz hits .240 with 20 hrs it could still be worth the expense if he get help get Sano back up to where he should be.
  11. nofishfisherman

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    Solid choice. The single stage really excel in slop like we got overnight. My 2 stage Toro did alright as well but I bet you could have run circles around me.
  12. nofishfisherman

    Gas Grill

    I bought one with the side burner as well thinking it would be really nice to have. While it works just fine I just found that I don't use it that often. I'll use it occasionally but not enough to justify the extra cost. With the next grill purchase I won't pay extra for that feature and I likely wouldn't buy one that didn't have a cover for the side burner because i use it as a place to put stuff much more than I use it to cook stuff.
  13. nofishfisherman

    Gas Grill

    I've been using grills in that $150 range for probably 10-12 years now and I get about 4 years out of one with the 4th year being a bit of a hassle due to poor ignition, failing burners, etc. I also usually have to replace the triangle pieces above the burners once and also the grease tray usually in year 3. I've been debating if its worth spending 3 times as much and getting a weber or comparable grill in hopes that it will last longer and save some money and hassle over the years. I have heard that the newer webers aren't built that same as older models and may not last as long. Any truth to that? For you weber owners how many components do you have to replace in say a 5-10 year period? Are parts readily available and affordable? One you have to replace burners and such on the $150 grills its time to just throw it away because its just not worth putting the money into. I do use the grill a lot spring through fall, probably 3-4 times a week at minimum. I'm ok staying with the $150 grills if thats going to be cheaper in the long run but I'm also go investing the money in a quality grill if its going to last and save money over time. I would also go charcoal but so many of our weekday meals need to get done quickly. After getting off work, picking up one kid from day care and the other from school dinner prep time is rather limited.
  14. nofishfisherman

    Gas Grill

    I'm tuning into this one. My grill needs to be replaced and I want something that is going to last a number of years without having to replace half the components.
  15. nofishfisherman

    Girls Are Trouble

    There are some nice bucks down there for sure. I was down there on Black Friday with the family as its our tradition to get outside on Black Friday instead of go shopping like everyone else. Lost count of how many deer we saw out on Pike Island but saw one real dandy buck bedded down just off the trail maybe 15 yards away. Looked like the guy with the bloody eye. He looked to be getting by just fine at that point.