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  1. Now is a great time to do a little trimming.
  2. paceman

    MN Opener

    I haven't dome much scouting yet, still waiting for the snow to melt in the woods and the spring bird breakups. Will be interesting to see how much snow we get yet this week. The forecast up here is 12-18". Yuk. At least it should melt pretty fast. With that being said I will be out with the Bow Thursday/Friday mornings if the weather cooperates. It is a long season and I will be patient. Up around here I have found early may to be the best for pulling in fired up Toms.
  3. paceman

    Ne 2019

    Wow! Looks like a great hunt ! Congrats!
  4. Last summer my son caught a 30.5" walleye on a local lake. It was a hot day so we put it back pretty quickly. We decided to surprise him with a Replica. Fiber Tech out of Nisswa did an amazing job! Only took 6 weeks once I made the call. I will use them again.
  5. Was at Long Point this past weekend. Lots of small fish, no slots from us......
  6. I would guess 4-5 inches so far up here and still snowing hard.
  7. paceman

    Joe Buck

    Why is it that every set of announcers seem to be rooting for the other teams? Yesterday it was so obvious. Theilen gets mugged in end zone and they say it was a good no call as the receiver initiated the contact. Later the patriots receiver does the exact same thing, gets the flag and it is a good call... just weird.
  8. paceman

    Vikings 2018

    Man I wish they would stop throwing those stupid 2-3 yard crossing routes, especially on 3rd,4th and long. Try more screens, jet sweeps.. half back options.. Try something new. Stop doing the exact same plays over and over that are not working...
  9. Yes I am definitely going Muzzy hunting. I prefer it to Rifle and it is a close second to Bow. I usually save tags and vacation time for it. I just love hunting in the snow!
  10. 6Lb for me on all my walleye rods...
  11. I heard a report today of guys pounding slab crappies through the ice near DL. This shallow pond is reported to have 4" of ice.
  12. I will be hunting with my 13 yr old son and my 15 yr old nephew the opening weekend. We will be on my parents land near Frazee. This will be my 35th opener there. Over the years I have built quite a few enclosed stands so we will be quite comfy. Our opening stand is a pinch point from big woods to tamarac swamp. I have shot a lot of deer there and some dandy bucks. Would be fantastic if the big chocalte horned 10 shows up fro my son! During the week I will be going to a few other properties. Might even drag the Bow out on a Bow only property if I am not seeing much in other areas.
  13. Yep put mine away this past Saturday. I haven't used it since August. I wanted to park my truck inside instead and I would rather hunt then fish anyways...
  14. A nice tall 8 point that I would love to see in daylight.
  15. When my son was pretty young, 6-7 I took him our for a few short hunts. Never shot anything with him there. Just sat in stands watching deer...I think about 9 I took him with on a early goose hunt. I dropped 2 at first light and he started sobbing pretty good. One goose was flopping a bit and it scared and shocked him, plus the sound of the thud of the birds hitting the ground was unsettling to him. Of course we packed up and left. I did not take him with again until he was 10. Since then he has fully immersed himself into hunting with no issues. he has watched me shoot everything and he has now shot deer, turkeys, ducks, geese even a couple chuckars and he absolutely loves it. This fall he is 13 and is bow hunting for the first time. Yes all kids are different. My son was not ready at 9 but at 10-11 he sure was...
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