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  1. I wish I was drinking before lunch again. Darn job guess I will have to wait til Thursday for that.
  2. Anyone having trouble with certain things this year. I planted cucumbers three times and finally seen some popping out of ground last night. I also cant get a cantaloupe to start either.
  3. Hook it up 12 volt if it has no power its probably 24 volt
  4. One with a pecker on its face.
  5. Kinda late on this but it would be hard TO PAY $4 LB for the belly. Im trying to make bacon for the first time now. Went to meat market and bought half a pig $85. Kept 15lb of belly that would cost almost as much as half pig. plus you get loin, tenderloin, ribs, hams, butts and lots of leftovers to grind in your deer sausage. Was easy to cut up. No brainer for me.
  6. After last years issues with my cucumber plants croaking for some reason and tomatoes checking out early just curious if anyone uses or knows of some kind of treatment for the soil that can get rid of fungus/diseases if they are present.
  7. Ive taken my stepson along hunting since he was 2. We have been goose, duck, turkey, deer and pheasant hunting. He loves all them and the killing and cleaning doesn't bother him one bit. I would love to let him shoot something now that he is 5 but there has to be an age limit and if its 10 hes gonna have to wait at least that long. What age can you take gun training? I think that should be a must before they are allowed a license even if with a guardian. I guess he did shoot at the plastic ducks in front of our blind with his bb gun last weekend.
  8. Does anyone have any idea where to buy one without having to order online.
  9. Time for me to hunt as well. They don't eat my tomatoes but their eating or tasting all the pears. Whats really ticking me off though is they keep digging in my potted lemon tree pot and pulling up roots. Don't touch the orange tree two feet away.
  10. In 7 years of bow hunting I've watched a ton of nice bucks walk around, waiting for the right shot or just having fun watching them, knowing its a long season. In those 7 years ive shot 8 arrows. 7 of them made clean kills including 3 out of last 4 not making it 40 yards. That being said the one that didn't end well was last year and I told the story on here. But still had nothing to do with the shot it went exactly where I wanted it to, just a poor shot placement on my part and hit shoulder. Maybe I should spend some time studying deer anatomy.
  11. My last response to this will be a question? If you shoot twenty arrow on Monday and all are great, then on Wednesday you shoot twenty more and all is great, Friday comes and you gonna shoot twenty more for the final tune up before Saturdays hunt and suddenly your shooting 2" left. What are you gonna do? Adjust your sight even though first 40-50 arrows for the week were good, or go to bed thinking if I see the big one in the morning should I aim right or just assume them last bad shots were just me? I would have rather have stopped when I know my bow is on and my confidence is high. Anyway Im done with this since this started as me wishing I would get last seasons mount back.
  12. To each his own I guess. Once you know your sighted in properly I just don't see the point unless every night after work you come home and shoot one arrow. Its always only gonna be the first shot that counts unless you hop out of your truck and take a bunch of warm up shots in the dark in the morning. Oh and by the way your comment about me being unethical and disrespectful to nature , you know where you can shove that. My dad is the most respectful and honest man around and that's how he raised me, so taking a shot at me is taking a shot at him and im not ok with that. If you want to have an opinion about my practice habits more power too ya. The rest of that unethical B******t you can keep to youself. Thank you for [PoorWordUsage]ing me off for the rest of my work day.
  13. It was a little dry not terrible. I cheated on the next step and just bought some turkey gravy and threw it in crock pot for an hour or so and I cant lie made some darn delicious sammiches. Froze a bunch for an easy Vikings day lunch.
  14. A bunch of shooting is overrated.(I think) If you go shoot a few and your bow is on target what are you gonna gain from target shooting everyday? Just cause you can hit a quarter at 30 yards 90 percent of the time don't mean you can hit [PoorWordUsage] when the 10 pointer of a life time is standing in front of you. I have a few buddies that seem to prove the theory a lot. Me personally the more I target shoot the worse I get. I will go out soon and shoot a half dozen arrows and if all goes good the next shot after that will fill my tag.
  15. Normally im really excited by now as well. Don't know if its the warm weather or lack of fishing ive done this summer but I haven't even taken my bow out of the closet yet this year. Usually ive fished so much im ready for something else. Guess having a 2.5 yr old and 12 month old daughter changes a fellas routine a bit. That's were the antsy to get the mount comes into play, hoping it jump starts me a bit for all the fall fun stuff ahead.
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