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  1. I'm in the woods. Wife's in the house. Who gets the pic? Lol
  2. The deer have you patterned. They probably have their own camera out watching you. Lol
  3. A couple of cats. Probably have to blow up to see them. Not a cat guy but assume bobcats?
  4. Pulled a camera card over in Sconny. Had a few interesting pics on it. Thought I would share them here. An "engaged" buck.
  5. View from the stand this morning. Sconny
  6. Good advice here. Things look much different in the daylight. Hopefully it didn't get bumped. They can go a long ways. Hopefully it bedded down and expired. Sometimes you just have to grid search. Get some help if you can. More eyes the better. If there is water close look there. Good luck.
  7. View from the stand. Gorgeous morning.
  8. They sound like my wife DonBo. In the spring she can't understand why i go off to hunt when she just looks out the window and there they are. Good luck.
  9. So sorry to hear about your father's passing. I am glad to hear his suffering is over and at peace with your mom. Glad also for the time you were able to spend with and support him. Peace to his memory.
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