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  1. minky

    Jerky making

    Thanks for the replies, I will go for 150 degrees next time. I had the deer meat in the dehydrator for just under 6 hours. I think this batch turn out the best so far! This was also my last package of deer in the freezer. It never lasts long enough!
  2. How long does everyone leave their jerky in the dehydrator? I realize thickness of meat and moisture content will affect time. I am finishing my current batch in the oven to ensure meat hit 180 degrees. Thanks everyone!
  3. I hope to find some new recipes to use the lobsters. I usually have a bunch up at my willow river land. I believe the base mushroom for the lobsters i find are russelia mushrooms. Good luck to anyone out mushroom hunting and don't forget the bug spray!
  4. I found my first lobster mushroom of the year. I actually found two but the other one was damaged. I didn't grab the bug spray and regretted it later. The mosquitoes and deer fly had me for lunch!
  5. Found a nice young pheasant back tonight. Surprised to find one along a popular walking trail. Brought home and pan fries it up. Very good!
  6. minky

    MN bear lottery dates?

    I am in for area 13, so pumped!
  7. I found and harvested a small pheasant back today. I enjoy eating a few in the spring.
  8. minky

    Woodstock nests

    I have enjoy eating the few i have harvested.
  9. Thanks for the video. I will be careful with it. Blood root sells for around 6 dollars a pound dry. I want to harvest and sell a few pounds just for fun. I think we have a lot of it in our woods.
  10. Is this bloodroot in the picture below? I would like to harvest some in late summer. I have read it is best to mark bloodroot patches is the spring / flower stage. Thanks minky
  11. Nope, I was looking for the ramps. I have found them in the same place before. I knew there were also Fiddleheads in the area but always looked to late in the season.
  12. minky

    Woodstock nests

    I was planting trees and was looking around for a stick to make into a stake for my tree cage. I was so suprised! Glad I was able to get a picture without distributing her.
  13. minky

    Woodstock nests

    Here is the hen on her nest.
  14. Figured out how to post a picture of my ramps and fiddleheads.