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  1. I just has happy weekend. Kinda hurts this morning.
  2. Maybe I are dumm but whats HH
  3. I think the dozen or so Busch Lights got me thinking differently.
  4. Probably jumped the gun a bit but I tilled the garden last night. It looked so nice. Now hopefully it don't get snowed on.
  5. They have been on a heat mat for the whole time. Took the dome off a few days ago so the other peppers in there can breathe a little.
  6. Started ghost pepper, reaper and habanero seeds an feb 28th. 18 of each. All ghost and habanero up and looking good. Not one single reaper. Their about to lose their spot.
  7. I ended up getting new led shop lights to use and fixed the problem. My new issue is I set them out to get a little real sun and forgot them outside overnight and it froze. Guess it wasn't meant to be.
  8. My neighbor is a master gardener and I know her basement glows very bright. Maybe the purple things I bought are for plants that are already grown.
  9. These ones I have, have got a purple hue they really dont seem that bright I think the led shop light over my garage bench would work better.
  10. Why do all the plants I start get so dam leggy. Started cauliflower and broccoli. Came up four days ago last night already like 4" tall and falling over. Have grow lights about 3" over top of trays. Could it be cause dirt is to warm because I left heat mat on cause all seeds weren't up yet. Used to have better luck just in the living room window without grow lights. My two little girls took that option away for now.
  11. I received my ghost pepper and Carolina reaper seeds yesterday from Ohio Heirloom Seeds. Now just have to get them to grow. If anyone comes across the plants when greenhouse season arrives please let me know.
  12. So far so good for me I guess my 2 & 3 yr old girls ask to go fishing everyday. The other day I was still in bed and my 3 yr old came in the bedroom with a cabelas catalog and said daddy can we do this. It was a picture of a guy in full draw on an elk on the back cover.
  13. My good pumpkin growing patch just gets to damn wet the last couple years.Three years ago 5 plants gave almost a truck load of big pumpkins. Last year I must have planted 25-30 plants and only got like 6 pumpkins. It was always muddy it seemed. That's why I wanna try to get them to grow in the crappy spot.
  14. That goes back to my original question of would a buried 5 gallon bucket with the bottom cut off full of compost/potting soil be enough to grow good pumpkin plants.
  15. Ok I guess anything is possible
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