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  1. Got my small hard side shack out today, good to be back out there!
  2. I did use it some earlier in the year. This year I purchased a kyak style paddle,much better. I rolled the canoe last summer due to my own mistake. Always need a life vest on, scared the dump out of me. I want to duck hunt more this year/ fall so it should work well. Overall very happy with it!
  3. Anyone thinking about fall bearing hunting? Collecting bait? Popping pop corn? I am doing both of these, something to make time go by.
  4. I have had a couple of good weeks of panfishing. The sunfish and a few crappies have been biting pretty good. I have been using a hair jig with a small plastic bait. I am really impressed with the amount of fish a person can get on one plastic grub! As always most of the fish were released with a few smaller ones for a couple of meals.
  5. Was over in east central Wisconsin today scouting, the ticks were horrible! Looking forward to hunting next week.
  6. Harvested 10 fiddleheads and 1 ramp today, gonna be good eating tonight!
  7. That's alot! I didn't have that many in my patches but yes, last year there were alot.
  8. I think a person has to be careful of over harvest as the ramps / leeks are slow growing. I try to selectively harvest.
  9. I had always wondered if you could transplant ramps? Maybe 3 years ago I transplanted 6 or 7 plants to the edge of my yard. Turns out you can, I checked on them today and I have 7 healthy plants! I also moved another 4 plants to the same area from another patch. First 2 pics are of plants 3 years and last one is a pic I transplanted today.
  10. Love seeing every one's harvest pictures online. Stay warm and safe.
  11. Good luck to everyone heading out tomorrow and for the rest of the seasons! I am hunting B season in Mn and D season in Wisconsin.
  12. First ramps of the year for me. I think this is the earliest I have ever found them.
  13. Looking forward to finding some new patches of ramps and fiddleheads this year. Looking back at past pictures, looks like another month + here in mn to new ones.
  14. Fat guy and pizza go hand in hand. I think it would be a fun trip.
  15. I have been thinking of making a trip to north east Iowa to try some stream fishing for trout, any tips or advice?
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