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  1. Ben Affleck - The Accountant Keanu Reeves - Matrix (first one) Brad Pitt - Fight Club or Seven Robert Redford - Spy Game (bonus points for Brad Pitt being in the movie as well) Chevy Chase - Christmas Vacation Nicolas Cage - Conair or National Treasure but he's also done some really bad movies.
  2. Ive never really been a fan of replay. I think we've all seen cases where the refs still screwed it up after replay so we're trading one bad call for another. Its interesting to hear the rules guy they have commenting on the broadcasts. They always give their opinions on how they see the play and whether it should be overturned or not. Yesterday there were 2 reviews that they disagreed with how the officials called the play after review which shows how its all still subjective. You can look at every single play during a game and probably find something to call on both teams if you look hard enough which I think is a case of what happened during Diggs touchdown that was called back. Cook either ran into the defender or intentionally tried to block him. I'm not sure its 100% clear either way and isn't the benchmark supposed to be "clear and indisputable"? Unfortunately now that replay is a thing pandora is out of its box and I don't think it can ever be put back in.
  3. Only 2 comments on the game. 1. What a lousy throw by Cousins in the endzone and what a lousy play call. They were running the ball right down the Packers throats, why would you not keep running it. 2. I think I hate the new PI replay. To take a touchdown off the board because they noticed someone maybe sorta blocking when they reviewed the scoring play is kind of a joke. The PI wasn't called on the field and no one challenged it. When you're reviewing the scoring play it seems like you should only be reviewing if the player got the ball across the line without losing control. Pretty soon they'll be reviewing every lineman to make sure they weren't holding on the play as well and that none of them moved a thousandth of a second before the snap. If that happens I hope they also review every defensive player to make sure they didn't move early, hold, or engage a receiver after 5 yards. It really feels like we've gone too far with this replay thing and they're using it as a answer to everything when sometime you're just exchanging one bad call for another. I think thats all I've got besides the fact that I haven't been real impressed with the NFC north so far. The Packers and Vikings look average to decent but hardly superbowl contenders. The Bears squeaked out a win but they are looking like they don't have much to work with at QB. And the Lions as usual aren't worth talking about.
  4. If we run the ball effectively and have a 28-0 lead late in the game there isn't a need for another Minneapolis Miracle.
  5. I'm sure the Falcons are pumped at the bargain they got out of their QB. Who cares that they lost when they only paid $32,000 per throw versus the Vikings who opened the wallets at spent $140,000 per throw. Although the Falcons probably aren't super excited about paying Julie Jones $230,000 per catch yesterday.
  6. You don't force your QB to needlessly throw the ball in a blow out win just to justify the money he is making. Each game is different, when the opposing team can't stop the run then you run it right at them. When they can't stop the run and you're up 2-3 touchdowns you run it even more to eat up the clock and keep the chains moving. If you want to see how Cousins earned his money yesterday you first look at the standings and focus on the win column. Secondly you look at what he did when he was called upon. He completed 80% of his passes, threw a td on 10% of his throws, and also ran for another TD. He personally accounted for 2 of the 4 TD's. I think he earned his pay check.
  7. I might have to look into a set of those for my Weber gas grill. It would be nice to swap them in and out as needed or to just replace one side so I have both options available.
  8. Here's my off the top of my head list in no particular order 1. Water - several bottles of water ready to go along with my water filter and probably some iodine tablets as well. 2. A supply of medications both prescription and some standard over the counter stuff. 3. Medical kit. A range of bandages from paper cut to major wound. Method or cleaning and stitching major wounds. Antibiotic ointment, disinfectant, etc. Splints, wraps, slings, etc. This could be a very long list so I'll leave it at those basics for now. 4. Action plan with predetermined destinations and maps to those destinations. 5. Food supply 6. small pocket sized camp stove with fuel. 7. Pot for cooking or boiling water 8. Matches/lighter/ferrell rod 9. Fixed blade knife and sharpener 10. Multitool 11. Tarp of some sort of temporary shelter option 12. Seasonal gear - if its winter the gear list goes way up to deal with the cold. 13. Phones and charged up power banks - hopefully there is still service.
  9. If the entire world has gone to $#!% and we're talking long term survival and not just trying to survive until rescue comes then I might take a different approach. The 2 main concerns would be food and protection. For food I'd skip a firearm altogether and instead bring my bow. 1 arrow can be shot hundreds if not thousands of times so it really reduces the fear or risk of running out of ammo. No matter the firearm sooner or later you'll fire your last shot and sourcing more ammo may be impossible. A stock pile of arrows will last a VERY VERY long time. With food being taken care of without use of a firearm I could select a firearm with its primary purpose being protection. In that case I'd probably go with some type of handgun for a couple reasons. Its light and easy to have on you all of the time which is a big advantage. A gun that is sitting 10 feet away doesn't do you much good when really needed so I'd rather ensure my firearm is on my body 100% of the time. Its also the best option for close in protection. I don't see myself needing the ability to protect myself from a person 100 yards away as I can avoid a danger from that distance easy enough without wasting ammo, the best way to survive is to not put yourself at risk in the first place. I'd want the best option for the close quarter situations where I can no longer avoid the danger and must confront it with force. As for exactly what handgun I'm not sure. I'd probably put availability of large amounts of ammo as top factor followed by how effective is the firearm and stopping a threat quickly.
  10. We do hobo packs a lot as well when we're camping. We mix it up with different veggies each time. We've added green beans, asparagus, peppers, etc. They always end up tasting good. The big trick is to cut and prep all your veggies at home and bring them in plastic bags. Its a big time saver at camp. Then everyone can just dig in and start mixing up their pack. When we cook them we double wrap them in foil and put them right into the coals of the fire. Works really well.
  11. Most of the things I can think of would be somewhat localized. EMP, power failure, storm/weather could all be sizable but still nothing that would likely impact the nation as a whole so while life could get interesting for awhile in the impacted area there would be available assistance from outside sources to help get control of the situation and prevent a complete brake down of society. Prevention would mostly be related to ensuring the power grid is maintained with fail safes built in to prevent wide scale issues. Hard to guard against weather and storms beyond being smarter about where we choose to live and continually improving our building practices to better withstand whatever mother nature can dish out. On an individual level having a supply of some basic emergency supplies would probably be enough to keep you alive long enough. Something that would be more frightening would be something like a disease that ends up being easily transmittable with a high mortality rate. There would potentially be little we could do to stop the spread once it got beyond a certain point. Depending how far it spread and how long it lasts it could have potentially catastrophic implications.
  12. I'm glad it was your fault because I thought it was mine. I tuned in when they tied it in the 9th and then tuned out when they pi$$ed it away in the 10th.
  13. Are you looking to buy a new vehicle at the same time as getting rid of this one? Its been awhile but I had a dealer give me $500 for what I'd consider a junk car on trade in. A buddy of mine got a similar deal when trading in his old car. His had lower miles but was in rough shape in all other ways. I think for the dealer its more of a ploy to entice you to buy the new vehicle from them but if you're in the market it might be a way to offload a vehicle you don't want and that doesn't have much value otherwise.
  14. Good point, didn't think about needing to be 18. Really the light rail is the best option and likely really the only option. Even if you could call them an Uber or Lyft the train will be a lot cheaper. You can get an all day train/bus pass for $4-5, might be less with them being 17. An Uber or lyft would have been a minimum of $20-25 each way.
  15. If you don't want to drive them down there yourself then light rail is probably the next best option. Downtown is a bit of a mess right now with construction so don't blame you for not wanting to drive. I went to a day came a few weeks ago and drove, it was a mess. The only other option that I can think of is using an Uber or Lyft. Not the cheapest option but its easy. It might take a little time at the end of the game to get a ride back assuming there are a lot of other folks also calling Ubers after the game.
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