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  1. Great job congrats on a great hunt appreciate you letting us follow you through your adventure and the photography
  2. Thanks Wanderer. I agree a person has to jump on a opportunity like that for sure. Wow that has to be rewarding but hard work and research usually pay didvedends. Those seas ducks really intrigue me but your right better have you ducks in a row if your going to tackle that kind of water. Best of luck looking forward to reading more of your adventure.
  3. Have to agree one of a kind RIP
  4. Wanderer well done those are some of the nicest colorations in waterfowl I have seen in a long time! You have yourself some great mounts there My question is did you go through a outfitter guided or was it a freelance hunt? Looks like a bucket list trip I might have to look into the scenery is amazeing and the variety of birds you harvested is astonishing. Argentina was always one our group talked about but this definaately is more realistic.
  5. Nice Job Wanderer excellent specimens and looks like a trip of a lifetime. Will make some good mounts for sure! really enjoy looking at and reading this, avid waterfowler here.
  6. IceHawk

    In Concert

    Eagles awesome show might go again this upcomeing April
  7. Definitely a yes if weather Permits. Thanks Rundrave for setting this up be fun to share the ice and put some faces with names. Plus side is from your posts over here I know your a avid pheasant hunter and dog lover like myself so if the fish aren't biteing we can swap hunting stories
  8. Slow pockets of birds but the amount of rain we had definitely played a huge part in success. Did shoot and see more Timberdoodles aka woodcock this year than in years past . A great sign The leaves stayed on longer than normal because of the moisture so made shooting conditons tougher. I own a 40 up Near Pine river and the bird numbers where definitely down there.
  9. Age,Genetics, and what they rub on play huge factors in horn color. But habitat plays a big role also.Canada has always been known to throw dark racks because they live in the big timber and aren't out in open much at all. Basically to some extent like Eyeguy said there horns don't see as much direct sunlight.
  10. IceHawk

    MN Opener

    Congrats nice Bird!
  11. Hate to say it but they do seem to have better chemistry without Butler.
  12. Have to agree great game looked real good definitely more aggressive time will tell.
  13. Great Game last night for sure was very enjoyable to watch.!
  14. I have a K drill and love the thing for early and late ice but I have to agree with some of the others. You wont find me selling my Strike master Solo anytime soon. For my style of fishing and when faced with deep ice conditions the gas is still the ticket. Yes I know the weight is a issue but the cutting performance through deep ice and punching numerous holes running and gunning its hard to beat the power auger,. I realize the high amp batterys are the ticket and are out there and bigger ones are comeing, but why would I want to dump another couple hundred dollars on batterys to pound through super thicj ice like last year when the solo is bought proven and paid for . So to say which one I say both because IMO they both have a time and place.
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