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  1. IceHawk

    MN Opener

    Congrats nice Bird!
  2. Hate to say it but they do seem to have better chemistry without Butler.
  3. Have to agree great game looked real good definitely more aggressive time will tell.
  4. Great Game last night for sure was very enjoyable to watch.!
  5. I have a K drill and love the thing for early and late ice but I have to agree with some of the others. You wont find me selling my Strike master Solo anytime soon. For my style of fishing and when faced with deep ice conditions the gas is still the ticket. Yes I know the weight is a issue but the cutting performance through deep ice and punching numerous holes running and gunning its hard to beat the power auger,. I realize the high amp batterys are the ticket and are out there and bigger ones are comeing, but why would I want to dump another couple hundred dollars on batterys to pound through super thicj ice like last year when the solo is bought proven and paid for . So to say which one I say both because IMO they both have a time and place.
  6. IceHawk


    Congrats Nice Bird!
  7. Congrats! Way to stick to it.
  8. 4 male orioles on the feeders tonight and 3 hummers.
  9. 2 different hummingbirds on the humming bird feeders today. No orioles yet but I'm hopeing soon.
  10. I have a pound of leeches already so there will be leeches you just might have to find a private trapper that will sell you some.
  11. Way to go love hearing some great hunts and stories!
  12. Good luck cheetah!
  13. Congratulations that what its all about those memories last forever.
  14. I believe you are correct Cheetah Way to go Team 3 ! Congrats to all involved
  15. Well B season is in the books for me 2018 was a success, downed a Nice Tom Thursday. The season started out with some serious anticipation To say I was like a little kid in a candy shop opening morning would be a understatement. Got out into the blind at 5.30 am Wed morning. Was hunting a known travel route on the edge of a cut corn field. Heard some gobbling near some roosting areas at 6-6.15 then all quiet. First hen showed at 7 then 3 more at 7 .15 and another at 7.20. No gobblers with. Was kind of bummed no gobblers were with the hens but I still had hope. At 8.30 I here a few gobbles . I throw out a few yelps and one strikes off. Well it took 20 minutes or so and here they come 3 Nice Toms. Call them to 62 yards and they hang up. They walk around a bit out of range and then walk away. Had a full strutter out with two hens and I think they spooked from it but will never no. Sat till 11.00 no more sightings. Go have dinner come back at 1 sit in another blind near a roosting area till dark not a bird heard or sighted. Thursday morning back to the cut corn field blind. Set out my full strutter and two hen decoys. Going all in or bust. Sun rises not a sound near the roosting area. Not a good sign but I still have faith. At around 8 I have two jakes come in at about 20 yds. Could of been over but had my mind set at a Tom. They play around a while and leave. At 10. 30 I see 2 toms and 6 hens out in front of me about 200 yards away. The Toms are both strutting with 4 hens in a cow pasture. I watch the show with my binoculars . While watching them I hear a gobbler strike off in the distance. . Give out a few yelps, and clucks and nothing. Sit and wait still hopeing something happens. At about 11 I look over and here one comes a nice Tom silently sneeking in at full strut. He slowly makes his way in at 35 yds he offers a ideal shot and I took him. Dropped him in his tracks. The end of the story and hunting season Was a great hunt enjoyed some great weather, saw a lot of activity turkeys, pheasants, deer, coyote and a opossum. And Fortunately bagged a bird. 21.88 pounds 10 inch beard, 11/4 spurs. Hopeing the rest of you are successful this season.
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