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  1. Nice 28 inch this morning, even got the meat saver shot right.
  2. Anyone have any experience snaring coyotes? Any tips or words of wisdom? Thanks minky
  3. Anyone had any luck spearing this season? I got my pb last week at 35 inches, total rush!
  4. I drew the c season, pretty pumped! I also received permission to hunt 20 acres of private land (good chunk of it in food plots). 160 acres of state land in the area to.
  5. I found a nice bunch of chicken mushrooms today. I was a little sad they were past their prime! I will keep that tree in mind towards the end of next summer.
  6. Who's ready for bear baiting to begin? I know I am!
  7. Lets hope your project progresses faster then planned!
  8. Well, I breaded and deep fried my lobster mushrooms. They were not as good as just pan frying them in a little olive oil/butter. I guess live and learn.
  9. Just a reminder, the August 16th date to apply for the Camp Ripley deer hunt is fast approaching. I know in the recent past, the hunt has gone undersubscribed. I applied and am looking forward to hunting the first season.
  10. Got out today for about an hour, was fun getting a few. Fish were in about 3 feet of water and caught on a jig with a worm. I kept 6 smaller ones to eat and released a few nicer ones.
  11. I checked the same area today but no luck. It could be someone else's honey hole or just a loner. I will keep looking! I enjoy the search, harvest and eating of mushrooms. I wish I would have found this hobby earlier in life!
  12. What does everyone think? Morel? Cap is sponglike, single hollow chamber, cap not draping I live in the twin cities but I am always on the lookout for mushrooms when I walk the dogs. I found 2 pheasant mushrooms tonight, both were way to large to harvest. Almost back home and looked down and here was this guy. If it is a morel, I am thrilled! Please chime in with everyones feedback. Thanks minky
  13. I like harvesting and eating the pheasant backs! I need to get out and find some. Congrats on adding a new mushroom to your ediable list!
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