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  1. I have not been out much this week. I have been hearing lots of good reports though of bucks cruising during daylight hours. Also lots of reports of grunting and rattling working for them. Most of what is coming in is little scrappers looking for left overs, but some big guys have been getting whacked this week. I am surprised, even with the warm temps, the bigger bucks are on their feet right now.
  2. Keep them in the shade. It will be at or below 45 degrees for the majority of the time. If it was highs in the 60s I'd be more concerned.
  3. 3 mature deer on camera during daylight hours. 8 am, 3:15, and 5:15. Mostly still night movement. Lots of scrapes. Put a dripper above a large scrape. 4 mature bucks hit it in one night. Hoping any one of them shows up next week during daylight hours. I'm not going to get out anymore this week until Saturday...bummer.
  4. Blanked again this morning. Saw 4 tonight, all dies. On the way home had a spike buck with a doe in ditch, shined the lights on them, they didn't care. checked cams today, will see what they are saying. On my in laws 40 there are scrapes popping up all over. You literally can't walk a trail for more than 50 yards without seeing at least 1 scrape. I think the little guys are just getting ramped up. Not sure when the big bucks will start going. Warm weather appears to have shut down what was strarting to look like a promising rut.
  5. 3 squirrels and too many mosquitoes. Yeah, that's right, mosquitoes, lots of them. Way too warm. Only bright spot was a small 6 dogging a doe in the headlights of the truck on the way home.
  6. On my way to the cities, saw one buck cruising a picked corn field. He was searching. Only deer I saw. Did see a very smashed mini van with its hazards on along the road by Zumbrota. Looked like a recent deer collision, but can't be certain. Whatever it hit did considerable damage.
  7. Drove north to the cities today. Surprised to see so much corn still in the fields. In my area, east to the Mississippi River, much of the crops are out, west and north, many of them are still in.
  8. I would say corn in my area is 80 to 90 percent gone, beans are pretty much all gone. Combines and gravity boxes are not getting replaced with tractors and plows. Still heavy farm traffic on the roads, be safe and respect that equipment on the road! You can wait the extra 10 minutes to get to your deer stand if you have to follow farm equipment. It's not worth your life or theirs to pass them in a dangerous location. ( I see this every year)
  9. SEMN report First of all, nice deer Snagfinder! Was out a couple of times over the weekend. I had 2 bucks grunting at each other a week ago, one was a smaller 8 and the other...I never saw, but his grunt was much lower. I forgot the grunt tube, I would have given anything to have it at that time. Didn't think I would need it as previous years at this time, the bucks were very quiet and unresponsive to grunting. Walking in the woods I am seeing some pretty good scrape lines and rubs showing up. Again, comparing it to the last 2 or 3 years, the rut is almost 2 weeks ahead of where it has been. The last couple of years I got the most daylight buck pics in the middle of November. This afternoon I saw a nice buck tending to a doe in the middle of an alfalfa field at 1:00 PM. Again, the last couple of years, those sightings were rare this early. It is leading me to believe the rut is starting early this year. Even though I read that it was going to be a later rut, what I am seeing in the woods is not supporting that info. I haven't been able to get out bow hunting as much because of other obligations and honestly, it wasn't bothering me too bad based on the last couple of years dismal results of buck sightings during the bow season. However, this year it's starting to look different. Earlier daytime sightings, lots of rubs and scrapes showing up earlier than normal. I can't get to the stand before sunup at all next week, so I wasn't going to take anytime off of work, but honestly, with the way things are progressing, even being in the stand by 8:00 am might lead to success with the signs I am starting to see. Last weekend I saw most of the deer after 9:00 am. One more thing to note, normally during the youth season I know of 1, maybe 2 kids that score on bucks. This year, I know 6 youngsters that got bucks to hit the dirt, some dandies too. I also know of 2 that missed very nice, mature bucks. Take it for what it's worth, but now seems like the time to be in the woods.
  10. I'm still not having luck, on any device, any browser, and I have changed email addresses and checked the spam. Yes, this used to be a great site, I think this has really hurt it. Not blaming anyone, sometimes changes have to made to web formats, but it is a shame. I used to get a ton of great info on here.
  11. I've used different devices and changed email addresses twice thinking that it was a filter, but I still get nothing.
  12. I'm having the exact same problem. Emailed them a couple of weeks ago, no response yet.
  13. Zone 342, saw deer, but very sporadic. Keep it HC. Unfortunately, not all of zone 3 is loaded with deer. We are getting back to where it should be, but still have a way to go.
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