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  1. minky

    Spring Turkey Applications

    Got drawn for the MN B season! Hope the weather cooperates.
  2. minky

    Favorite Crappie And Sunny Jig

    I picked up some impulse mayfly plastics and mud bug jigs. I have tried plastics in the past with mixed results. I expect good things from the impulse mayflys. It would be nice not to have to mess with live bait.
  3. minky

    Favorite Crappie And Sunny Jig

    I checked out the impulse mayfly, looks really interesting! I for sure will be trying it.
  4. minky

    Spring Turkey Applications

    I put a call into the Wisconsin DNR, they said March 1st license will be available.
  5. minky

    Spring Turkey Applications

    Tried to purchase the D season Wisconsin tag i was drawn for yesterday. Clerk said try again at the end of March, any truth to that? I will call the Wisconsin DNR on Tuesday (holiday tomorrow).
  6. minky

    Favorite Crappie And Sunny Jig

    I will give the forage minnow a try!
  7. What is everyone's favorite crappie and sunfish jig? I always like to a have a demon jig on at least one of my rods. I have had great luck with a white body and a purple, orange or pink head. The demon has been my go to crappie jig for many winters! I also like a red/ yellow demon for sunnies.
  8. minky

    Garlic Enhanced Spinners

    Reading up on the spinners, it sounds like the scent would last one season of average use. The price for the stinky six (SG6 kit) is $19.99 + $6.95 SH. I don't think this is to much more then what 6 regular spinners would cost.
  9. minky

    Garlic Enhanced Spinners

    Thanks Wanderer, great post!
  10. minky

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    Thanks for all the input! Have a great season.
  11. minky

    Garlic Enhanced Spinners

    Has anyone had any experience with garlic enhanced spinners? I am considering purchasing a few Panther Martian stinky garlic spinners. When using these spinners did your catch go up? Better size fish? Any color better then others?
  12. minky

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    I purchased a 20 gauge o/u last year and have been thinking about using it for turkey. The gun fits me well, is light and handy. One barrel has a improved cylinder choke and other modified choke. The gun is compatible with Winchester chokes. I can replace one or both of the chokes with turkey chokes. I will pattern the gun with turkey loads and limit myself to shots around 35 yards. Any advice or tips? Am I missing anything?
  13. minky

    Spring Turkey Applications

    Are Wisconsin lottery spring tags available for purchase? I was chosen for the d season and want to get my tag.
  14. minky

    Spring Turkey Applications

    When will Mn results be out?
  15. minky

    Building An Ice Fishing Chisel

    Duff, I think people might injure them selves using this. It is very aggressive looking, you would be the only one on the lake with one!