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  1. If I lived closer I'd bring a mineral rock over and throw it in the woods for you. That way you'd have deniability. They're even on sale at Fleet Farm Trophy Rock I can see where the big white salt blocks will attract attention buy the mineral rocks could go unnoticed. Even a bag of mineral might work. It dissolves into the soil after awhile but the deer still will be attracted to it. Another idea is go hang a bird feeder just inside the woods. If they ask tell them you didn't think they'd mind watching birds since they won't hurt the lawn. If your neighborhood is anything like mine you'll have more deer at the feeder than you do birds. You'll just need to go top it off pretty often.
  2. I doubt a salt block is going to draw more deer to the area. You'll still have the same number of deer they just may stay a little longer at that one spot. If you toss out a salt block is there any place you can put it maybe back in the woods a yard or 2 that will still give you a view of the deer? If you need to be more covert maybe one of those mineral rocks would work. They look enough like a rock that most people probably wouldn't stop to pay that much attention to it if put in an inconspicuous spot. Honestly the biggest mistake you made was asking for permission. I'd have just gone and put it out. Odds are they'd have never noticed and if they did they wouldn't know who did it.
  3. The deer where I hunt are on the same schedule. Ive had 2 days of good movement all season. One was the day I shot the deer and the other was the next day when I was in the woods looking for the deer.
  4. I think the name "nodeerhunter" is probably still available if you want to change yours.
  5. There's still time to go back and get that miss.
  6. That order of operations seems about right and Im currently right on track. Starting to look forward to next year already
  7. Unfortunately it does happen. As someone that is somewhat new to archery and someone that has been 100% self taught its something that has been in the back of my mind since I started hunting with a bow. I limit myself to shots under 30 yards and only broadside or quartering away. Last year I drew on a deer that was at 10 yards broadside but I let down and didn't shoot because the window between samplings was just a bit too small so I have tried to be careful. In this case I just rushed it, 2-3 extra seconds was probably all I needed. Next time I'll be more prepared mentally and I'll take more time.
  8. Just thought Id update with a final outcome. I spent 5-6 hours looking Saturday night and several more hours on Sunday looking. Ended up giving up my hunt on Sunday in favor of spending more time looking for the deer despite there being little chance of the meat being salvageable with over night temps that didn't get much below 50 degrees. In all my looking I found no additional sign after the blood trail ran out after about 15-20 yards. Once the fog set in Saturday night everything started getting wet so the blood I was finding was already starting to get watered down. The moisture in the air also reflected the light from my head lamp making it really hard to see. Not ideal tracking conditions for sure. But I still spent hours on my hands and knees searching in all directions from last blood hoping to stay on the trail. After all that effort I still came up empty handed which sucks. I at least wanted to find the deer to see what I could learn from the shot. It looked ok although a bit high on impact but replaying it in my head I know I rushed it a bit. The deer was no wall mounter, just a spike buck meant for the freezer in a high deer population area but it still sucks. Live and learn I guess. This weekend closed out my hunting season for the year so I'll work to improve this off season and I'll give it another shot next fall. On the plus side all my searching brought me into new areas of the property that I've typically left untouched due to them being really tight to bedding. I found a huge crab apple tree tucked right up to the prime bedding area that the deer have been hitting hard. Scraps, rubs, and the ground around the tree is worn down to bare dirt from all the deer tracks. I also found a way to access it and set up on it with any sort of west wind. So I'll take whatever positive I can.
  9. Yeah I looked right away. A lot of deer bed there so could have easily been a different one. I saw no signs of blood in any of the beds. Planning to look one more time before I have to head home. This one has me stumped.
  10. I've been out searching and I'm starting to lean toward long gone. So far I've grid searched likely routes and came up with nothing. I've walked the bedding areas and did bump a deer out of one spot but couldn't say it was the same deer. If it was it looked healthy. Never found the arrow or where it would have bedded. I've searched up to all the property boundaries but will need to get permission to go any further. At this point with no evidence of direction I feel like options are limited. Came back in for some food but will head out one more time later this morning before I have to start packing up.
  11. Thanks guys. I had a little help last night but that help came from my 80 year old aunt and uncle. They were troopers out looking for blood in the dark. After awhile I sent them back in and i searched alone for a few more hours. Back out at sunrise today. I have the blood trail marked and plan to grid search in direction of travel. I'm pretty sure we didn't bump him last night. He's either dead nearby or long gone.
  12. Looking for some input. I'm fairly new to bow hunting, been at it maybe 5 years. Shot my second deer with a bow today...yeah yeah I know its rifle opener but I prefer bow. Anyways made a shot slight quartering away at about 18 yards. Hit looked ok but a touch high from what I could tell but also no pass through. No big thud sound just a tiny crack sound. Looked like solid penatration would have guessed 2 holes but no evidence of that. Was shooting 3 blade muzzy. It ran off about 50 yards and stopped for a second and then walked off. Found this blood where it stopped but after that only tiny drops. 3 hours on my hands and knees and I lost blood after 20-30 yards. Only found 3 drops in that stretch. Does this blood tell you anything? I just pulled the plug on the search for the night. Lost the trail and fog is setting in so everything is wet now and my headlamp just reflects off the fog so I can't see. Looking for any insight you might have. I'll be out in the morning looking again but with the warm temps and coyotes in the area I'm not real hopeful.
  13. Sorry to hear that Jbell. Thats never easy to deal with.
  14. Looks like its time for garage butcher shops to start butchering for free but start charging $75-100 for parking in their driveway for 5 minutes or as long as it takes to drop off and pick up.
  15. Haven't read the new law but I got to imagine if someone is doing any sort of butchering for a fee the law will apply. Skinning and deboning is still handling meat so I can't imagine how that would be allowed without a permit but making sausage with that meat once its deboned isn't. I guess I can understand how they may want to ensure safe food handling whether done by a full time commercial butcher or a seasonal one man butcher shop but seems a bit rigid if they are going to require all garage butcher shops to have their garage decked out into a commercial grade environment.
  16. I was looking at the vikings schedule the rest of the way and I see them with 4 or 5 wins. Not good enough to watch and enjoy the season and not bad enough to get us the top pick. Hopefully they find new and innovative ways to lose games they should win and finsih 1-15.
  17. Very true. Although I will say it was a harder than normal sit knowing my dad was currently in the middle of a brain procedure. Maybe a little too much quite time by myself without enough distratction. Thankfully my dad is doing better now but still not 100%. He came home on Friday after 8 days in the hospital but he'll have to go back in a few weeks for more testing and possibly another procedure. He is also still having a lot of trouble with his vision which has been tough. We're hoping it improves because right now he can't see well enough to drive, work, or even use his cell phone.
  18. Sounds like a tough season Scoot, you do have your priorities straight. My dad has been in the hospital the last week after having really bad bouts of vertigo last week. They found an issue with some blood vessels in his brain that they had to fix. Its been a long week and a half but thankfully he's headed home today. He's still got some healing to do and more tests in a few weeks to see if they need to do another procedure but he seems to be out of immediate risk. Now we're just hoping he's able to heal up. SInce this happened his eyes have gotten pretty bad to point he can't read or see well enough to use a cell phone. May be temporary, maybe be permanent, its a wait and see thing. I did go out hunting last week while my dad was in the hospital and having his procedure done. I wanted to stay home but they wouldn't let me visit him anyways and even though he was feeling terrible he made sure my mom called and told me to go hunting. Ended up sitting last Saturday AM and PM in the rain and then Sunday AM in the wind. No deer sighted either day. Had a bear find my ground blind and attempt to redecorate it for me so that partially killed saturday AM's hunt. Took some effort to get it huntable again but thankful I had it since it was a steady rain almost all day.
  19. I follow Ranch Fairy of Instagram but haven't gone too far down the rabbit hole of tuning just yet. I was out shooting yesterday and was shooting considerably better at 20, 25, and 30 yards. Had a flyer here or there but was grouping nicely at all distances. The only change I made was I removed the stabilizer. Normally I hunt with one on the old bow but the balance feels better without it on the new bow and the results improved without it. I'll see if the results stay good over the next few sessions before I start broadhead tuning.
  20. I upped the draw weight from 54 lbs up to just under 60 and its an all new set up with new arrows as well. My draw length is 30.5 and i'm shooting arrows spined at 350. I do have 400 spined arrows as well that I can test out. Ive thought about dropping the weight a touch but I'd like to keep it where its at for hunting. Drawing the bow isn't real hard just impacts how many arrows I can shoot in a session before getting tired.
  21. Can't believe the season starts in less than 2 weeks. I've been so busy with work and projects at home that I've only had the chance to get the new bow out three times. Finally got it fully sighted in today but haven't been entirely happy with my groupings. Been a bit inconsistent and for some reason shooting better at 30 yards than 20 yards. The new bow fits much differently than the old bow, by that I mean the new bow actually fits me but I think the change is taking me some time to get used to. I also need to build up some strength yet. I have a bad shoulder so strength tends to be a big issue and the more I work on it the better I shoot. I just started doubling down on my physical therapy program so hoping to get the strength up to where I want it. Still need to shoot my broadheads to see if I need to do any tuning. Hoping to sneak out opening weekend but time will tell. Some stuff popping up at home that I'm going to have to deal with so I'll have to see how that goes. Might need to be closer to home to lend a hand. Hope everyone else is dialed in and shooting straight.
  22. From what I understand on chocolate is that the fear is a bit over blown. Yes its toxic to dogs but it would take a huge amount to do any serious harm to most dogs, we're potentially talking pounds of it needing to be ingested. The quality of chocolate is also an important factor. A dark baking chocolate or some sort of really dark fancy chocolate would need much less than say a Hershey chocolate bar which is mostly just sugar and milk with very low quantities of real cocoa.
  23. Good call, didn't even think about that. I may need to wait and see what the weather is like each trip and figure out a solution for the weather that i'll be dealing with.
  24. I'll probably end up making 3-4 trips up to this area. Hopefully the first trip or 2 will be warm enough I can just use my normal camping gear so maybe the fish house set up will get used maybe 3 times at most. I've thought about some type of floor system but I'm some what limited by my vehicle. I don't have a truck to haul stuff so plywood would be tough. I could probably get some 2x4x8's into the small suv I have but I think the fish house is just over 8' on each side if i remember right. I'll also have to account for set up and tear down time.
  25. This season is going to look a little different for me. I'm hunting the same land but normally I stay with family that own the land. However, due to covid I'm opting to not stay in the house with everyone in order to keep my social distance. I've got some specific reasons for why I need to do this but we don't need to get into those. Instead of staying in the house I'll be camping out on the property instead. Early season is no big deal as its warm enough to not really worry about it. What I'm not so sure about is what are the best options for when it starts to get colder. I don't want to invest in a bunch of new gear or tents for what I'm hoping will be a one year thing. Right now I'm thinking that once it gets cold I can use my Eskimo 949i that I just bought and either use my buddy heater or possibly run power from the house and heat it with a small electric heater. I like the idea of electric because there is no combustion to worry about and I don't need to worry about burning a ton of propane over a several day hunt. My concerns are about rain and there not being a floor. I could lay out a tarp but its likely not a perfect solution. Anyone else ever camp in their hub style fish house? Any tips or tricks you've learned? Warm and dry is all i'm concerned with. I can deal with a cold night but after sitting in my stand for hours on end on a cold day I'd like a reasonably warm place to warm up.
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