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  1. Great job guys!!! Way to persevere and get the job done!! Brian
  2. My wife and I had a GREAT season C! We hunted our usual spot in Wadena County, MN. I shot my jake on 05-03-18 at 0745 hrs. He came into the decoys in full strut w/ 2 other jakes w/ him. I picked my spot and put a wood arrow tipped w/ a Zwickey Eskilite broadhead in the 10 ring. The shot was 12 yds. My turkey did the death spin about 10 yds to our left and my wife was trying to shoot one of his side kicks but they wouldn't hold still for her to shoot. Almost got a double! My bow is a Bob Lee Bows Natural model recurve. 64" AMO 30" @ 50#. My wife shot her jake on 05-04-18 at 0705 hrs. We heard birds gobbling right away, heard hens calling, and heard the toms/jakes fly down. Eventually the 2 toms followed the hens away from us, but a group of 4 jakes made their way to us and Mary got a 15 yds shot w/ her 20 gauge. One of the other jakes then mounted her bird and then the 3 other jakes took turns beating up her bird. It was quite the show!! Her bird was 13.8 lbs and had 2 3.75" beards. Mine was 13.4 lbs and had a 4" beard. I assumed my bird was a jake by the size of the bird, beard length, and jake type spurs. My bird did not have the longer middle tail feathers like a jake does. Any thoughts on that?? Brian
  3. Hi Everyone, My wife, Mary and I made our way down to Nimrod, MN for season C. She would be using a Mossberg Bantam 20 gauge shotgun and I was using my Bob Lee Natural recurve. The weather forecast had us wondering if we should have waited for season D. LOL We set blinds on Tuesday afternoon and at the first spot where we usually hunt we saw 2 jakes. We then went and set the second blind up and saw a hen hanging out in this area. Wedensday's miserable weather kept us inside for the day, but at least we got to catch up with our host's who we haven't seen since last summer. Thursday morning I woke up and headed to the blind where the jakes had been on Tuesday. I settled in and turned on the heater I had brought. I looked at my phone and it said the temp was 24, felt like 12, with winds 15-20 mph. I was confused if it was the end of April or the first week of November. I heard a couple gobbles, but never saw a turkey. At 11 am, I had enough and walked to the east side of the pasture to see if there were any tracks and sure enough, there were two sets of fresh turkey tracks going south along the edge of the woodline. There was also 2 sets of older turkey tracks going north. I'm assuming it was from the 2 jakes we had seen. I took down the blind and moved it over to the east side of the woodline where I saw the tracks. As I was pulling out onto the county road, I looked to the north and on the woodline, I saw 2 strutters with 4 hens. Luckily, this area was part of the same farm we had permission to hunt. Thursday afternoon Mary and I hunted the same blind I did in the morning and didn't see anything. I then went to blind 2 and took it down, planning on moving it to where I had seen the strutters. Friday morning had us heading to where I had seen the strutters and hens. As I was setting up the blind, we heard a couple different toms gobbling from the roost. We decided to not put out decoys because the area was open and I didn't want the turkeys to hang up if they saw the decoys. Mary and I settled in and about 9:30 am she saw 2 toms and 2 hens about 100 yds east of us. I made a couple soft calls just to let them know we were there. They fed out into the corn field and then headed back into the woods. About a half hour later they came back out and started feeding towards us. The one tom strutted almost the entire time that we saw him. The other tom would go into half strut but seemed reluctant to go into full strut, I'm guessing because his buddy was the more dominant tom. One of the hens was out front and passed by our blind at 4 yds. I was afraid she was going to bust us and it would have been all over. Luckily, she fed by us while the strutter and the other hen were out about 35-40 yds. The other tom was feeding along towards our blind and I tapped Mary on the knee and plugged my ears. She slid her 20 gauge out the slit in the screen, took aim, and BOOM!!! The other tom and 2 hens both ran off, while we bailed out of the blind in celebration! I really don't know who was more excited!! We took a bunch of pictures and headed back to the truck. We went back out in the afternoon to the other blind to let the area where Mary killed her tom, cool down. Around 6:30 pm, we hear footsteps right outside of the blind. It was a doe that had to have almost tripped over the rope that was anchoring down the left side of the blind. After checking us out a bit, she went out to our decoys that were 10 yds away and cautiously approached the hen decoy. The doe actually sniffed and licked the beak of the decoy. She then jumped back to see what the decoy would do. When nothing happened, her and her buck fawn fed off into the distance. I got a 3 picture sequence of that, but I sure wish I would have got video instead. A short time later, Mary saw the 2 jakes to our right. I knocked an arrow and my heart started trying to jump out of my chest. I calmed my self down and got ready to take a shot if one presented itself. The jakes were nervous and skirted around our decoys. The second jake stopped between 25-30 yds. Mary encouraged me by saying I know you can make that shot. While I have practiced shooting this distance quite a bit, it was all at large 3D targets, not a small target like this. I came to full draw, anchored, and sent the arrow on its' way. The right and left looked perfect, but the arrow landed at the jakes feet. He never knew what happened and he and his side kick just fed off towards the roost. We hunted Saturday morning where Mary shot her Tom and saw 2 hens and we did hear 2 or 3 toms gobbling. We hunted that blind again in the evening and the landowner just north of use was doing a bunch of work w/ heavy equipment. We never saw a turkey and wondered if his activity kept them away? Sunday morning I went back to the same blind as the day before and never heard a gobble and never saw a turkey. Again I wondered if the landowner's activity the night before kept the toms from roosting by us as they had the previous nights. I probably should have hunted where I missed the jake. Because of the bad weather forecasted, we packed up and headed for home Sunday afternoon. We had a great hunt and witnessed the interaction between the doe and decoy that simply amazed us. This was Mary's first tom and 2nd turkey in her 4 years of hunting. Her tom weighed 19 lbs, had a 9 1/4" beard, and 5/8" spurs. Mary has been battling a auto immune muscle disease the last year and a half. She really struggled walking, to the point she doesn't think she'll be able to do this hunt next year. We are trying to come up with some ideas that could help her out like a battery powered golf cart or a ATV with a muffler silencer. Has anyone used either of these or something else to help someone get to and from the blind? Thanks!! Brian
  4. My wife and I hunt season D every year. It seems season D is really hit and miss for us. We hunt in NE Wadena County. This year I hunted 5 mornings from 5 am to 1200, then back out around 3pm to 8:15 pm. I hunt out of a ground blind being I'm archery hunting and it's easier for my wife who was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease that is slowly destroying muscles in her legs and shoulders. She uses a 20 gauge. I set our blinds on Thursday afternoon. Both landowners, about 5 miles apart from each other said they had been seeing turkeys every where. Friday we hunted farm B, where I shot my jake last year. We heard a little bit of gobbling at sun up and that was it, no birds seen. We also found out the guys that lease the property for deer season were up turkey hunting. I talked to them and they were very nice about things and said to go ahead and hunt and told me where they would be. I let them know we'd be out in the afternoons and to use our blind if they wanted to in the mornings. We decided to put our time in at farm A, where my wife shot her bird last year, a grassy pasture, with a huge alfalfa field to the west of us. It was extremely windy in the afternoon 20-30 mph and extremely hot, 85 degrees. At 7 pm we saw at nice tom at 100 yds, headed to where birds roosted last year. I had a jake, breeding hen, and another hen decoy out. I called a little, he puffed up and did a lil' strut and kept on going to the roost. At 8:15 we were on the county road about a half mile straight line from our blind. We saw 4 dandy long beards in a flock headed to the north to roost on the east side of the county road that separates our property from where these birds were. I'm thinking these were the toms gobbling that we heard in the mornings. Saturday a.m. found is at farm A again. Birds gobbling steady for about an hour then things got quiet till my wife spotted a tom, possibly the same one on the east woodline, where we saw the tom last night. He was going N/B away from us. I had 2 hen decoys out. I called and he'd gobble, getting father away from us. He went silent and a couple minutes later, my wife saw that snowball head bobbing above the rise in the middle of the pasture. He got to the top of the rise and gobbled and strutted, he then went around us on the east side, too far for a shot. He hung out behind us and eventually left, N/B again. Sat. pm we went with out hosts to the steak feed at the VFW in Menagha. Sunday morning found is at the farm A blind again no decoys. We had 4 different toms gobbling for an hour and a half at sun up. We had a hen go by at 25 yds at 0730, if she only had a beard. LOL We heard some gobbles at 9 ish but didn't see anything else. We hunted farm B Sun. evening and didn't see or hear anything . This blind is in a low grassy area w/ clover on the east side of a large cornfield that had just been tilled under.. Monday morning farm A again, I heard some gobbling, but not as much as Sun. a.m. I heard some gobbling at 9:15 am, called back, he gobbled at me, and never saw a thing. I hunted the same blind in the afternoon, which started out with some rain, the the rain stopped and it got dead quiet. Never saw/heard anything. Tuesday morning farm A again, just a couple gobbles as sun up then the rain started. and rained pretty much till noon. Never saw/heard anything. On the way out, there were 3 jakes in a stubble cornfield that hadn't been tilled under yet. I then packed up my blinds and gave this round to the turkeys. Now, my questions. Why would 4 long beards be hanging together? These birds all had 8-10" beards, we saw them out the vehicle window at 15 yds. I wonder if they were the same jakes that came in last year when my wife shot her jake out of a flock of 5 jakes? Why would a tom turn down 2 hen decoysys, other than they didn't go to him like he wanted? Do turkeys prefer last years corn stubble over alfalfa? I also set up a trail cam at an open gate that had thick red pines on the west side and cattail swamp on the west side. In 4 days I had 1 turkey on cam, a jake. We never saw or heard any hens other than the 1. IF the toms were henned up, why would they be gobbling for an hour + at sun up? My decoys are 2 hen Primos She Mobiles......seems like there's a lot of red on their heads. Maybe the tom that turned them down thought they were jakes and didn't want to fight w/ them? My jake decoys is a Redhead brand I believe in a sneak pose, very realistic looking in my opinion with a mainly red head and a little blue around the eyes. IF you take the time to read these ramblings and put in your .02 worth, I really appreciate it! Just a frustrating season I guess. Wondering if we should try to go earlier or later next year. The landowner at farm B said we should come a week earlier, I know a lot depends on what kind of spring we have. Thanks guys!! Brian
  5. bmc

    Team 3 Toes

    Well guys, I hate to be the one to let the team down, but I couldn't get it done. What a tough week of hunting. In 5 days of hunting from 0530 to 1200 then back out from 3:00 to 8:15 my wife and I saw 1 hen and 2 toms, probably the same tom. We heard gobbling every morning from 1 to 4 different toms and even a little gobbling on the afternoon hunts. From what the landowners said, "Should have been here last week, there were turkeys everywhere." I guess it's payback for taking 2 jakes out of the flock last spring. LOL I might, might, might get a chance to get back out but I've got some stuff to take care of first. Brian
  6. bmc

    Team 3 Toes

    Congrats Scoot!!! That makes it 4 toms for the Team 3 Toes. Great job guys!!! I'm feeling a little extra pressure now to make it happen!!! LOL My wife and I are going to be hunting this Friday-Tues in NE Wadena County. Both landowners told me there are turkeys all over, so at least we have that going for us. On the farm where my wife shot her jake last year, we saw a 2 year old tom and 4 other jakes, so I'm hoping they're still hanging around. The other farm we only hunted for a half hour and I arrowed my jake and that was the only turkey we saw, so we'll see what happens. Looks like the weather will cooperate for us, so that will help. Cell/internet service is sketchy down there, so I might not have a report till Tuesday evening. Has anyone heard from Dalton? I don't see any posts from him. Brian
  7. bmc

    My Little Morgan

    What an awesome experience for all of you!!! Awesome job Morgan!!! Brian
  8. bmc

    Team 3 Toes

    Great birds guys!!! I had a case of too many birds in Nebraska. Hens were just starting to nest and every time I had a gobbler working, a hen would come along and off he'd go. The 5 gun guys in our group got 9 birds, which was cool. All of them harvested their first turkey ever, including 2 kids 11 and 9 years old. Time to re-group and get ready for round 2 here in MN. Brian
  9. bmc

    Team 3 Toes

    Team 3 Toes works for me. So the way I understand the rules, we have to register the 1st bird we shoot??? I will definitely have 2 tags this spring and possibly 3, depending on how hunting in NE is. Good luck Illini Walli!!! Sounds like you have them dialed in. Now IF they cooperate w/ your plans in the morning! Brian
  10. bmc

    Team 3 Toes

    Present and accounted for guys!! I'm Nebraska bound in a week!!! Then I'll be back here in MN, trying to help my dad arrow a tom close to where we live, then my wife and I will be back in Wadena County, May 5-10 seeing if we can have a repeat of last year. I'll be hunting w/ my recurve this spring. I'm always up for a challenge!!! Good luck to everyone!!! Brian
  11. Get yourself a small tripod of some sorts. They work awesome!!! Hopefully there's a timer selection for your camera! LOL Congrats on a great trophy. Oh how I wish we had antelope here in MN. I've been out to Douglas, WY 2 years in a row and had an absolute blast hunting these speed goats. After hunting them out of the a blind and learning how they behave during the rut, I really want to get back out there and do a spot/stalk/decoy style hunt. Brian
  12. I decided to go old school and bought a Bob Lee recurve, "The Natural" model. 62" bow 50#'s @ 30" draw. I've been shooting everyday and am confident in my abilities out to 15 yds. I'm really looking forward to deer hunting this fall, almost like I've never hunted before. Brian
  13. Prov1900, The trip there wasn't bad at all. The last few miles to the landing on the Ombabika River was basically a 2 track road w/ a few mudholes, but nothing too serious. Definitely need a 4wd vehicle to land the boat. Boat landing was primitive, rocky and steep. Instead of tenting it like we did on this trip, I'd seriously consider looking at staying at a resort on the east side of the lake on the Onaman River. I'm sure the walleye fishing is just as good in this area and not to mention, the lake trout and brook trout fishing would be possible. We camped on the north end of Ombabika Bay and from the info I got, there aren't any trout in that part of the lake. From my understanding, camping is allowed on the lake, $10 a person/per day. From the map I looked at, there are camp sites marked on the map. The name of the map was Lake Nipigon Signature Series, I believe. I think I saw them for sale on the net for $15. Not sure how updated the map is though. Brian
  14. We survived our Lake Nipigon trip! Weather wasn't bad, a little rain here and there, the wind never gave us a break till yesterday when we were on our way home. The Little Jackfish River was really flowing, it was really tough to fish, we caught some fish in there, but no where near the numbers that the guide's groups have caught in the past. We explored a bit and found every main lake point and every tiny point in any bay had walleyes on them. The walleyes bit w/ recklessness. 8 guys in 2 days of fishing, 7-8 hours each day, put around 500'ish 'eyes in the boat. NO talk either!!!! Unbelievable fishery!!! Most fish ran from 10-18" with enough 18-25" fish to keep things interesting. Big fish of the trip for our group was a 28" walleye and 15 lb gator. 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz jigs and Berkley Gulp minnows caught most of our fish. We did catch a few troling crankbaits. The wind kept the bugs away which was nice. Already planning on next summer's trip to Nipigon. Brian
  15. kkahmann, Thanks for the info!!! I appreciate it!!! Could you clarify the barbless, one hook rule for me? For example for a rapala to be legal, will there have to be 1 single barbless hook on it, or does a barbless treble hook count as a "single" hook? 3 weeks from today, I'll be up there. I wonder how many times I'll go through my gear between now and then? LOL Brian
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