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  1. Alphas head rolling on ground mumbling. Classic!!
  2. Doesn't take much to knock down a rabbit. have fun!
  3. Nom nom nom. Food and beer much better than the game.
  4. actually the pic was ricks friend. his first time catching panfish thru ice so we sent the perch home with him
  5. If I am in a sling I might have to have @Rick G drive me there so I can watch you guys catch some pigs. And bring my grill.
  6. eyeguy 54


    Maybe I can get Erin to wave at you sometime. Hope to get up there this winter but who knows
  7. eyeguy 54


    You stalking the snow bunnies at Geigers?
  8. If I chased northern a lot with tip ups I would for sure have an eight inch nills.
  9. No reverse on my drill. Lol. Don’t care to run slush down. Would rather be drilling more holes.
  10. The nills I had didn’t like to reopen. It would do it but not a good idea.
  11. With my nils I could get the slush out but had to get a lot of water on the ice also while flushing. No biggy if only doing a few holes. Big diff if lots of holes and a tiny 3 mm jig I noticed a big difference between ricks k and my nills. It was ok and a great auger I just got frustrated so switched. I grabbed the pistol bit before I got the k to test. Did half dozen holes and took it back. Careful with that one. It likes to walk.
  12. probably didn’t suntan much. I have some the same tone. One darker. And some lighter in my collection.
  13. Mine from this year was a lot lighter in color. Older buck heading down hill we figured. Biggest body I have ever taken.
  14. No. Just wiped a little blood off the in a couple spots.
  15. Got him done for son in law. 156 gross. 143 net. Cool rack with the points below the brows.
  16. After 3 years with my 6 inch nills I sold it and grabbed a k drill last spring. I liked the speed of the nills but just got tired of too much slush. which bugged me when doing a lot of holes for hole hopping. Really like the K drill. Fuel 18 and 2, 5 amp batteries is working fine so far. Great setup for panfish.
  17. Quart water. 1/2 cup sugar. 1/3 cup pickling salt for brine. Cold. Fish in for one hour. Pat dry. Seafood magic on fish. I like them best with cherrywood.
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