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  1. Roll call of what you use and why. I am biased as a prostaff member so I will stay out of this, but want to hear what you use and more importantly why you use that kind. Thanks, and good luck this upcomming season and please be safe!
  2. Great Post Gus! Thanks for a truthful and full detail report on likes, preference, options etc! I find posts that are straight foward and unbiased like this to me the MOST helpful! Thanks Gus!
  3. How many of you are K-drill users? How long have you owned a K=drill? 6" or 8"? Do you use straight drill connection or Clam Drill plate?
  4. Tell us if you're here, where you are from and where you fish most often!
  5. Lets see your success photo's with Pheasant and Grouse! Dog's too! Also be sure to include location of your hunt. ie, SW Mn or NE South Dakota, or Near Timbucktoo. Ready, GO!
  6. Also don't ever be afraid to go to the nearest acreage to the land. Often times people are intimidated by simply driving up and talking to the local land owners. You never know, you may just meet someone who is a neighbor but also has property to hunt. All they can ever say is no. It's kinda like the lottery, you can't win unless you buy a ticket!
  7. With Silage and Earlage harvest wrapped up, the bean heads are out in full force in extreme SW MN in Nobles and Jackson and Rock Counties! Seeing good brood numbers too!
  8. Tami was a blast to fish with. She will be missed. May she rest well and forever have tight lines!
  9. My mind is now numb. Kyle, you spend a lot of time in defense of something you sell. I can appreciate that. But, what the general thought here is in my opinion, the readers of this forum would like to see the population at worst stay the same, if not grow. I think all here can agree on that. But, speak your mind at the summit, you can attend, there is no invitee list. All I can see here is your defense of why your way is correct and the others aren't. If that is the case, buy some ads, sell your positives, don't just spend time in defense of your way. It is more likely to become a negative for you than a positive. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I guess I don't understand what you are saying JosMn.... No Lake Sarah in SW Mn is not just 4ft deep. We have and many others have had multiple tournaments on this lake over the years. There will be many $1000 boats as well as $60,000 boats fishing, so don't feel like you can't fit in. The payout is guaranteed and we've had everything from a stringer of nice 18 inchers win this to 12lb walleye. Its a fun tournament with a great payout! Hope to see you!
  11. Cash Payout guaranteed! $1000 to win! Every fisherman gets a Otter Memorial Tshirt as well.
  12. Got home after a white knuckle 8 hour drive yesterday! The roads from the North Dakota Border to Watertown SD were horrible at best. But we made it. Fishing Devils Lake. Let me start by saying. Do your homework first. Find out some stuff before you go, baits, depths, bite patterns, travel mechanisms, and in my opinion, stay somewhere where that help is located. We stayed at Woodland. It is a first Class operation. The staff there were very helpful, the accommodations were some of the best I've stayed at. Tips, hints and honest tries to get you on fish were what we got, how can a guy argue with that? My hats off to the entire Woodland staff. As far as the fishing. Well, you had to work. And at times you had to work even harder. We fished another lake for perch because the weather had really driven the perch bite to a slow crawl. At least for our standards. We drove to a smaller slough type lake and battled the deep snow to find perch in the 9-12 inch range. We were told though that those were the smaller variety. I was happy with those! We ended up with over 60 and lots of shovel blisters! That was Thursday. On Friday we focused on Walleyes and hit Devils with the snowmobiles and did some ice trolling. Hit a structure spot, drill some holes, jig like crazy, if nothing in 20 minutes, pack it in and move. I never pulled my portable cover off all day on Friday. Fished off my sled all day. We ended up with 26 in the bucket and another dozen or so thrown back a little too small for our liking. On Saturday we debated going for a drive again to hit the perch, but with the weather front that came in and winds out of the 3rd direction in 3 days, and snow falling, we decided to stick on Devils but to spread our group of 6 out on the lake in different spots, trying to pick up some of the bigger Devils Lake Perch. We fished shallow flats, deep rock piles, flooded timber, points and more. It was work, but by talk of the cleaning shack we proved successful. The weather had made the bite a bit slower but we managed another 15 walleye and 4 of the Devils Lake famed perch! We decided that after the work we put in, we were going to sleep in on Sunday and hit the road as the weatherman forecasted some pretty sketchy travel conditions through South Dakota and SW Minnesota, so in hind sight we made the right call as travel was horrible in Northern South Dakota. Overall a very fun trip. We stayed at a very nice place, with possibly the best cleaning shack I have ever been in. And we caught fish everyday. I won't lie, it wasn't fast and furious, but we got plenty of fish, heck we've done plenty of trips where you don't bring a thing home and get one meal at the cabin while up there, we worked and got them. Head up to Devils Lake, get a game plan first, find out some stuff about bite conditions from where you are staying and be willing to have some fun. Even if you have to work at it. Our best producing tackle were smaller Buckshots with minnow head. When we traveled for perch we used wax worms and/or plastics and downsizing seemed to work the best. Now I can't wait to make my reservations at Woodland and try Devils Lake for open water!
  13. As long as you stay on the roads you'll be fine, but venturing off will result in lots of shoveling, and need of chains. Bring a snowmobile! You'll be glad you did.
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