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  1. I tried it when it first came out, may need to give it a try again.
  2. The good the bad and the ugly?
  3. I got drawn for D season, zone 4. How did you do?
  4. I was out for 3 hours this morning. I speared an eater and missed one. I also got a small one on the tip up. The pic is of a 30 inch fish I got last week.
  5. If nonresident, the first 2 seasons can be tough to draw. The closest I have drawn was the C season.
  6. I hunted Idaho this past fall for deer and elk. We seen a fair number of turkeys. I plan to go out a little early for the hunt next year. I was thinking I could add a turkey hunt to the fun. Does anyone have any experience hunting turkey in the fall in Idaho? I would be deer / elk unit 6. Thanks minky
  7. I didn't get an animal or even a shot but I learned so much! The importance of quality optics and hunting outerwear. The better shape a person is in, the more enjoyable and successful the hunt. I got to meet new people and hunting partners. Quality people only add to the experience! Learning a new game animal and way to hunt is so satisfying yet frustrating at the same time. In short, a trip of a lifetime for me but with the promise of a repeat next year.
  8. I recently spent about a week and half in the panhandle mountain area of Idaho. We were a mixed group of elk and deer hunters. What an awesome hunt in a great area. This was my first hunt for elk with an experienced elk hunter (childhood buddy). I learned so much. One bull was harvested on opening day. On day 5 we got into a bunch of elk with one being a herd bull, no shot. Next day was cow season so we backed out. Early the next morning we were back in the area. Fresh elk beds and urine puddles showed we were right behind the elk. Fresh tracks showed they were walking
  9. minky

    Fall bird

    I was lucky last week to harvest a nice, young hen turkey in Wisconsin fall season. Happy to add the meat to the freezer.
  10. My rainbow trout turned out pretty good. My smoke time was just under 3 hours. I ended up finishing it off in the oven. The fish had a nice smoke taste to it. I used apple chunks. I want to use alder next time.
  11. Big Chief electric smoker, top self of smoker (a little lower temp on top shelves). I don't have a temperature gauge in there yet. After doing some reading online, I think my temp is closer to 160.
  12. Are there any good books, websites or forums for cold smoking? Any basic tips or info? I am trying cold smoking a chunk of rainbow trout today (around 140 degrees), Thanks minky
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