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  1. If I lived closer I'd bring a mineral rock over and throw it in the woods for you. That way you'd have deniability. They're even on sale at Fleet Farm Trophy Rock I can see where the big white salt blocks will attract attention buy the mineral rocks could go unnoticed. Even a bag of mineral might work. It dissolves into the soil after awhile but the deer still will be attracted to it. Another idea is go hang a bird feeder just inside the woods. If they ask tell them you didn't think they'd mind watching birds since they won't hurt the lawn. If your neighborhood i
  2. I doubt a salt block is going to draw more deer to the area. You'll still have the same number of deer they just may stay a little longer at that one spot. If you toss out a salt block is there any place you can put it maybe back in the woods a yard or 2 that will still give you a view of the deer? If you need to be more covert maybe one of those mineral rocks would work. They look enough like a rock that most people probably wouldn't stop to pay that much attention to it if put in an inconspicuous spot. Honestly the biggest mistake you made was asking for permissio
  3. The deer where I hunt are on the same schedule. Ive had 2 days of good movement all season. One was the day I shot the deer and the other was the next day when I was in the woods looking for the deer.
  4. I think the name "nodeerhunter" is probably still available if you want to change yours.
  5. There's still time to go back and get that miss.
  6. That order of operations seems about right and Im currently right on track. Starting to look forward to next year already
  7. Unfortunately it does happen. As someone that is somewhat new to archery and someone that has been 100% self taught its something that has been in the back of my mind since I started hunting with a bow. I limit myself to shots under 30 yards and only broadside or quartering away. Last year I drew on a deer that was at 10 yards broadside but I let down and didn't shoot because the window between samplings was just a bit too small so I have tried to be careful. In this case I just rushed it, 2-3 extra seconds was probably all I needed. Next time I'll be more prepared mentally and I'll take
  8. Just thought Id update with a final outcome. I spent 5-6 hours looking Saturday night and several more hours on Sunday looking. Ended up giving up my hunt on Sunday in favor of spending more time looking for the deer despite there being little chance of the meat being salvageable with over night temps that didn't get much below 50 degrees. In all my looking I found no additional sign after the blood trail ran out after about 15-20 yards. Once the fog set in Saturday night everything started getting wet so the blood I was finding was already starting to get watered down. The moisture in th
  9. Yeah I looked right away. A lot of deer bed there so could have easily been a different one. I saw no signs of blood in any of the beds. Planning to look one more time before I have to head home. This one has me stumped.
  10. I've been out searching and I'm starting to lean toward long gone. So far I've grid searched likely routes and came up with nothing. I've walked the bedding areas and did bump a deer out of one spot but couldn't say it was the same deer. If it was it looked healthy. Never found the arrow or where it would have bedded. I've searched up to all the property boundaries but will need to get permission to go any further. At this point with no evidence of direction I feel like options are limited. Came back in for some food but will head out one more time later this morning
  11. Thanks guys. I had a little help last night but that help came from my 80 year old aunt and uncle. They were troopers out looking for blood in the dark. After awhile I sent them back in and i searched alone for a few more hours. Back out at sunrise today. I have the blood trail marked and plan to grid search in direction of travel. I'm pretty sure we didn't bump him last night. He's either dead nearby or long gone.
  12. Looking for some input. I'm fairly new to bow hunting, been at it maybe 5 years. Shot my second deer with a bow today...yeah yeah I know its rifle opener but I prefer bow. Anyways made a shot slight quartering away at about 18 yards. Hit looked ok but a touch high from what I could tell but also no pass through. No big thud sound just a tiny crack sound. Looked like solid penatration would have guessed 2 holes but no evidence of that. Was shooting 3 blade muzzy. It ran off about 50 yards and stopped for a second and then walked off. Found this blood where it stopped b
  13. Sorry to hear that Jbell. Thats never easy to deal with.
  14. Looks like its time for garage butcher shops to start butchering for free but start charging $75-100 for parking in their driveway for 5 minutes or as long as it takes to drop off and pick up.
  15. Haven't read the new law but I got to imagine if someone is doing any sort of butchering for a fee the law will apply. Skinning and deboning is still handling meat so I can't imagine how that would be allowed without a permit but making sausage with that meat once its deboned isn't. I guess I can understand how they may want to ensure safe food handling whether done by a full time commercial butcher or a seasonal one man butcher shop but seems a bit rigid if they are going to require all garage butcher shops to have their garage decked out into a commercial grade environment.
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