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  1. I had to start fornicating with my zucchinis in the mornings cause there aint a bee around. Apples are falling of the tree guessing they didnt get pollinated either. In town garden i can water looks pretty good but my country stuff lookin pretty rough. Purslane sure seems to love this dry weather.
  2. I wish they would shut the internet off for a week and see what would happen. Kids t-ball last night 8 out of 10 parents staring at their stupid phones. Guessing they are their so a coach can babysit for an hour. Turn on a baseball game and half the people in the stands staring at a dam phone. Wheres the dam line drive to the face when you need it?
  3. Do you have alot of squirrels? I was having trouble getting same stuff to sprout til I saw the culprits in action taking the seeds. A few years back i tried to plant sweet corn in my garden and none came up. One day mowing lawn saw a bunch of corn growing under a pine tree about 30 feet from the garden. Try do dig up an ungerminated seed. If it aint in there it cant grow.
  4. They only watch birds on here.
  5. Found 41 smaller yellows in Carver Co last night. Very top of south facing hill pretty open and sunny. 30 feet down the hill looked like way better spot but just not quite warm enough yet. Sure could use a shot of rain but dont see any in the forecast.
  6. I used some off brand last year the woman picked up at walmart to save 10 cents. Wasnt gonna use them but couldnt find any others. Had no issue with any of them.
  7. Dont say that to loud. It would be like winning the lottery you will all of a sudden have a bunch of new friends wanting some.
  8. Got my grow lights set up yesterday. Looks more like a nuclear power plant.
  9. I think my dad checks everywhere everyday. The other day he asked me if he find some if i want any. I said whats the difference youre gonna buy them all anyway.
  10. Its pretty easy to not be wasteful. If you have extra someone will be glad to take them usually.
  11. I wasnt gonna start tomatoes anymore cause they always get so tall and wimpy on me, but after new way brighter lights they worked much better. Other thought is the way dump sells out now I dont wanna be empty handed when May rolls around. Guessing if I dont need them someone will.
  12. Bought time to get this rolling again. Thinking of getting some slow germinating peppers seed started this weekend if i get my garage painting project done in time. Anyone else thinking about scratching that itch yet. Got six new four foot led grow lights to go along with last years pair. My garage is gonna glow like a UFO this year.
  13. Why cant you raise your own for that? Once you have the chickens they pay for themselves. Sell a three dozen a month will pay for the next months feed. We have 12 slowed down this time of year but spring , summer, and fall get 7-12 a day.
  14. Does that include just skinning and deboning or only if your turning it into sausage and stuff.
  15. How much you get for 19.99. Don't sound like much of a sale. Sale used to be like 9.99.
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