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  1. Wife made these yesterday. The temptation is brutal.
  2. Bird is embalmed and resting comfortably covered in the frig.
  3. I used to just use lemon juice, using the real thing kicks butt. There's even lemon pepper seasoning on it. Everyone has different tastes.
  4. Grilled pike, spuds and beans. Took the lemon slices off before I took the picture.
  5. I call it more carbs than the doc wants me to have!!! but I ain't giving up my noodles.
  6. yeppers..........grew up that way....... guess it was the old folks way of stretching out meals......... add some heavily buttered saltine crackers...and your golden!!!!! we have reciepe thats similair, if not a bit better then Wendy's chili....thats just crushed crackers!!!!!!!!
  7. so Leech....that smoked turkey gone already, gotta cook another for thanksgiving!!!!!!!1
  8. ALL of them!!!!!!!!!! we see eagles all over up at the cabin.........and never get tired of seeing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just hope the eagles that nested on the point by the cabin stick around after the storm took out there nest!!!!!!
  9. They look gawd aweful, I need to dispose of them
  10. i got rid of my wifes sled 4-5 years ago and kept mine. its been stored in my moms shed like forever. i decided last year to get it up and running and had the carbs all fixed up and runs like a top. i now leave it up at the cabin cause thats where i'd use it most. i usually started it about every other time i was up there which was plenty!!!! let it run for 20 minutes or so........so yea its ready to go!!!!! funny how that works...... when it is 3 1/2 hours away i managed to start it more then when it was 5 miles away!!!!!!!!
  11. what they said....but if its not from a grizzly old buck, no reason you cant make it like any other steak, grilled, fried in onions. even marinade it and cook it anyway ya want. i cut up alot of those so called roasts on the hind quarter for steaks.......... rule #1................NEVER OVERCOOK venision!!!!!!!
  12. Leftover wild rice soup and ground bologna sammiches.
  13. Boar usually finds his stuff laying on a road!!!!!!!!!
  14. i have everyday off!!!!!!!!! but blaine would be closer then the one at the convention center dec 3-5th!!!!!!!! and it be something different??????????
  15. same here.......love watching your inventions grow to something real!!!!!!!!!
  16. Leftover from deer camp, venison neck roast. Nummy!!!
  17. went up to the cabin for deer camp thursday before opener, filled the feeders and by this past wed they where empty. so filled them again. at this rate i might need a part time job to feed the birds up there!!!!!!
  18. well he wasnt the only goofy one out there chasing ducks. i takt cty road 11 out of deer river, the deer river shortcut, down to 6 and some one was out on white oak also!!!!
  19. Then maybe I was to, but couldn't see out the back window.
  20. So Duff, been up there recently?? Used to go to Riley's now and then. Hayslips has a meet raffle Friday nites, haven't been there but hear it gets busy. Sometimes go to the Timber wolf north of marcella, they have good food
  21. Man DAVE I didn't realize you where that close to the pickled loon on 6? Drive by it every time back and forth from the cabin. Yea that place is always full, even when it was called grandma's place. Wanderer, where you the goofy fella parked at the big Rica access duck hunting this morning when I drove by!!
  22. Center cut pork chops smothered in cream of mushroom soup, smashed taters, chaffmj wild rice recipe, and brussel sprouts.
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