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  1. I am semi retired and spend my spring and summer working at a golf course. I love my job but really enjoy my deer hunting and ice fishing. I am looking forward to turkey hunting next week!
  2. The great thing about this funnel is it is the best way to get from point A to point B under cover. This funnel has always been a better any deer stand then big bucks. I did take a big 11 out of it in the past. I also bumped a nice buck out of it going into a mid day sit, pre rifle season. This past season I harvested a nice doe out of it but really had to search for an opening to shoot. I feel better about opening up some shooting lanes. Thanks for the input everyone!
  3. Tried a small bowl shaped lake yesterday, no fish. Looks like the lake may have experienced some winter kill. I will try it again later on. It was nice just to get out!
  4. How long before the sunnies start biting? I know it is early and the water is still cold but I got the itch to get out. I enjoy fishing this time of year, good just to be out.
  5. I have a favorite funnel I love to hunt but it has gotten brushy over the years. I cleaned out some shooting lanes today, any harm in that? I figure if I do them now, I should be good by next season. Any thoughts?
  6. Hope the rivers warm up quick, I would love to get into some suckers!
  7. minky

    Rush River

    Nice fish, crazy about the bird!
  8. minky

    Mn Trout Opener

    Anyone make it out for the Mn trout opener?
  9. Good luck everyone! I used up my points last year but i still put in for area 13. Nothing else I will get a point.
  10. minky

    MN Opener

    I am hunting the b season so hopefully put up some blinds this weekend depending on weather.
  11. Checked my ramp area just for fun on Saturday, good to just be back in the woods. Hopefully in a few weeks we will start to see some ramps!
  12. Just a simple, basic mouth call for me.
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