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  1. minky

    New decoys

    I hope to try pike paddies this year and use up more of the small pike! As for the decoy show, I hope to attend for the first time next year. Here is to early, safe ice !!!!
  2. minky

    Need New Blades For 8 Inch Electra

    Just got my blades back from Red Rock, great service and people!
  3. minky

    New decoys

    Nice decoy! What area of the state do you spear in? How do you think the new pike regs will affect pike size and population?
  4. minky

    Master Toasting Bread

    I need to find an old man group (just turned 50) sounds like they eat good!
  5. minky

    Anterless Permits

    I also hunt 183, hunters choice this year, kinda surprised! I do believe the deer herd has recovered nicely but maybe one more year of limited permits would have been better. For me in 183, I am only interested in a buck so the does and fawns are safe.
  6. minky

    Anterless Permits

    What area smurfy? DNR thinks 3 deer each is the magic number for area 225!!!!
  7. minky

    Need New Blades For 8 Inch Electra

    Thanks for the info!
  8. Where is the best place to purchase replacement blades for an 8 inch strike master Electra? Is it possible to have my current blades sharpened?
  9. No problem, cross the swamp (don't fall in) then up the hill. I didn't get a chance to eat the lobster until tonight, wasn't as good as ones I have harvested earlier in the fall.
  10. I was out today putting up a deer stand and came across a lobster mushroom. I don't think I have seen any this late before. I will be enjoying the little gem tonight.
  11. I am currently reloading for a .22-250. I would like to add 30.06 and .45-70. Is there any general use powders that would work for all 3? I am using IMR 4064 for the .22-250 now.
  12. Anyone have good tips or advice for cooking bear meat. I am hunting bear this weekend and I am hoping to bring home some delicious bear meat.
  13. Is it possible to get a european bear head mount? Any ideas on cost and who does a nice one? If I go that route, can i give away the hide?
  14. minky

    Smoked Fish Chowder..

    Watching this theard, sounds good!
  15. minky

    Mbrb 2018

    Hunted crow-Hassan last year, seen a nice buck out there, tried to call to him but he was on a mission! Drew as an alternate for Palmer lake, 6 spots and I was number 7, oh well maybe will still get to hunt a little.