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  1. nofishfisherman

    Metro loons

    We see and hear quite a few loons flying over our place in Shoreview. I live between Lake Owasso, Joshephine and Johanna. Based on direction of travel I assume they are flying between the lakes or maybe to some of the smaller ponds/wetlands in the area.
  2. nofishfisherman

    1994 1750 Tyee Renovation

    The cost of some new boats is outrageous. I've always questioned the sanity of dropping $30,000, 40,000, 50,000 on a boat when there are so many solid used boats available for a small fraction. The used boats may need a bit of work or maybe even a complete rebuild down the road but even then you'd still be ahead $20,000. These older boats fish just fine as well only down side is it might take you an extra 5-10 minutes to get to your fishing spot.
  3. nofishfisherman

    I have taken the plunge into archery hunting

    I'm in the same situation in a lot of ways. Young family at home and also a lot of other fall activities that pull me in multiple directions. I'm also not really a trophy hunter, I hunt more for the meat and the experience. If a trophy walks by then great but I'm ok with whatever deer presents an opportunity. I also hadn't hunted big game until was in my 30's, a couple years with a rifle (unsuccessfully) and then 2 years with a bow. Last year was my first archery deer and also first deer ever. I'm lucky if I get 3 weekends during the entire archery season to hunt. I also hunt private land that my aunt and uncle own. Having them there affords me a nice place to sleep and the opportunity to bring my kids along which is amazing. I can go hunt in the morning and they'll feed the kids breakfast and keep them busy until I come in mid morning. Then I get to hang with the kids and eat lunch together and then go back out in the afternoon for the evening hunt. I can then be back in for dinner and to put the kids to bed. Without that luxury I probably wouldn't hunt more than 1 weekend a year right now. In terms of confidence in my ability I didn't take to the field until I was solid at 20 yards. By solid I mean I could shoot a full practice session and not have an arrow stray outside of maybe a 4 inch group with the bulk of the arrows within a 3 inch group. The first year I limited my range in the field to that 20 yards. If a deer was outside of 20 I let it walk. Last year I was able to stretch my range comfortably to 30 yards but the only shot I was presented was exactly at 20 yards. Now that you're over the hardest hurdle which is actually picking up the bow and starting you've got lots of time to decide what you want to do. If you don't hunt this year there are many more years ahead to give it a shot. If you never hunt simply shooting your bow at the practice range is still a lot of fun. Plus you can always look at doing 3D shoots or winter leagues if there are any near you.
  4. nofishfisherman

    What's more aggravating?

    I find it more aggravating to see it and then lose it. If I don't see it I can always convince myself it was just a big carp.
  5. nofishfisherman

    I have taken the plunge into archery hunting

    If you've got the opportunity to target deer this fall and are confident in your ability I would highly encourage you to get out there and try it. Even if you don't take a shot there is still a rush to be had by playing the game and trying to get close to deer. My first year in the field with a bow turned into a series of mistakes that prevented me from taking a deer but it was still a great season of hunting. I feel like bow hunting requires about 100 things to go right in order for you to take a deer, if only 99 things go right and 1 thing goes wrong it won't work. After my first season it seemed like all 100 things had to go wrong at one point or another in order for me to learn from the mistake. Fortunately I think i got them all out of the way the first season. Last season was my 2nd season and it went much better. I took my first deer in the afternoon of my first day out. If you do plan to hunt deer this fall I would recommend you start figuring out which broadhead you plan to use and then make sure to practice with them before hitting the field. I went with the Muzzy 3 blade and they do have the same point of impact as my field points but they are a bit less forgiving and tend to show any breakdown in form.
  6. Again correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that what the DNR did in SW MN last season. I believe all deer taken in the CWD area were required to be tested. The last mention I could find of increased harvest to reduce the spread was from 2016 and that was due to wild deer testing positive for CWD. In 2017 no deer tested came back with a positive test result so perhaps it worked. What exactly do you propose if CWD is found in the wild deer population? A hands off approach and let the deer herd figure it out on its own? I don't think thats a very popular stance among hunters that enjoy having a deer herd.
  7. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought the steps taken to stop CWD is meant to protect the deer herd, not humans. If CWD is not isolated and contained then it could spread to the entire MN deer herd which would have most wondering why they didn't kill MORE deer in the original CWD areas.
  8. nofishfisherman

    Canoe Makeover

    I saw the post on that other site and thought the rust oleum idea was a good one. I was also curious whether the skid plates are going to in fact skid over rocks or grab on to them more. If they do grab the rocks I wonder if you could epoxy over them to give them more skid.
  9. nofishfisherman

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    I suppose perhaps TECHNICALLY you could have been ticketed for a variety of things. 1. Fishing for pike out of season. You caught them didn't you? 2. Using an illegal method. Did you scoop them with a net? 3. Transporting fish from one body of water to another. Perhaps a creative CO could have found some more violations. However, in reality those fish were trapped and were not going to survive and certainly if they spawned none of the spawn would have survived. You caused no additional harm to the fish or their ability to spawn. Any CO with half a brain would have pulled over and given you a hand. No had you caught those pike and brought them home for dinner things would look a little different.
  10. nofishfisherman

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    Thanks, I'll look into that.
  11. nofishfisherman

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Adding Lebron and Leonard is nothing more than a dream. You better start dreaming of the Swedish bikini team because you'd have much better chances with them than we have landing Lebron and Leonard.
  12. nofishfisherman

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    The mats aren't the worst option and would make sense for those days when the kids are you playing in the pool/sprinkler. I'd still need to find a solution that prevents me from killing myself when taking the dog out in the winter. I think my plan for now is to try one of the grip additives and test it out in an out of the way spot to see how it works. If that looks promising I'll go that route and see how it goes. If that doesn't work then I'll look at other options.
  13. nofishfisherman

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    I was looking for reviews last night but only found a handful and they didn't really give me that much info. They seemed to be overall positive reviews but all were written after recently applying it so no info on longevity.
  14. nofishfisherman

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    This isn't my patio but its very close to what I have. I think sandblasting would likely ruin the texture and pattern. I'd also have to reapply a clear sealer after sandblasting and the sealer is what makes it slippery.
  15. nofishfisherman

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    I've seen a lot of options for things you can mix into the sealer before you roll it on. I may start out going that route since I already have the sealer and the additives are cheap. I've got a non visible area I can use as a test patch to see how it works. I don't necessarily need it to be equal to a broomed concrete I'll settle for at least non-deadly. Hopefully i can figure out something, my wife hates how slippery it is and is threatening to have it all torn out (the really expensive option).