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  1. I drove by a favorite spring panfish spot and it was partially open. It is a river and narrow spot opened up. With everything going on I guess I just need some open water therapy.
  2. What water temp is needed for the cats to turn on in midwest waters? Is there a general date this usually happens.
  3. I think I am going to give the promos power crow call a try. One of the areas I hunt is more woods / swamp then open fields. I want to do more scouting for birds in this area.
  4. minky

    Turkey seminar

    Sounds like a fun time!
  5. What are some of the better locator calls to use? Are some easier to use then others?
  6. Thanks scoot, yep been reading up and studying turkey anatomy. I have been seeing a few birds so practicing picking a kill shot to.
  7. Is there a record weight for a dogfish?
  8. Decanno if you ever want to hit the Snake river, let me know. Good luck and smoke a few of those suckers, really good!
  9. I decided to go with the gobbler getters. I will work to increase my bow poundage before the season to ensure my mechanicals open on impact. I am really looking forward to the chance to harvest a bird with my bow.
  10. minky

    Entry level fly rod

    I am thinking of purchasing an entry level fly rod for trout. I have been looking at the Orvis Clearwater and the Cabela's Synch fly outfit. I am interested in either a 4 or 5 wgt. I have an older, basic fly rod I have used for panfish. I really enjoy my fly rod panfishing.
  11. I know about the basic setup of a hen/jake 10 yards away. My question is, I hunt some public ground where a jake decoy might not be a safe option. Can I just use a hen decoy? I could just pass up this area but it does see a fair amount of turkey traffic. It is a small off shoot from a large WMA. A country road passes close by.
  12. minky

    Trout opportunities

    Thanks JB, I will try to get over and fish them.
  13. minky

    Trout opportunities

    I will check them out. Most of my experience has been on the kinnick in Wisconsin. I don't have alot of experience with trout but quickly have learned I love to fish for them!
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