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  1. Got out today for about an hour, was fun getting a few. Fish were in about 3 feet of water and caught on a jig with a worm. I kept 6 smaller ones to eat and released a few nicer ones.
  2. I checked the same area today but no luck. It could be someone else's honey hole or just a loner. I will keep looking! I enjoy the search, harvest and eating of mushrooms. I wish I would have found this hobby earlier in life!
  3. What does everyone think? Morel? Cap is sponglike, single hollow chamber, cap not draping I live in the twin cities but I am always on the lookout for mushrooms when I walk the dogs. I found 2 pheasant mushrooms tonight, both were way to large to harvest. Almost back home and looked down and here was this guy. If it is a morel, I am thrilled! Please chime in with everyones feedback. Thanks minky
  4. I like harvesting and eating the pheasant backs! I need to get out and find some. Congrats on adding a new mushroom to your ediable list!
  5. Made another trip to the kinni today. I ended up with two small brown trout. I had 3 others on but they threw the hook. Of the 3, 2 were small the other a little nicer. The river was up and flowing at a good clip. I really enjoy fishing the kinni and look forward to exploring it more!
  6. Man your hard to fool! Lol Might be just in my head but I think when I find them and pick them fresh, they taste better!
  7. Found a couple of stalks of asparagus. Most of my patches are just starting to show.
  8. Caught a small trout out of the kinnick river this morning. The river was high and a little dirty.
  9. I found this ramp and fiddleheads growing next to each other while planting trees.
  10. Who makes the best muzzleloader shotgun?
  11. Thanks leech~~, knew I could count on you!
  12. Can trout still be caught after heavy rainfall? I am in the River Falls area turkey hunting and want to get some trout fishing in to. We got a lot of rain today and it looks like rain tomorrow. I was just wondering if fishing is worth a try. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks minky
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