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  1. irvingdog

    Camping with no cooler food.. help

    Foil pouch chicken, salmon and tuna are good options, but chicken is the only one I bring. If you're in the BWCA and can't provide fish, you're doing it wrong. That said, dehydrating cooked ground beef is very easy.
  2. irvingdog

    Annandale area camping?

    Yeah. How about Lake Maria? Awesome place, and requires just enough work to spook off wusses.
  3. irvingdog

    Tent advice

    If it is just for you, and you're starting over, consider a camping hammock. No, it's not what you think. It's screened in, hangs anywhere there are trees in an instant (Rainy Lake or BW, camp right on the bug-free, wind swept shore as long as you've got trees). So unbelievably comfortable, small and light. Look around for hammock camping forums. You'll find them. I got started with a 25 dollar hammock, a 20 dollar tarp, and a 5 dollar foam pad (you need insulation under you. The ONLY downside). Speer. Hennessy. Warbonnet (my favorite) ENO. You can now find camping hammocks at Cabelas or REI. It is the best thing ever. I camp alot nowadays only because of the hammock. I pee on the ground, not sleep on it.
  4. irvingdog

    30-06 shells

    I'd let your barrel cool down every once in a while...
  5. irvingdog

    How to remove eel pout

    Um, no. No exaggeration. And when you get a big, bull pout on LOW, it's gonna wrap. I look forward to them on the big pond. The quality and yield of meat off of them is tremendous. Just don't open up the abdominal cavity. Trust me on that. Gutty. And "feed the Eagles"? (not you, NoWiser) Seriously, it's not to late to come back and delete your post; save yourself some embarrassment.
  6. irvingdog

    How to remove eel pout

    Fond memories of a friend grabbing a huge one by the head. It wrapped around his arm and worked it's tail inside of his shirt. You would have thought there was a busload of cheerleaders in our icehouse by the highpitched screams he was making. Club. Pliers. Icebank until firm. Filet out the tail and eat. Sublime!
  7. irvingdog

    Thermos bottles

    If it is a Vacuum bottle, and it is not keeping hot liquids hot for 4 hours minimum, it's broken.
  8. irvingdog

    Fort Meyers, Florida area fishing

    Whole, live shrimp; hooked right under their head spike thingy...
  9. irvingdog

    Fort Meyers, Florida area fishing

    I can't speak for the charters, and have struck out mightily for the Tarpon, but I love standing knee deep in the surf while the tide is inbound, and nearly at high tide, and flipping out a live shrimp on medium weight tackle. The cats are creepy, but the Whiting are unbelievable in the pan. Ugly, gray, suckermouth fish with little other distinction. Cook them "shore lunch" style, battered in 375 degree oil. Great eating with a squeeze of lemon. Also, this method of fishing yields a freak-show of fish like sugar trout, lady fish, grunt, etc.... Great fun. Oh, and suck in your gut when the bikinis walk by. Bet that doesn't happen often on Mille Lacs!
  10. Let's go SB! There's fish to be caught!
  11. irvingdog

    Smallest shack size for a bunk?

    I'm going to try to marry my camping style with my ice house, and use a hammock!! They are insanely comfortable, weight a bit over one pound, stuff into a bag smaller than a soccer ball and double as your chair. If it works, I'm going to post some pics, but at this point I can't see why it wont.
  12. irvingdog

    non-stick vs stainless steel

    I've owned the Costco (yes, Costco) stainless steel pan set for 6 months now. Previously, I owned high-grade Calphalon non-stick. Each has their place, but in real world use, I can tell you I'll never go back to a set of non-stick pans. These clean up like a breeze, require as much fat as non-stick, go into the oven or dishwasher, cook better, hotter, etc.....
  13. irvingdog

    Sleeper shacks

    Also, if you're going to get a sleeper on LOW, learn to embrace Eelpout. They are fantastic fish. Fight like bulls, as good as walleye in the pan, and are the only thing that bites at night.
  14. irvingdog


    Even in the worst of situations, you can find a balance between the heater you use and proper ventilation. That is the key.
  15. irvingdog

    Favorite cooking shows

    Blech! Rachel Ray bugs the snot out of me! Giada kinda makes me feel tingly though... A.B. rocks!