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  1. Fleet Farm has Kingford 16lb for $7. One penny more per pound than Lowes. It is closer for me so that is where I will go. I don't see Home Depot charcoal on sale.
  2. Good call Cicada, Lowes has two 20lb bags for $17 for their memorial day sale. I'll get some because I'm almost out and wait to see what the 4th of July brings.
  3. Maybe by tomorrow but for sure by Friday the Memorial online sales should show up. Thanks for the heads up @Cicada , they may not be as cheap this year. You are not alone.
  4. If you guys can, try some of this prime rib seasoning on your steaks or any type of grilled meat. It is really good and you can get a shaker at Dehmers meats in St. Micheal. Or online. I buy it by the case and split it with friends and family.
  5. Memorial weekend, 4th of July and Labor day the price drops on Kingsford charcoal at Home Depot and Lowes. Last year it was back to 20lb bags but at a higher price of around $15 for two bags. Home depot had another brand in a black bag called Embers 2 -20lb bags for $10 last year. I got 4 bags to try and they worked alright, they don't light up as easy as Kingsford at times. The Embers is much like Royal Oak in my opinion. I am down to one full last bag. I usually get about a dozen bags on Memorial and stock up for the winter with about 8 bags on Labor Day. Happy Grilling!!
  6. Thanks for the weather heads up. I was going to put in my peppers and tomatoes today and put up the greenhouses but those temps are just too cold for those heat lovin plants. They are growing strong under the led's so I am going to leave them be. Still going to put in the next planting of kale and carrots today before the rain tomorrow.
  7. The hoop greenhouse did it's job. The blank looking rows are the carrots which are just starting to come up now. The peas and beets are doing ok.
  8. Nice evening for bacon wrapped sirloin last night.
  9. Man, that looks like road kill going on the grill. Sure turned out nice.
  10. Found a Oriole feather walking the dog this morning.
  11. Nice setup, the containers pictured should work. I got this email from Mother earth news on the 18th. Your Personalized Planting Reminders Here are the planting reminders for your location for the next two weeks: Sow under cover or indoors: Broccoli Cabbage (Summer) Peas Pepper Tomato (Large) Sow outdoors or plant out: Apple (Dwarf) Asparagus Blackberry Blueberry Broccoli Cabbage (Summer) Carrot Kale Lettuce (Leaf) Onion Peas Potatoes (Maincrop) Radish Raspberry Rhubarb Spinach Strawberry Turnip
  12. Got these burgers premade at Coborns. Cheddar and bacon also wild rice and swiss. I seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning. Cooked over charcoal, they were very tasty.
  13. Easy cleanup, the crust ends up crispy. The tray has holes perforating the bottom.
  14. I am liking these lotsa motsa pizzas on the charcoal grill. They taste great.
  15. Good news Smurf, I got an email from Fleet farm stating the garden centers are opening today.
  16. Well I went out to check under the little greenhouses today expecting to be replanting after the snow and following cold this week with lows in the teens and 30 degree highs and cloudy. Last Saturday I had a dozen or better up and now almost a third of all of the seeds are up. During record cold, wow. They are going to love the upcoming weather.
  17. As an experiment I planted peas, beets and carrots on the 1st, covered them with the temporary greenhouses and as of yesterday sprouts were beginning to come up. I have never planted this early, but I didn't have the greenhouses till I made them last season. When the sun shines it is warm in there. The forecast looks to have sun but cold. I have my fingers crossed, at worst I put more seeds in the ground. Without this setup Smurfy is right, too cold.
  18. Probably best to get both, no future regrets then. Both are easy to operate, set a temp and time like an oven. If you are like me, I like to play with fire and have a heavy offset smoker and burn wood. I also have a 6 rack electric, couple weber kettles (you can only fit so much on one) and two weber charcoal smokers. I use them all, they are tools to use at different times of the year for different cookouts and events.
  19. Do you make hot sauce or dehydrate and grind for a shaker with those?
  20. That is a nice setup. Were you storing your seeds in the freezer to get nine years? I have stored seeds for 7 years in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer with a high germination rate. The things you find when cleaning out the garage freezer.
  21. Sounds like the beer is trying to keep you in tip top shape. My wife and I planted peas, beets and carrots on April1st. We put up a couple hoop greenhouses over the two boxes we planted. Nothing is up yet but maybe in the next week. Seedlings inside are up and running.
  22. No, I had the sour cream at the table. But that is a good idea!
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