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  1. KG243

    e collar for a vizsla

    We are going to pick up our puppy next weekend. I am just starting to research e collars. I am thinking of going with a dt brand. This will be my first pointer and I am curious if the e collars with the beepers are practical. My thought is they will scare the birds to flush when they beep but I can also see where it would be helpful. Any input would be appreciated!
  2. KG243

    Looking for a good vizsla breeder

    Thanks for everyone's help. We went with a breeder south of Mitchell SD. It was suggested from the trainer in foley. We should be getting our pup in late august.
  3. I am search of a good vizsla breeder that breeds for hunting. I found one in Wisconsin but was wondering if there are any closer.
  4. Does anyone have any experience with this gear? It looks like good stuff. I new to bow hunting and I I want to get some good camo that will last. I am looking at doing layers more then multiple sets of camo.
  5. So with the wind today I was doing some walk and stalk and I ended up bumping a big buck mature buck with 4 does. They were beded down and I didn't see them until it was too late. My question is will this buck come back to this area? There were a bunch of very fresh rubs. It is an oak grove in the middle of a sswamp. He is know on my hit list!
  6. KG243

    Advice for Buying a Used Side by Side

    Anyone know anything about Joyner side by sides?
  7. My dad is looking for a side by side and has a limited budget. Are the older rangers with 500 sufficient for plowing or should he get a bigger motor? Thanks.
  8. KG243

    Tape your sleeve?

    I use a old pair of panty house of course with the wifes permission! Works great especially when you have thick clothes on for the winter months.
  9. KG243

    Viszla breeders

    Thank you for your help. I had found Dales HSOforum, but just wanted to make sure he runs a tight ship. Thanks again.
  10. KG243

    Viszla breeders

    Any suggestions as to where we can find a good breeder for Viszla's? We want this as a family dog but also as a hunting dog too. I want to get a known breeder. Also has anyone ever trained thier own Viszla or is it worth paying someone? Thanks.
  11. KG243

    MN arechery tag

    Does anyone know if the archery tag is good for any area or do you have to pick an area? Thanks.
  12. KG243

    LX 7 Flasher in Shallow Water

    Turn your target id all the way down.
  13. KG243

    Bow Tech and HD??

    HD will just drive the price up.
  14. KG243

    Who's still going?

    I will be going out for my last hunt on Thursday to hunt a trail off of a standing corn field. Hopefully it pays off.