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  1. I didn't like that either but then again why wasn't he in the game to begin with. With 20 games or so to go and all the injuries going on hes probably our best and most consistent bat right now and he cant play two games in a row? He should play every game the rest of the way. After 140ish games this year he only has like 280 at bats. Think they showed last night 1 homer per 9.33 at bats. That's like a whole at bat better than Mike Trout and that's saying something.
  2. No. Its me Rick Anderson. What I really meant to say was I don't care if your a strike out pitcher, you need to pitch to contact. Keep that pitch count down even if we get our arsses kicked.
  3. I love all the homeruns as much as the next guy but unless Arreaz is up how dam pop ups do we need to see with 2 or 3 guys on and 1 out or less. I know that's what got them to this point but once and a while just try to get a base hit. In no way im I saying go back to the talk slap it the other way dung but the approach cant be homerun in every situation.
  4. What kind of pepper is that. I wanna plant one next year because it looks cool and would make some awesome looking jelly. Im guessing its supposed to be hot. My tomatoes look like dump again also.
  5. Open the door for me Richard but please don't slam the door on me Dick!!!!
  6. I don't know what it cost to rebuild but that Juerissen guy right outside of town will have a new one. I think mine was like 65 bucks if I remember correctly.
  7. I had a little 6hp Johnson like that always had a miss on top end I couldn't figure out til one day it must have been darker out when I was messing with it. At full throttle the way the distributor advanced it would pull the plug wire just enough to expose a crack and it would arc. I see no reason why you couldn't get a miss on the low end the same way. I had that dumb wire in my hand a half dozen times and I could never see it. Cant hurt to have a new one made for a few bucks. Cheaper then any of the parts I bought that didn't fix mine.
  8. Would you be scared to buy them if they were on there sell by date or a day later? A few weeks ago the local Coborns had three in there bargain bin that were marked from around 25 dollars down to like 16. That goes from 5.49lb to about 3.50lb. Of course after I changed my mind and turned around someone bought them.
  9. If you google that weed I find it says 2-4d is best control. By the way weed b gone is only 9 percent 2-4-d.
  10. Go to farm store get some 2-4-d probably 25 bucks a gallon. Only need to mix 2oz to gallon, I like more like 4 oz. It will kill it and wont hurt the grass underneath.
  11. I wish I was drinking before lunch again. Darn job guess I will have to wait til Thursday for that.
  12. Anyone having trouble with certain things this year. I planted cucumbers three times and finally seen some popping out of ground last night. I also cant get a cantaloupe to start either.
  13. Hook it up 12 volt if it has no power its probably 24 volt
  14. One with a pecker on its face.
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