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  1. It is good to see some parody. Should make for a more entertaining season for sure.
  2. The 2 players the wolves got from the Golden State we're a salary dump for the warriors so they could sign Russel. Their contracts aren't guaranteed so the wolves could dump them or package them in another trade or maybe they make the roster. No real risk for the Wolves and its nice to have options. Time will tell how valuable they end up being. As for Bell he can't be traded until December 15th at the earliest since you can't sign a free agent and trade him before then.
  3. Kawhi staying in Toronto is really the only hope we have of some parity in the NBA. Brooklyn might take a year before they are set with Durant out next season, the Warriors will be without Klay for the bulk of next season and they'll likely have to play with a bunch of misfits to fill out the roster since the bulk of their payroll is tied up in 3 players. If Kawhi goes to the Lakers it could be a pointless season. The Lakers could sleep walk their way to a title. Hopefully the wolves play the 3-4 year game. There is no window right now given the 3 super teams that are forming unless they get lucky and draft a superstar in the next year or two (hard to say that with a straight face). The trouble with that is how do you keep KAT happy in the interim? Hopefully he can buy into the long term plans and see that their is no window right now.
  4. From what I hear Gander Outdoors is at least half way decent. Its actually a completely new store with completely different owners now (owned by Camping World). I think they did themselves a big disservice by keeping the name Gander. A lot of people think Gander Outdoors is still owned and operated by the same people and that ran Gander Mountain into the ground.. The Gander name lost all respect in the hunting/fishing retail world so I'm sure they are losing business from people that don't know its a new and different store with different owners.
  5. If they can't get KAT some help he'll likely be gone once his contract is up. Actually we'll be lucky if he finishes his deal without forcing his way out in a trade. I don't see any real way of getting rid of Wiggins. If you did trade him and his contract you'd have to put in some huge sweeteners into the deal, at minimum some first round picks. Its a good time to be a Nets fan, Lakers fan, and Warriors fan. Not a good time to be a fan of any other team.
  6. What is your take on NBA free agency? With all of the big names on the move this year its looking more and more like we're going to have nothing but a handful of super teams in big market cities. If you're a fan outside of those markets whats going to be the draw to get you to buy a ticket or even watch your team on tv? The Wolves may have been in a position to lure some talent to partner with KAT had they not signed Wiggins and Dieng to such awful contracts. We're basically dead in the water until we can find someone to take Wiggins.
  7. When my wife got her cell phone # she would constantly get calls looking for some other woman. Apparently that woman didn't like paying her bills and was a crappy parent or had a crappy kid. Debt collectors and her kids school would call all the time looking for her.
  8. Isn't them being a Minnesota sports team enough?
  9. I think we all keep expecting and waiting for the drop off. They are playing dang near .700 ball and we all know that they probably won't keep that up. I do like the idea of making the additions of Kimbrel and Keuchel but it depends on the deal. A one year prorated deal makes sense for the team but will either of them want to do that and go back into the off season as free agents again? Maybe the Twins would be willing to overpay for a 1 year deal. I think that might make the most sense. You might overpay this year but it allows you to beef up your pitching staff without losing any assets in a trade and it doesn't hurt your ability to sign players next year.
  10. I've seen the power rankings and I think the Twins have been right around 4th almost every week. I'm not sure what sort of metrics they are using to formulate those rankings but I suspect its has more to do with size of market and star power than anything. Win percentage and run differential don't seem to be a factor like you think it would. Either way it really doesn't matter. Twins could easily have 12.5-14.5 game lead on the division by the weekend.
  11. Using the fine china again I see Big Dave.
  12. Figured I'd loop back on this with an update. I ended up getting the Weber Spirit 3 burner. Picked it up at Ace Hardware. Its the same price everywhere ($449) but Ace will assemble it, deliver it, and haul away the old one for no charge. Bought it Saturday morning had it sitting on the back patio by 3pm that same afternoon. I ended up looking at a lot of grills including many brands of gas grills, pellet grills, and some charcoal grills. There were some other gas grills that I liked, they looked to be made solidly from good materials and they came at a decent price. However, they all lacked a decent warranty. The webers use less stainless steel than some of the others and I'm not 100% sure what the china production will do to the quality and longevity of a Weber but they do come with the best warranty that I saw. I believe grates and flavorizer bars have a 5 year warranty and everything else has a 10 year warranty. Customer service and part availability was also a big selling point. Weber parts look to be easily available and if you do end up having to replace the grate, flavorizer bars, and burners it will only set you back $150 which should get you many more years out of the grill. I let my almost 3 year old son pick the color since he came with to help pick it out. I couldn't argue with his choice of red. It is clearly the fastest looking grill, now I just need to add a racing stripe.
  13. I believe the season goes until mid may. Could be other issues if the beaver had been dead a long time and its apparent they hadn't been checking their traps very often or if the traps did not include the required identification info but I don't think there is an issue with the season.
  14. The stove and microwave get a workout in the winter, the gas grill is a nice change up during the summer.
  15. I have thought about just going with a kettle. Normally I'd probably say dealing with the charcoal isn't a big deal but meal prep on week days at my house is usually me home alone with 2 young kids trying to get dinner prepped while simultaneously doing 50 things for the kids. That has taken the kettle off the list for now since I don't want to add one more thing to monkey around with.
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