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  1. Archery spring turkey licenses are good for the last five time periods in their entirety. So I have no need to apply I can just buy the archery lic and hunt the last 5 season is that right??? Shot my first with a bow last year at 36 yards I think its more addicting then chasing a big buck
  2. Is this the new Creed XS you bought or the Creed from last year??
  3. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...nt?#Post3155525
  4. I would think you could find a hard plastic plano case for around 40 bucks
  5. Big 8 Then there is this joker who broke off a huge blob he had growing down the side of his head you can see were the blob left its mark along the eye and were it broke off his base
  6. I would like to get my pup out and see if flush some birds soon I am planning on waiting another week or two though and was wondering what your take on this from the regs book does this mean all public lands??? Dog tRaining Except as authorized by permit, a person may not train hunting dogs aield on DNR administered lands from April 16 to July 14. A person may train hunting dogs aield on other lands
  7. Have seen a pic of his arm or heard from that some one that has? Easy to say sitting on your couch, arm chair QBing, or coaching1
  8. Yes its unfortunate but I cant say much since I wounded one last week with my bow took him in the shoulder blade I have seen a few others that seem to be having issues
  9. Go to a pro shop!!! Finger tip to finger tip then divide it by 2.5 and you should be close to his draw length
  10. Well I was out setting up a ground blind last evening and happened upon this shed Looked at it thought I might have a match to it at home so after sorting through all my sheds I found its match which was from 6 years ago!!! I also found one other one while there so I am up to 2 for the year and they havent even dropped yet!!!
  11. No you cant blood trail or not Even if its not posted it still is not worth going into look because all the land owner has to say is that it was posted his word against yours and usually goes in the land owners favor I was tolds this by a CO
  12. Whats was this guy doing on the private land anyways
  13. Yes he shot it But it was on my land and a deer I had been chasing
  14. Well we got nothing to show for I knew after we bumped it our chances were cut to little or no chance but I fell I gave it a honest effort looking to day Its hard to swallow to lose a animal like this by far the biggest deer I have had a chance at but you learn from your mistakes I have learned alot from this I hoping that there is a chance he will survive I talked to the guys who are slug hunting the land this weekend and a couple other area groups in hopes of them running into it and maybe get a chance to atleast see it if they happen to get him
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