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  1. Yeah still looking and no news of the incident
  2. Hunterjoe awesome congrats on the deer. I hunted 157 rum river and I am not kidding arrived at 5 am BCA and sheriff were at one of the parking lots yellow crime scene tape. Hunted all day and i am serious but I didnt even see a squirrel!!!!
  3. Well good luck to anyone in the Rum River State Forest and Mille Lacs WMA enjoy the hunt.
  4. There have been 2 bear attacks in the general vicinity area so far this year so be mindfull of that.
  5. This place has been great to me I shot my first deer ever here at 24 years of age it was a small 4 pointer for the next few years i shot a deer out of the same stand (does) Then all of a sudden it went dead for us. I am talking no sightings at all. I also saw a huge decline in hunters. I wondered if less hunters a lot less deer movement. Who knows just hope all those years have allowed for the herd to recooperate! Good luck to you all wish you the best.
  6. First and foremost just wishing everyone a great safe hunting weekend. That you may make many memories and remember those of people who have passed and enjoyed the times out there with you. I will be out in Rum River State Forest, who still hunts out there? 5 years without a deer for me out there let me rephrase that 5 years without even seeing a deer out there, but every year I think this is the year. I guess in a way it is the reason I get out there to hunt right?! Anyone have any deer activity reports in the area? Anyone had a hard time out there too? Hope a doe walks bye and I can fill my freezer. Once again be safe and stop and say hi if you see me. Blue Dodge Ram PENA as my lic plate.
  7. I found a spot with 5 rubs and 3 scrapes all within a 30 to 40 yard area fresh too I will hunt the spot Saturday and Sunday. If I can find a suitable tree that is lol
  8. I use padded accordion straps there are several manufacturers out there that make padded accordion straps I have used one for 4 years they work well
  9. WOW Nice to hear and thanks for the Info I hunted that area a couple weeks ago and I did run into two does on my way out. They saw me first. Its nice to hear the report it keeps you wondering and dreaming!! Thanks for the input. Sincerely David
  10. Klee, I have definetely seen deer there NO BUCKS yet only does and fawns/yearlings but always on the edge of the road and after I leave or while I am going in. Maybe I am just going to hunt as near to the road as I legally can because they are either going into the roads or out of the roads into the woodlines around dusk and dawn so that would be our best option. Yeah hard to pattern them they are very spooked and they do not hesitate to run away unlike other deer. Good Luck I drive a blud dodge ram if you ever see me out there Take Care, David
  11. HENCH PAGES 34 70 and 71 10 through 12 year olds get free license 12 and above need Firearms Safety Certificate http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/rlp/regulations/hunting/2014/full_regs.pdf#view=fitb&page=66
  12. Well guys didn't see anything while there I always see them by the roadside going in or out. They are usually standing there sticking their tongues at me laughing, or so I figure!
  13. Same here taking my 11 year old son to look for a doe or buck.. Hope to make some memories even if we do not shoot or see anything although I would like to get him on something. I am not very familiar with the area either and am going to wing it using Google Earth to try and find an ok spot. I really do not mind the other hunters, if they get the deer out and moving I guess it isn't such a bad thing. The only thing I worry about is safety. I usually hang an orange garment on a nearby tree or garment as high as I can reach and sometimes on top of our hunting blind. Good luck to all the young hunters and yes I am always open to help for land and it doesnt have to be in SE I will travel anywhere in the state open for youth hunt if we get some good information. Sincerely, David
  14. Heading out there this evening and probably all this weekend I will report back.
  15. Good evening, I was fortunate enough to get drawn for the Vermillion special hunt. Any one know any hot spots in the area. I am just looking for some meat to put in the freezer. Thanks in advance. [email protected]
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