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  1. My rainbow trout turned out pretty good. My smoke time was just under 3 hours. I ended up finishing it off in the oven. The fish had a nice smoke taste to it. I used apple chunks. I want to use alder next time.
  2. Big Chief electric smoker, top self of smoker (a little lower temp on top shelves). I don't have a temperature gauge in there yet. After doing some reading online, I think my temp is closer to 160.
  3. Are there any good books, websites or forums for cold smoking? Any basic tips or info? I am trying cold smoking a chunk of rainbow trout today (around 140 degrees), Thanks minky
  4. Found a nice fresh oyster mushroom today. A little odd shaped. It was between the 2 uprights of a tree I was putting a deer stand in. Kinda think of a tight Y.
  5. Late to the lobster party this year but found a nice one today.
  6. Helping a friend go thru his late uncles easte. The rack was in a storage trailer. I dont believe his uncle had personal ties to the lucky hunter.
  7. Cool old rack from days gone by. 1947 was written on the back.
  8. Sounds like a nice bow!
  9. Few eaters, these were from a lake with a long running 5 crappie rule. This rule really seams to work for this lake. I had the fillets for breakfast, tasty!
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