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  1. Anyone seeing bucks or getting trail cam pics?
  2. Simple pleasure, a short little trip on the snake river with my solo canoe.
  3. As my internet friend said, just a man with his cock.
  4. minky

    A Door To The Past

    Cool story! I to grew up in a hunting and fishing famly. A famly farm is a great place to grow up but not alot of extra money. I still remember like yesterday when I got a single shot 20 gauge for Christmas!
  5. Guys, I have a confusion to make. I cut the remaining roast up into bite sized pieces and did a deer stew. It was amazing! I work an early morning job. So I came home, put everything in the crock pot, 5 hours later, good eating! I know it's not hot stew/soup season, but it hit the spot!
  6. I chickened out and just went with a little oil, lots of spices and bbq sauce. I put it in early so it was ready for lunch. It turned out great! I sliced the rest and will use it up over the next couple of days.
  7. Any easy deer roast recipes?
  8. Dime fell right in (tried 3 times to be sure), thanks for the tip! I am now thinking modified?
  9. Yep, no hot loads for the folding shotgun. I still think I can find lots of good 2 3/4 loads to use for small game hunting. I am thinking it is full choked, anyone have any input?
  10. Thanks Wanderer, would be fun to take a grouse or squirrel with it.
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