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  1. Well, I added a little Dr. pepper (1;1 ratio) and some acv along with some dry rub, reduced it down on heat and basted the rack the last hour of the cook time. Next time, I will baste them the entire 4-5 hours (I do a 3-2 method, no foil, just smoke, low and slow baby) there was a hint of maple but not enough of a glaze on the ribs. The rest of the racks were dry rubbed and were a huge hit. One brother in law who claims to be a foody, said they are better than anything he has had before and he travels a lot and hits a lot BBQ places. I think he was just being nice, but I am my own harshest critic and I thought they were okay. sorry, no pictures of the finished product and only on picture of when they hit the grill.....yes, I cracked a beer at 7:15 in the morning, I don't like breaking the law
  2. as a side to this whole topic: has anyone ever put maple syrup on their ribs? I have some maple syrup from a friend in WI that kind of got away from him (he might have been sleeping it off) but it is still good. I am thinking of putting it on as a glaze with say and hour to go meat sized down for the last 2 hours or less
  3. I spritz every 30 minutes, 2 parts regular Dr. Pepper 1 part apple cider vinegar. I put a healthy dry rub on the ribs to start with that contains brown sugar salt and assorted spices. Never been a mop fan, never sauce them either. have 5 racks to throw on the smoker this Sunday morning for my son's 15th birthday Hootinany..... naturally, I will be following Minnesota statute 53-2.7 paragraph 2 which states " an open container or alcoholic beverage must be in hand when performing any kind of cooking outside" lucky me, I have both, and two hands
  4. Red Beans and Rice.......Vigo brand, add a tablespoon of chili garlic paste too
  5. I used to do a beer batter at home but we got tired of that. I have gone back to the dip in beer and then in a flour based mixture. I tried the Lefty's brand for fish and chicken (spicy of course) for my son's birthday fish fry, it was a big hit, so for now, we are using Lefty's brand.
  6. The local Fairway in my hometown in Iowa always has 1"thick smoked Iowa Chops and I always seem to come with enough for a couple meals (for 5) after seeing the above post, I will have to try making my own soon. I have made the buckboard bacon with both pork and venison, next time I will get some extra thick pork chops and brine em up!
  7. good luck, in three years, we have never fished east of Creel Bay. I love the west side of the lake, the water clarity on the west side is not as clear as the main basin area, that is for sure. Lake Irvine had me excite, I had heard a lot of great things so far this winter on that lake.
  8. what a great weekend! the drive up was helped by listening to a Zane Grey book in the truck and traffic was pretty light the entire way. And for the third year in a row, there was a state trooper sitting in the median just past the turtle rive state park (keep that in mind as you are motoring on Highway 2!) Friday morning was mind numbing cold, -18, thankfully there was no wind. We met our guide Dave, from Perch Patrol and we drove out to Lake Irvine with the hopes of 2 pound perch dancing in our heads as we bounced across the lake. it was that rough.....We set up on a spot that should have been hot, but the 40 degree drop in temps from the day before shut them down in the morning.....At noon we moved to the flats on Northwest side of Grahms Island on Devils Lake. 17 -18 feet, and we found perch, every perch we caught that afternoon was a keep, 11" or more. My son caught the pig of the weekend out there almost a 14". 12 perch and 1 walleye for 4 hours of fishing and not moving once. The guide was moving around and moved the other clients around but we had fish on the screen the entire time, they were just tight lipped. Gold tungsten jigs worked, so did the one gold Hali with treble hooks until it broke off....... Friday evening we tried a spot near the chicken coop (actually the trees near the coop) but nothing. Saturday Morning we decided to try a spot the guide suggested in the west bay. We got out there, I pulled out my auger and the throttle lever assembly on my strikemaster solo had broken. Plastic and -18 don't mix together well. I could still use it, it was just a little tougher to use. Then my son's showdown wouldn't turn on. SO back to the resort to try and fix it and the auger. Turns out it was just the inline fuse, of which I thankfully had a spare in my battery charger (which then meant I couldn't charge batteries that night) so we headed back out. By that time, Dave had called wondering how our morning was going and said they were back out on the flats. WE headed back out because the perch and walleyes were still there, so we joined them. 6 Perch and 6 Walleyes and one Northern as the wind howled and the snow blew around. We stayed through the evening bite thinking with this many perch and 15-18" walleyes, we could see the big girls show up around dark. They didn't show up but we did have a couple of flurries on the flasher come through. Sunday we woke up a little late but we were tired, so we packed up the truck and decided to head out from Woodlands. The bait shop kid said go deep, we did and caught the only two fish we had to throw back all weekend. We drove all over rocky point and Wolford Bay until about 1. we then went into the trees in Wolford Bay and set up a spread of tip ups. We ended up with 4 flags before we left at 5, but never got a single fish, mostly my fault as I had too small of rigs on a couple of tip ups and on one of them the rig came untied. It was a great weekend, we had a great guide (Dave R.) and we are already planning next years birthday trip. The picture of me with the two perch is during the flurry on Saturday. I have never had a double ice fishing before. I think half of our fish came on the bobber lines. They would come up to movement but then wanted it absolutely still before they took it.,
  9. Curious question, where on Mille Lacs would be a good place to catch "keeper" sized pout? I have never chased them, never kept them when I did catch them, but would now like to catch a few with the boy and bring them home to eat, after we finish off the perch, walleye and northerns we will be catching on Devils Lake this weekend
  10. by this time tomorrow, I will be past Cabelas in Rogers and setting the cruise control for the next 3 hours (Grand Forks) before we stop to get fuel. If I have time to send updates, I will put them here with pictures I hope.........
  11. My son and I are officially in countdown mode. We are leaving at noon on Thursday, driving straight to woodlands and waking up to go fishing with the perch patrol guys Friday. we will then spend Saturday and Sunday chasing spots on maps that look like where we fished on Friday. My son turns 13 next wednesday and this is the third year in a row that we have made this trip. He is quickly becoming a great fisherman and out ice fish all of the guys I usually go with. Weather predicitions have changed 4-5 times since last monday when we started looking ahead. Hoping for decent pressure system instead, temp's don't bother us. Where would one go for some tip up action in the middle of the day? We want to set some tip ups for northerns and grill some venison brats for lunch on Saturday and maybe Sunday. That is one thing we haven't done a lot of is tip up fishing.
  12. Skeeter, my son (turning 13) and I will be up there the weekend before staying at woodlands and using a guide the first day. I will let you know what worked for us and where we were. Last year was an absolute blast with the guide, I finally got to sit back and fish and it was awesome......
  13. Leech, you nailed it, I am the youngest in my family, BUT I am the longest son in law on my wife's side of the family. It would absolutely ruin it for me if I was thanked, the streak is what it is and I would feel it would be a back handed comment if it was said. The No Meal part has actually kept me sane the past few years. The last christmas meal I made was a big one, no one ate it because they had grazed all day on apps. My other brother in laws got really nice gifts from the parent in laws (we married into a family with 4 sisters and no brothers), I received nothing... When my wife asked me what I had gotten from her folks the next day, I said nothing, she didn't believe me so she asked her sisters what their husbands got and then confronted me again about it, I said I got nothing. When she asked her mother about it, her mother said she couldn't think of anything for me so she didn't get me anything. My father in law was livid and apologized for it, but she never did
  14. The in law invasion happens on Christmas eve this year at our house. I enjoy hosting since I do a majority of the cooking and my kitchen is set up for me. I used to crank out lasagna, hams, breakfasts lunches and dinners, and would be upset because no one had room to eat meals due to the constant grazing. SO, the last two years there has been no meals prepared for "The Gathering" only appetizers and beverages. My wife has finally gotten more forceful with her sisters about bringing stuff and it has helped out immensely. This year, I will be serving cold smoke venison ring bologna, various smoked cheeses and a couple rounds of smoked chicken legs. Once again, I fully anticipate that no one will thank me or Nikki for the work and time we put into their "Gathering", especially from the mother in law. 15 years of hosting and I have never heard the words thank you, and I don't expect to either
  15. judging by the lack of "concerns" raised so far, I will say it is top 5 for sure. I still have 10 days to go until my deer hunt in Iowa. We were done there on the weekend of the 13th and saw great sign, a couple of bucks (the big one is still running around down there) and a couple of world class does. anticipation is high for our group of 8
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