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  1. Heartman

    1st Brook Trout on the Fly

    Well done!! Aren't they pretty - and many more out there for you to work for. Have fun and keep things in perspective - all fish are trophies, not just the big ones!!
  2. Heartman

    Seen a very scary power load today!

    Charles Darwin would be proud of that one...oiy...
  3. Heartman

    Epoxy making "waves"

    In many situations, wavy results are due to applying too heavy a first coat on the thread. Multiple lighter coats produce a much cleaner, even finish in almost every case.
  4. Heartman

    Camping with CPAP

    Bring an extra tent and sleep by your self. Avoid caffeine after supper, and limit alcohol intake. No way you an bring enough power to operate a CPAP machine in the BWCA. Unless you carry several deep cycles with you, and your machine runs on 12 volts.
  5. Heartman

    2013 Early Departures List

    Still cannot understand why Casto left UMD. For a really book smart kid, he made a dumb choice.
  6. Heartman

    Reinstating a 5 year moratorium on wolf hunting

    kkahmann, thank you for sharing your observations. You have lived among wolves, enjoying them and harvesting them, and I have a great deal of respect for your post. Although I did not apply for a tag, I certainly support the hunt - management through hunting is a carefully controlled(well as much as can be carefully controlled anyway) method that will provide data for future seasons and discussions. Just like harvest of other renewable resources in MN. Sure beats the three S's - Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up, that goes on all over the place.
  7. Heartman

    Lab Seizures

    Our 5 yr old yellow had her first seizure at 2.5 yrs or so. Scary - into vet for evaluative tests and they determined it was related to Epilepsy. We give her a mild tranquilizer morning and night now, and although the frequency has dropped considerably, seizures still occur. Would have thought spending $500 on a 2yr guaranteed pup with pedigree would do to keep us away from these sorts of things, but of course anything is possible. Nice dog - you can tell she's trying to figure out what happens when it happens as well - symtoms at our house are exactly as you describe.
  8. Heartman

    Picked up my mule deer

    Nicely done - looks great!
  9. What's the easiest way for me to possibly cut or polish rocks I have? I own a smallish power tile saw, and have an electric motor set up with an arbor for shaping cork rod handles. And sanders up the wazoo. What can I use - where do I start - what grit paper or blade? Just starting to have fun collecting and want to stretch out my equipment a bit to see all of what I collect.
  10. Heartman

    Putting my Lab down

    I, too, have held a friend while she passed. Oh, but I cried - hard, gagging sobs for Reba and I. Part of the deal when you have a pet, but that said it does little to soften the sense of loss one feels when they are gone. Tough. Tough.
  11. Heartman

    RIP Maxx

    Sorry for your loss. Our pets pass with such trust and dignity.
  12. Heartman

    High end rods

    Save your money on the reel for freshwater fishing anyway - walleyes and such. All a reel does is hold your line - I have never worried about the drag anyway as I backreel when I hook a fish that needs to run. Never had a problem. I have and continue to buy Shimano 1000 or 2000 series reels at the low end - must have about a dozen on my rods right now. I know how they work, can change parts if needed, spools all interchange, and they cost less than $30. I have made my own rods for about 30 years, and have all the high-end stuff I need - Fenwick, Loomis, St Croix, Powell, Sage - you name it. Reels are way over rated - save money on a reel and put it into your rod.
  13. Heartman

    High end rods

    Weight and warranty are the most obvious differences when you get up to the high-end rods. Light weight but much strength, and longer, more comprehensive warranties mean you really do make an investment with a $300 Loomis or something. Really good fisherman can catch fish on low-end stuff just as good as they do on high-end stuff...it's the "decent" fisherman who notice the big difference. Just having a $300 Loomis doesn't mean you're going to catch more fish just like that! You need to learn how to use it... But bottom line is a guy can never have too many fishing rods or duckboats. There, I'm out of the closet!