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  1. blackburnian warbler just flew in. not a clear pic but I got him.
  2. hostas are left and right and all around, just not in picture.
  3. American Redstart was back and catching bugs by the hostas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those ! are for you smurf ) He let me get pretty close.
  4. Field Guide to the Birds grab one of these books. Really a great aid to help identity them
  5. red with black wings probably the scarlet tanager. had a couple here 4 or 5 years ago. such a beauty!
  6. Thats a cape may warbler. Had one here for a few days. it really liked the nutty butter suet. interesting. I posted a pic back on page 4.
  7. got back from bowstring and feeders were all empty. lotta birds here also. cool that you had some redstarts in. I have seen 2 so far this year.
  8. well ya... they both like my nectar. I put a screw in one of the holes and keep it in back so when I try to get pics the hummers fly to the sides. oriole landed on it and spun it before this hummer arrived. if i get a few orioles around I just take the perch off.
  9. one of the happy couples.
  10. cape may warbler. i need a bigger lens!
  11. pair of orioles here but they havent posed yet. had an american redstart here yesturday. lottsa warblers coming thru.
  12. some neat warblers coming thru. grosbeaks back too
  13. both gray and fox can have a black appear but not from hanky panky with each other in the trees.
  14. The Fox Squirrel (or Eastern Fox Squirrel) and the Gray Squirrel (also known the Eastern* Gray Squirrel) are rodents in the family Sciuridae. Their suborder, Sciurinae, includes other tree squirrels, as well as ground squirrels, chipmunks, and marmots. There are 10 subspecies of Fox Squirrels and five of Gray Squirrels. Fox Squirrels spend much of their time on the ground searching for food and prefer woodlands next to openings. They’re tolerant of prairie-type environments. Gray Squirrels prefer dense stands of trees. The two generally don’t share the same habitat, but when they do, they don’t interbreed. They have home territories of a few acres, where they spend their entire lives. You may have several squirrels living in your yard in overlapping territories.
  15. its just a color phase from what I read.
  16. couple pics from today. I would say at least half of the grays around here have some red in the tails. the red squirrel doesnt come to the feeders often. the grays do too much. LOL wife texted me yesturday that she saw another black yesturday downtown.
  17. red and gray squirrels are not reproductively compatible
  18. lots like that around here
  19. time for me to reorder. almost out. I just get the quart size.
  20. wood thrush doesnt have the white bars and has a shorter tail.
  21. brown thrasher i would say
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