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  1. Using the fine china again I see Big Dave.
  2. Figured I'd loop back on this with an update. I ended up getting the Weber Spirit 3 burner. Picked it up at Ace Hardware. Its the same price everywhere ($449) but Ace will assemble it, deliver it, and haul away the old one for no charge. Bought it Saturday morning had it sitting on the back patio by 3pm that same afternoon. I ended up looking at a lot of grills including many brands of gas grills, pellet grills, and some charcoal grills. There were some other gas grills that I liked, they looked to be made solidly from good materials and they came at a decent price. However, they all lacked a decent warranty. The webers use less stainless steel than some of the others and I'm not 100% sure what the china production will do to the quality and longevity of a Weber but they do come with the best warranty that I saw. I believe grates and flavorizer bars have a 5 year warranty and everything else has a 10 year warranty. Customer service and part availability was also a big selling point. Weber parts look to be easily available and if you do end up having to replace the grate, flavorizer bars, and burners it will only set you back $150 which should get you many more years out of the grill. I let my almost 3 year old son pick the color since he came with to help pick it out. I couldn't argue with his choice of red. It is clearly the fastest looking grill, now I just need to add a racing stripe.
  3. I believe the season goes until mid may. Could be other issues if the beaver had been dead a long time and its apparent they hadn't been checking their traps very often or if the traps did not include the required identification info but I don't think there is an issue with the season.
  4. The stove and microwave get a workout in the winter, the gas grill is a nice change up during the summer.
  5. I have thought about just going with a kettle. Normally I'd probably say dealing with the charcoal isn't a big deal but meal prep on week days at my house is usually me home alone with 2 young kids trying to get dinner prepped while simultaneously doing 50 things for the kids. That has taken the kettle off the list for now since I don't want to add one more thing to monkey around with.
  6. While I like the concept of the pellet grill and there may be one in my distant future I think I'm leaning toward sticking with a gas grill. One of the bigger issues for me with the pellet grill is the need to plug it in. My patio that is right off the kitchen is where I do my grilling and there is no outlets any where even close. I'd have to run an extension cord to an outlet in the garage or into the sun room. i don't want to deal with that on a daily basis. I've also done some reading on pros and cons and comparing pellet with gas and I think a gas grill with a separate smoker is the way to go. I may also add a good kettle charcoal grill to the line up.
  7. As soon as I looked closer at the pellet grills the first thing I noticed was the moving parts and it made me wonder how long term durability. I am going to take a serious look at the pellet grills as well as a few gas grills and smokers to see what makes the most sense for my needs.
  8. I saw those at costco this last weekend but only stopped to look briefly. i was looking more at the Louisiana smoker they had.
  9. What brands of pellet grill should I be looking at? Same considerations apply, I don't mind paying more upfront if I'm going to end up paying less in the long run by buying something thats going to last.
  10. Thanks BigDave, very helpful. I do have a smoker but I'm actually planning on upgrading smokers this summer as well. Originally was thinking with going with a larger insulated electric smoker. How does the pellet grill work for smoking? If I want to do a 12 hour smoke on a pork shoulder at 250 degrees is that easily doable? How low of a temp can a pellet grill be set to? Wondering about smoking other things like fish. If a pellet grill works great for smoking and grilling maybe it makes sense for me to get a really nice pellet grill instead of a gas grill and a new smoker like I was planning.
  11. Ok for you pellet grill guys can you educate me on them? How does your cook time from start to finish compare to a gas grill? I'm talking from the time you walk out the door to a cold grill to the time you're walking into the house with a plate of cooked meat? I have been planning to stick with gas because of time. I can go out flip a switch and I'm grilling in just a few minutes. On a weekend its not a huge issue if things take a little longer but on weekdays when I have less time to get dinner on the table a gas grill is really helpful. I probably use it 4-5 days a week at minimum during grilling season. Also how quickly do you burn through pellets? Wondering how cost of pellets compare to cost of propane and how often you're filling them if you're grilling several times a week.
  12. Anyone have experience with a Monument grill. For a stainless steel grill they come with a lot of features for a lot less money than a Weber. A 4 burner with side burner runs about $340 compared to $450 for the Weber Spirit 3 burner. I haven't looked at them in person to judge the quality of construction or compare materials to a weber.
  13. Anyone aware of what type of stainless steel Weber is using now versus on their older models? If they were using 304 stainless 20 years ago but are now using 430 that would tell me they have reduced quality with their shift to China as well. I may just start taking a magnet to all the stores and testing all the different brands and models of grills in my price range. The first grill my magnet doesn't stick to will probably come home with me.
  14. That is something I've been thinking about. I know they went Chinese but haven't really seen anything about how that is impacting long term durability. When they went to china for production did they keep the same material specs or have they gone with cheaper materials? And if so what does that mean to durability? Going to China doesn't have to mean sub par products as long as you don't also start using cheaper materials but often times one usually means the other.
  15. If I can expect that kind of longevity out of the current spirit models with limited part replacement then its a no brainer.
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