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  1. maros91

    How much of an ice season is left in northern MN?

    I plan on taking a wheeler out on Mille Lacs next Sunday. I fished Wahkon Bay yesterday and there was 28" of ice with trucks driving. Temps are suppose to cool over the week. I would say two more weekends on Mille Lacs.
  2. Anyone been out there before and hired a good guide that they would recommend? Sick of watching shows and reading articles about giant walleyes being caught and time to start looking into a trip. Thanks
  3. maros91

    Look what the wife bought me

    It's sideways but you guys know. Can't wait to get them out.
  4. maros91

    What's the plan for this fall?

    Spring turkey. Took my first with a bow last fall and the wife and I got drawn for the A season this spring. Chasing local whitetails here and a couple weekends in ND. Might put in my app for MN bear or just get the preference point, don't know if I'll have enough time yet.
  5. maros91

    Minnesota results available on line now!

    The wife and I are in for 507 A!!!
  6. What are some of the best turkey chokes for a Remington 870 20 ga.? My wife will be using the 20 ga. and I'll be using my bow. Looking for brand names as I'm fairly new to using a firearm for turkey hunting. Thanks for the replies!
  7. I harvested a deer with my muzzy this year. Took a buck at 80 yards. Using 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 and a 250 gr. Barnes TEZ. This was with my new TC Pro Hunter. The bullets didn't load easy. Had to really push on them. I clean the muzzy after 2 shots. After I took the buck in for processing I went and bought the 250 gr. hornady's, which I used before with my old muzzy. Loaded great and shot great. Was going to sight in at 100 yards but my pin covered the whole target. I took 2 shots each at 100 yards, 75, 50, 25 and 20. These were my results: The pic is sideways but you get the picture. The 2 that are high and low are at 100 where the sight covered the target
  8. maros91

    No 1 deer tag for 2015

    Ok. Thanks for the reply. I kind of knew it would be awhile for the muzzy tag.
  9. maros91

    No 1 deer tag for 2015

    I'm new to hunting ND. I put in for muzzy a year ago and didn't get drawn and was planning on bowhunting that year but didn't. Say in '15 I get drawn for muzzy and also buy a bow license can I shoot 2 deer, one with each license or is it one deer total for the year. Thanks for the replies.
  10. maros91

    Late season advice

    What kind of broadhead were ya shooting?
  11. Well I tagged a small 8pt. this morning around 7:40. He was just wandering through the woods. I prefer mornings over evenings.
  12. Thanks. Wandered in about 7:40am. Nice morning out. Warm and no wind.
  13. Tagged a small 8pt. this morning with the smoke pole.