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Post those pictures here!

Remember the guidlines:

1. Pose the deer if possible, no excessive blood, no pictures from the tailgate or hanging on the gambrel.

2. Have the hunter in the photo, keep the sun in their face so the photo doesn't wash out

3. Keep the beer cans and smokes out as well

4. If it is a kid, no matter the size of the deer, post that picture, their smile makes up for deer size in a heartbeat.

Click Here if you need help on how to post pictures & images on to HSO!

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My Dad took this deer opening morning. He's 92 years old!  Pretty proud of my old man.  

After 6 years of trying to get a buck my best hunting buddy got one this morning. He was hot after a doe and she dropped him in his tracks. It was awesome.

Posted Images

Half an hour after sunup I shot a nice 9-pointer. Barnes Expander 2 3/4 12 gauge slug right in the neck/spine. Dropped in his tracks smack in the middle of the logging road, kicked twice and was done. Went back, got the pickup, drove up to him, tagged and dressed him and drove back to the lake cabin with a registered buck by 8:30.

Now for the afternoon. So many deer around the Bemidji area that I could very well spank a doe late this afternoon and be done. And if not, at least we'll have a lot of meat in the freezer.

Not a big 9-point rack. Very heavy, typical rack, main beams nearly touching in the center, but whole rack not as wide as the tips of the ears. I'd guess 3.5 years old, maybe a big 2.5. Medium-sized body. In full rut. Totally swollen neck and I could smell him as I walked up.

Not too often it's that easy. Sure is nice when a guy is lucky. This was the only acceptable view. Head-on or view of the other side was NOT pretty.


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My 11 year old daughter Amanda and I were out this morning in hopes of her getting her 1st deer. She missed a small buck last year w/ her rifle and passed on a couple of fawns during this bow season.

We are in our ground blind on an ATV trail on my dad's property. About 7:30 we hear a close shot and my dad radio's that he just shot a 6 ptr. We decide to sit for a while and see if we can get as lucky. 45 minutes later we hear him shoot again.....What the heck? Turns out the buck was still alive and he had to shoot it again. By this time Amanda is jumping out of her skin to help grandpa out. We walk over and help him get his buck back to the house.


Amanda and I went out to our field blind this afternoon at 3pm. About 4:50 pm, she puts her book down and looks to the right and starts pointing. I look and see it's a spike buck that we've been seeing all fall(bowhunting). We get her rifle on the shooting sticks and we had to move her chair so she could get comfy. Some leaves crunch and the buck is looking right at us. I whisper to Amanda to take her time and squeeze the trigger. BOOM! The deer spins and hobbles off into the woods. I lost track of it, but Amanda says she saw it go down. High fives, hugs and kisses. I hand her my cell phone and she calls my dad, hardly able to talk! I don't know who was more excited.....her, me, or my dad. We sneak out of the blind and creep up to where the buck went into the woods. I'm looking w/ my binocs and see an ear on the ground. He's down for good, I turn around and high fives and hugs again.

She made a perfect, 50 yard shot, right behind the front shoulder. He only made it 20 yards before piling up.

As for a report, hardly any shooting around our area, north of Cohasset....maybe 10 shots all day. Usually we hear 30-40 shots opening day. Too warm of temps and deer are moving at night, as shown by my trail cam that's been on a scape since last Monday. All pics have been during darkness.

Congrats on a nice buck Steve!!

As for the guy's that can't get out yet, don't worry, once the temps cool off, things will get really nuts with the whitetail rut!



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Nice deer everybody!

I finally got a full time job again, good for the bank account, but bad for hours in the stand. I've been pretty much been limited to hunting weekends for the last month. Last weekend (Halloween) I sat dark to dark on Saturday. I only saw 3 deer all day!!!! Talk about slow frown I passed up a small 6 and a spike and saw a doe a ways out. I decided to only hunt the morning and evening of Sunday. Sunday morning I tried a different stand (ladder stand on a creek crossing). The leaves were wet and a nice shooter 8 point came running in (nearly silently) off of the deer trail. I had my bow up and ready to draw thinking he would run past, for a quartering away shot. Instead he stopped right in front of me at 10 yards with the wind in my face. I couldn't draw and he started to inspect his surroundings and noticed the big blob on the ladder. I closed my eyes and waited for what seemed like forever, but after a full minute I thought he would lower his head and resume his course. Instead he took a few bounds I was unable to get a shot off. Picked off in a ladder stand, sometimes I just hate them things. GGGGRRRRRRRR!!

Anyways I got mad and left, thinking if he saw me any other deer would too. That evening I hunted a different property. It was a hard decision to either hunt or watch the game, so I brought the headphones with and did both! smile I ended up passing on a doe and seeing a decent 6 point walk by too. GO VIKES!!

All week passed with me leaving the house in the dark and getting home in the dark. I heard from my neighbors and friends of the day light activity picking up fast!! I was excited for the weekend smile

Saturday morning came and I was in the stand for the all day, what I had hoped for EXTRAVAGANZA! It was HORRIBLE! Like the weekend previous (Halloween) I passed a different spike (7am), saw a small 6 (8am) and a doe fawn sreamed by at 3:30 pm. Three deer in 12 hours on stand!! [PoorWordUsage] Talk about a long day frown To say the least my spirits were low.

Last night I checked the weather forecast for the lastet wind update, and found it to be east for today. I looked in my notebook for a good stand site for that wind and decided on a funnel that is over a half mile back on some public land. (that I found last year)

To say the least I wasn't exactly thrilled when the alarm clock went off at 4:30 this morning, but I hoped this funnel would produce some activity for another all day hunt. With the gps in hand and my climber on my pack I found my way to the spot. I had only passed two scrapes and a few fresh rubs on the way in (1100 yards of walking). Nothing spectacular.

The funnel itself is a bridge of dry land between about a 10 acre swamp and a 5-7 acre pond. I already had a tree picked out to cover the 30 yard span. On the deer trail passing through I quickly made a mock scrape and dumped some tink's on it. (putting out scent is something I rarely do.) My thought was that this scrape might stop a buck that is running through the funnel and present a shot without having to grunt to stop him.

I set up my climber and maxed out my hoist rope, my feet were at 25 feet. The wind was perfect and I had a chip shot to the trail.

I wasn't sitting for very long and about 6:45 I saw some movement coming around the swamp. The deer was about 60 yards away trotting right towards the funnel. I saw antlers and stood up with bow in hand. As the buck closed within 30 yards I decided he was a shooter and drew back my bow. He merged right onto the main trail that crossed right in front of me and was closing ground fast! My shooting lanes aren't much of lanes (can't cut trees down on public land), but the mock scrape I had made earlier stopped him perfectly in a small opening!! 15 yards away, 25 feet up, the shot was steep, but I sunk a perfect arrow through his chest as he was peeing on the mock scrape!

The arrow didn't pass through, lodging in the opposite front shoulder. I watched as he srambled throuth the brush, he was nearly out of site then suddenly piled up about 70 yards away!

I let out a few hoots of celebration, hoping nobody was close enough to hear smile They would have have thought it was the biggest owl ever LOL

I climbed down and packed up then walked over to check him out. He was a nice 10 point, not huge, not my biggest, but a buck like that is good enough to ride in the back of Brandon Meyer's truck anyday!


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Sunday at 11:15 am this small 7 pointer was taken by me from around 150 yards. I had a heck of a time dragging it out from the cold swamp muddy waters. A picture of my son going out deer hunting for the first time with me. It was more of a camping trip for him but he made me proud.




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Well here is my doe. First with my bow since '05 so it was nice to stick one again. Now im out looking for a mature buck since got so meat in the freezer. If it all works out i'll be sure to post pics.

20yd shot good size doe.


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I got my two tags filled out by 8:55 saturday morning. quickest I have filled out, and biggest buck to date.


the doe popped out into the clear cut first and then I saw him dogging her hard. I brought up my gun to get a better look, I didn't even realize how big he was until I got up to him. they were 150 yards north of me so I couldn't really tell. After they stayed in the trash for 5 minutes I finally spotted the doe and she was shootable for a long time but I fixed my crosshairs on the buck until he presented a clean shot, one step and I sent the bullet his way making him just drop, I had a doe tag too so when she just stood there looking at him I just had to, Ka-Boom.... Thwap! 2 deer in 3 seconds.

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Remember the guidlines:

1. Pose the deer if possible, no excessive blood, no pictures from the tailgate or hanging on the gambrel.

just a reminder...

pics taken in the feild before feild dressing look much better.

good looking deer everyone. congrats

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Sounds like a great time Minky, even with other people messing things up.
    • Yes I did but several hours apart. I don't remember the timing exactly but I do know that the pork butt went into the stall already at about 150 degrees so I foiled it then for the duration of the cook. The brisket probably got wrapped a bit sooner at around 160 degrees.
    • I recently spent about a week and half in the panhandle mountain area of Idaho. We were a mixed group of elk and deer hunters. What an awesome hunt in a great area.   This was my first hunt for elk with an experienced elk hunter (childhood buddy). I learned so much. One bull was harvested on opening day. On day 5 we got into a bunch of elk with one being a herd bull, no shot. Next day was cow season so we backed out.    Early the next morning we were back in the area. Fresh elk beds and urine puddles showed we were right behind the elk. Fresh tracks showed they were walking ahead of us but not running. I pulled off to let my buddy and his wife continue on. About a half an hour later a pair of moose hunters in a side by side pasted me on the logging road head towards my buddy. The elk heard the side by side and bugged out.   The next morning we were going to try again but there was a truck at the trail head. The last morning of cow season a very large group of people were camped blocking the trail head, the joys of public land! We continued hunting and exploring new areas.    We ended up with 1 elk and 6 deer before half of the group headed home. The other half are still out there trying to fill tags.     I am already planning next years hunt. I learned so much and seen / explored new area. I only had an elk tag but hope to have both elk and deer tags in my pocket next year. I will also be better prepared next season. I am looking forward to next years two weeks of mountain therapy. 
    • Interesting.    Did you foil both of them?    
    • Very nice DTro! Don't know if you remember me but I used to fish the Mississippi for cats and carp. Congrats on the guiding job. Take care.
    • A couple of weeks ago I put a butt and a brisket on the Louisiana Grill at the same time. They were basically the same weight but the brisket got done about 3-1/2 hours sooner than the brisket.
    • Bruce Jean at Rainy lake Guiding does a great job.   www.rainylakeguiding.com     
    • I was looking at the vikings schedule the rest of the way and I see them with 4 or 5 wins.  Not good enough to watch and enjoy the season and not bad enough to get us the top pick.  Hopefully they find new and innovative ways to lose games they should win and finsih 1-15. 
    • It's truly amazing how social media has transformed our lives.   Seems like not too long ago there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.    Where did you go for fishing information, research, brotherhood and fellowship?   You spent a lot of time at bait shops, reading magazines and newspapers, or you dialed up into a fishing discussion bulletin board on the world wide web.   I'm a geek who preferred the electronic version so I spent A LOT of time online reading everything I could on web forums and discussion boards.  I came to find a primary home here with Fishing Minnesota in roughly 2000.   I dove in and met a lot of great fishing and personal friends.  I was provided the opportunity to get involved with the marketing side of fishing and learned quite a bit about the business of fishing.   I've been saddened to see how participation in forums such as this and others I follow, have crashed with the growing popularity of other platforms.   What brings me here though today is to stop by and say hi to all my old fishing friends.  About 4 years ago I started a Catfish/Sturgeon guide service.  It has been growing steadily each year and one of the reoccurring themes I seem to experience is how many of my guests refer to Fishing Minnesota Dot Com and how they came to recognize me and my activity there from years ago.      For several years this site reigned supreme when it came to current fishing news and information and a place where everyone was here to help and became a brotherhood for many.  While there was always some political stuff tossed in, for the most part it was a place to forget about the world and focus on our favorite past time.    Oh how times have changed.....      I hope everyone is doing well and pushing through all the background noise in todays world.  What we are currently experiencing does not bode well for our mental health and I hope things change soon before we find ourselves in another 1863 Gettysburg.   I'll share a great experience I had the other night with a Mother/Daughter captured by Ben Garving (Award winning KARE11 photojournalist).   He really did a great job in capturing what happens when you forget about outside things for a while and spend time with family and just sit back and enjoy our great outdoors.   No matter your political views or your thoughts on our natural resources and how they are managed, this is something we can all come together and embrace.    Take care!   KARE11 Sturgeon Story Click Here            
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