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  1. I follow Ranch Fairy of Instagram but haven't gone too far down the rabbit hole of tuning just yet. I was out shooting yesterday and was shooting considerably better at 20, 25, and 30 yards. Had a flyer here or there but was grouping nicely at all distances. The only change I made was I removed the stabilizer. Normally I hunt with one on the old bow but the balance feels better without it on the new bow and the results improved without it. I'll see if the results stay good over the next few sessions before I start broadhead tuning.
  2. I upped the draw weight from 54 lbs up to just under 60 and its an all new set up with new arrows as well. My draw length is 30.5 and i'm shooting arrows spined at 350. I do have 400 spined arrows as well that I can test out. Ive thought about dropping the weight a touch but I'd like to keep it where its at for hunting. Drawing the bow isn't real hard just impacts how many arrows I can shoot in a session before getting tired.
  3. Can't believe the season starts in less than 2 weeks. I've been so busy with work and projects at home that I've only had the chance to get the new bow out three times. Finally got it fully sighted in today but haven't been entirely happy with my groupings. Been a bit inconsistent and for some reason shooting better at 30 yards than 20 yards. The new bow fits much differently than the old bow, by that I mean the new bow actually fits me but I think the change is taking me some time to get used to. I also need to build up some strength yet. I have a bad shoulder so strength ten
  4. From what I understand on chocolate is that the fear is a bit over blown. Yes its toxic to dogs but it would take a huge amount to do any serious harm to most dogs, we're potentially talking pounds of it needing to be ingested. The quality of chocolate is also an important factor. A dark baking chocolate or some sort of really dark fancy chocolate would need much less than say a Hershey chocolate bar which is mostly just sugar and milk with very low quantities of real cocoa.
  5. Good call, didn't even think about that. I may need to wait and see what the weather is like each trip and figure out a solution for the weather that i'll be dealing with.
  6. I'll probably end up making 3-4 trips up to this area. Hopefully the first trip or 2 will be warm enough I can just use my normal camping gear so maybe the fish house set up will get used maybe 3 times at most. I've thought about some type of floor system but I'm some what limited by my vehicle. I don't have a truck to haul stuff so plywood would be tough. I could probably get some 2x4x8's into the small suv I have but I think the fish house is just over 8' on each side if i remember right. I'll also have to account for set up and tear down time.
  7. This season is going to look a little different for me. I'm hunting the same land but normally I stay with family that own the land. However, due to covid I'm opting to not stay in the house with everyone in order to keep my social distance. I've got some specific reasons for why I need to do this but we don't need to get into those. Instead of staying in the house I'll be camping out on the property instead. Early season is no big deal as its warm enough to not really worry about it. What I'm not so sure about is what are the best options for when it starts to get colder. I don't want
  8. Thankfully has my dog has aged he's gotten a bit more picky about what things he steals, it used to be anything he could reach. We've had to use the hydrogen peroxide trick more than a few times. It got to the point that he knew he f'ed up when he saw us bring the bottle out. The last time we used it we had brought him to my MIL's place and she left an entire chocolate layer cake on the edge of the counter to cool. The dog ate nearly the entire thing. No ill effects after having him throw up several times. He's had other notable encounters while eating hibiscus flowers off of
  9. I feel in love with it when I was in the shop a few weeks back shooting a few different bows. They had the Nock On EVO with black riser and sitka limbs in stock so they cut me a deal on that one and offered it at the same price as the NXT version that I would have had to order and wait for. I have it at the shop now waiting for when I have a few more minutes to go back and pick out the accessories. Hope to get back next week after I get back from vacation. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it
  10. Just went in today to put money down on a new PSE EVO 33 so my plan for the fall is to chase MN whitetails like usual but this time with a much nicer bow.
  11. I shoot at a free outdoor city range in Maplewood (hwy 36/61 area) and see guys shooting crossbows fairly often there. They bring their own block targets and sit them next to or on top of the fixed hale bale targets. Not sure if they are technically allowed to do it but its never really been a problem that they are there doing it. You could also call Bwana in Little Canada and see if you could use their indoor range. It would cost you a couple bucks to use the range.
  12. I think I just fell in love with the PSE EVO NXT 33. Didn't love the price tag though which is what kept me from putting in an order for one.
  13. Ive been out shooting exactly one time. Shot very well at 20 yards but didn't have time to shoot different distances. Free time has been in VERY short supply since covid started. I have wanted to upgrade this season and have a fair bit of cash stashed away to fund it but finding time to get into the bow shop and shoot some bows has been tough. I'm actually planning on blocking my work calendar to make it look like I'm in a meeting and duck out and head over the bow shop this afternoon to kick some tires. We'll see if anything comes home with me or if I go another year with my
  14. The down side of making that bench moveable is that you lose some ability to store gear in it. If its a permanent set up you could build it with a flip top that could store a ton of gear. If you want it moveable you'd want to limit how much you store in it.
  15. I assume you're talking about a brick paver patio? Is your major issue the labor it takes to power wash the bricks each year? Sounds like you're hoping to avoid that. I've never sealed a brick patio but understand it can help prevent staining and mildew growth and generally extend the lifespan. If you're looking simply to avoid the annual pressure washing I'd assume you'd still need to do that to keep them looking clean even after sealing. I have a stamped concrete patio that is sealed and even though I make sure its swept off regularly I still need to power wash it once a year
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