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  1. Sorry to hear about your adversity Scoot. You certainly do have your priorities right. Ryan will learn some great life lessons from these situations. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our best laid plans. I learned this personally the last 2 years. Had all kinds of plans. Then diagnosed with 2 cancers. Had to cancel a long planned first western hunt. Montana archery elk. Made it a goal to do that trip the next year which was last year. I fought and worked like hell to make that happen and it did. The goal was to get up on a Montana mountain top and hear a bull elk bugle. H
  2. Getting pumped up. Agree with bobbymalone about the early season bugs. The cool Temps seemed to have knocked them down quite a bit. Will be putting a lot of stand time in down on our Buffalo County Wisc. lease. Will hunt north metro to as time permits. Last 2 years have been pretty rough with some serious health issues. Thankfully that is behind me and looking forward to enjoying fall as it is meant to be. Goes to fast though. Stay safe out there.
  3. Our 3 year old chocolate lab got ahold of a bottle of ibuprofen. She had chewed the top off and was running around with it in her mouth. The bottle still had quite a few capsules in it. I looked in her mouth and could see a couple of decinigrated capsules back on her tongue. She typically is not one to swallow things but likes to hold things in her mouth. We were able to get her to vomit and could not see any sign of the pills. She was acting normal high energy etc. So we were hoping she had not ingested any. The regular vets were closed. About an hour later she thru up again and it was ve
  4. I have a 3 year old 52 lb chocolate lab that we have had on Purina Pro Plan Sport also. This was recommended by the breeder and we have stuck with it. 3 cups once a day. She seems to be doing very well with it. Lots of options though.
  5. Beautiful bird and sounds like an even better experience. On my bucket list. Congrats guys.
  6. Friday back in the woods. Must have been one good looking hen back there.
  7. Sorry for your loss. Sure seems like our dogs age faster than we do. Hang in there. I will definately give our Lab an extra scratch for you. Take care.
  8. I will just be archery hunting my home property in the north metro. Birds just finally started showing up this week. They were a good 3 weeks later than usual.
  9. Several years ago I had a Tom come out with a Jake behind. They circled my decoy- Tom in full strut, Jake hanging back. Shot the Tom. Jake immediately sensed an opportunity and ran in and pounced on the dead Tom. Beat him up pretty good. I had to shoo him away. He got tough in a hurry when Tom went down. Even the gunshot did nothing to scare him off. Turkey's can sure be unpredictable but fun.
  10. Bet that got the blood pumping. Had to be quite the whollup.
  11. hugonian1

    MN Bird

    Nice bird. Congrats.
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