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  1. I spotted a nice chunk of chaga from my deer stand this fall. I went back this morning to harvest it. I am really looking forward to processing and using it.
  2. Any updates, sounds really good!
  3. minky

    Winnie Gtg

    Should be a good time! Randy was a great guy!!
  4. minky

    Deer Heart

    Enjoyed eating my second deer heart alot. I kept it simple and the flavor really came through!
  5. minky

    Deer Heart

    Well guys, I was blessed to harvest a doe today. I will be cooking up the heart as a special treat tomorrow as I cut up the doe. This time I am keeping it as simple as possible. I will update tomorrow.
  6. I am wondering what everyone does to make their deer stew great? When I put up my deer stew meat it is of the highest quality i can make. I know stew meat brings to mind lesser cuts. For me, the pieces of meat are often smaller pieces off of steak or roasts.
  7. minky

    Spearable Ice?

    Spearable, that's better! I guess we needed the season to open to. I think nd or sd open with first ice but not sure.
  8. minky

    New Gsp Pup

    Any tips or tricks on training a gsp? She is a 11 weeks old female. We are working on potty training and basic commands. Crate training has worked really well.
  9. minky

    Spearable Ice?

    Any predictions on the first spearable ice in Mn?
  10. minky

    Deer Heart

    Everyone is going to laugh at me but, I thought the left over / cold cooked heart wasn't bad. I think frying in butter may be the way to go. Butter seams to make everything taste better!
  11. minky

    Deer Heart

    Yep, still have a bonus tag. No soaking my deer heart is up for my next one!
  12. minky

    Deer Heart

    Well I cooked up my deer heart, I am kinda on the fence about liking it or not. I think next time I will try soaking it in milk like wanderer suggested. I do like trying new things and using as much of the deer I can! Good luck to everyone still hunting.
  13. minky

    Deer Heart

    I took a small buck tonight and have the heart soaking in salt water. I wil add an update after I try it. I am thinking i will like it.
  14. minky

    Deer Heart

    Thanks eyeguy, I will give it a try. In my home town (maybe in every small town) there were stories of guys who looked for fresh gut piles just to take the leftover heart and liver. I guess it was different times, waste not / want not.
  15. minky

    Deer Heart

    I have never tried deer heart, am I missing out? Best way to make it?