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  1. Been having a tough time getting out. Spent 2 days in Wisconsin with the shotgun. A couple encounters but both hung up out of range. Got out with the bow this morning in MN. An absolutely enchanting morning. Had a Tom engaged at 5:30. 5 Hours of gobbling, Phfft-ing, strutting, and staying just out of range or behind brush & trees. Finally stepped to where I could get a clear shot off.
  2. Well done Don and Dad. Congrats once again.
  3. Doesn't get any better than that. Pic says it all. Congrats
  4. Way to go Ryan, and Dad. Can't wait to see the pics. Congrats
  5. Glad to be on board. Have a MN Archery tag so lots of opportunity ahead. Will be hunting our Hugo property. Had about 20" of snow in our area so that will slow things down early on. Have had quite a few birds around though. They seem to have broken up into their groups. Will probobly hold off a bit and let things settle down. Also hace a C Season tag for Wisconsin. Not sure how that will play out but have access to a property down by Nelson that typically holds quite a few birds. Should be another fun season.
  6. hugonian1

    Missed it

    I miised this too. All work and no play I guess. I just signed up so if it works would love to join the fray again this year.
  7. Just make sure he watches out for the "bearded hen". Nothing but trouble there. Although I guess they are legal.
  8. Toms are kicking my butt this year. Just jakes and hens. Now things have really gone quiet. Did come accross some morels though.
  9. Congrats Anyfish That is a healthy looking Jake.
  10. Good luck Anyfish2. Saw quite a few out in the rain driving home today
  11. Got out Saturday morning. Perfect weather. Jakes and hens. Had a new group of 6 hens come in with no tom or jakes. Did have a yote come out of nowhere right into my dekes. 12 yards. Just as I was drawing on it , it must have scented me and booked. A second yote crossed about 50 yards out. Sticking a yote is on my bucket list. All in all a great morning.
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