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  1. Unless you hunt in like 3 specific parks you dont need to apply for anything.
  2. My dad said he picked me up some seeds the other day.
  3. snagfinder


    #54 from Georgia should have had 2 personal foul penalties on the go ahead drive that werent called. Lucky SOB. Sure he dislocated that dude from Bamas shoulder on the first one. Second one did like a big old 5 star frog splash on the pile way after play was over.
  4. Cant you just release them when you catch them instead of feeding the dog?
  5. Must just be me since everyone seems to do it but I hate lemon on fish.
  6. I couldnt believe the kid liked the ducks. He loved it. Now I dont have to accidently leave them at my dads when done cleaning them. Now if I could just catch a few walleyes so the pouting for fish tacos can stop. Funny note. My 5 year old daughter had pancakes at kindergarten the other day she said they were delicious but the syrup was gross and didnt even come from a tree. Thats my girl.
  7. Took my 8 year old boy with bow hunting last night and we didnt get anything of course but all he kept talking about was how we were going to eat it. Guess this year we are making deer meatballs. He ate all the nasty ducks so far this year so i guess meatballs it is when we get one. My 4 year old daughter wanted to know if we could shoot all the squirrels in the yard and make beef jerky from them. Time to get out the air rifle.
  8. My bad im a newbie not a rookie after 11 years
  9. Im not into the 2 guys 1 girl thing so I hope your gone before I get there or dont come til after cause she wanted her way with me too. Got my rookie badge too. Took since 2010.
  10. Did it take all them Busch apples to get er done?
  11. Do you freeze the horseradish? Every year we make a bunch around Halloween eat a lot right away and the rest sits in the fridge to die. Just noticed yesterday i have like 11 jars yet. It looks and smells fine but dont know if its good.
  12. Horseradish mixed with ketchup or bbq sauce is awesome for fries
  13. Sweetcorn did excellent givien the hot/dry weather. Pumpkin plants look awesome but dont see much for pumpkins. Dont really wanna get in and look so hopefully i just dont see them. Zucchini ran wild i cant even give them away anymore. Had a few good looking watermelons but i left the garden door open and judging by the looks of the teeth marks bunnies like watermelon rind. Dont think they ruined them but aint looking so pretty anymore.
  14. Made 14 quarts of spaghetti sauce yesterday. Habaneros seem do to doing stellar but the rest of my peppers are a little lack luster.
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