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  1. frogtosser

    My 2014 mule deer

    Thanks! I really think the barn wood pedestal turned out great as well.
  2. frogtosser

    My 2014 mule deer

    I just picked up my mule deer I took last year in Colorado and it looks awesome I have to say, and man can the lighting can make a difference.
  3. frogtosser


    Must be a lot lower numbers that applied. I am sitting it out this year, after hunting it last year its not worth my time.
  4. frogtosser


    I'm headed back to Colorado on Sept 18th for a week in the mountains again, this year I didn't apply for a mule deer tag so I could concentrate on the elk hunting so I'm sure I will see that 200 incher again. There was a big bull I saw that I hope made it through so I can get a crack at him, I am meeting up with a few guys from Illinois and hope we can put a couple down.
  5. frogtosser

    Got my antelope

    I'm still kicking myself for missing this guy, had him at 40 yds and hit the barbwire.
  6. frogtosser

    Got my antelope

    I did the selfie video, I'll have to see if its a better photo. I had a tripod but couldn't find the self timer on my other camera, only now did I realize I could have propped up my iphone and just taken a video of me so i didnt have to hold the phone.
  7. frogtosser

    Got my antelope

    I had an awesome weekend of hunting in Wyoming and finally got my goat Sunday evening. He's not the biggest I saw but I'm happy with my first archery antelope. I did get a little lucky because when i shot the arrow hit the blind and hit him a little back but he only went 60 yds and got rubber legged and died within minutes. I might have to invest in a selfie stick for trophy pics when I'm alone, does anyone use one?
  8. frogtosser

    Mount Back From Taxidermist

    I have another month or 2 for mine, its had to wait.
  9. frogtosser

    Ontario Moose

    rk I have been looking at doing a moose hunt in the future by bow as well, if you are looking at doing that and want to split the cost with someone to travel with let me know maybe we can work something out for the next year or 2.
  10. frogtosser

    Anyone have a Talon

    I just had a 12' Talon installed on my boat so I can't wait to use it. I had the dealership install it because I needed the sandwich bracket. I got mine online for $400 off and the $100 rebate.
  11. frogtosser

    Just a Reminder

    I switched all my nocks last year because the ones I had kept breaking.
  12. frogtosser


    I love my Costa Man o War 580g
  13. frogtosser

    Fantasy Bass

    What a garbage team I picked, only one that made the cut for me was Ashley that half the field picked. I stink!
  14. frogtosser

    Fantasy Bass

    I just wish I wasn't so terrible at picking guys, I'm registering now.