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  1. WingDing2

    How long does your SM Lazer blades last you?

    10 yrs on mine does require some down pressure though. Maybe its time for a new set?
  2. WingDing2

    3.8 V6 Serpentine belt replacement

    I removed the front passenger wheel & the wheel well. The 18mm nut came off easily and the stud turned right out with a 5/32 12 point closed end wrench over the female Torx end on the stud. The spacer was a little difficult to remove due to the fact there is a crankshaft sensor wire harness hugged up next to it but it came out. Took off the old belt & Intalled the new. Put it all back together about a 40 min job. Thanks for the tips Airjer.
  3. WingDing2

    2004 Silverado Coolant Leak

    On my 03 it was just the seals leaking, very common. The whole job takes about 2.5 hrs to complete.
  4. Do I really have to take the motor mount all the way off to get the old belt out and the new belt in? I've heard there's a shortcut? Anyone have any experience with this one?
  5. WingDing2

    6.0 fuel mileage?

    I have an 03 Silverado HD1500 w/6.0 120m and average is 11.2 around town 14 Hwy. Towing heavy loads (28ft Sportcraft) 10 mpg @ 4 bucks a gallon get a 5.3 unless your buying a truck to tow something. I have never had any serious problems with my 6.0 great engine!
  6. WingDing2

    03 Silverado Charging System

    Jeffreyd, That's got to be the culprit. It's working but, just not how it should, I did not notice if there was any corrosion on the cables, It was too cold out. I did some investigating online, I did get a Re-man... a new Alt. goes for $250
  7. WingDing2

    03 Silverado Charging System

    Deep I believe I purchased a new alternator... the N guy never said anything about re-man and I thought $230 was pretty steep, but considering the location I was lucky to get one period. I did get the $30 AAA discount yeah! I will clean the connections today. Thanks
  8. On a recent road trip to my favorite fishing destination my 03 Siverado(120,000m)I had a problem. Got to the lake just fine, woke up to go fishing and the truck was dead no power. put it on the battery charger for awhile, nothing. Replaced battery $100 Truck starts but I immediatly noticed on the Volt meter it was discharging (below 14) lights go dim at stops. I install new Alternator $200. Truck seems to work good now (got me home) but what I am still worried about is it seems to still be discharging intermitantly. The original Battery turned out to be just fine under load test w/full charge. Had no resources to actually check the original Alt. I dont really think I have fixed the actual problem. Any one know if I have overlooked something?
  9. WingDing2

    Live life to it's fullest.

    Bump to the Top!
  10. We are still hunting until the 28th, but only one problem... We are not seeing any deer. Not even on our trail cams. Opening weekend we saw quite a few deer and harvested 2 but since then, the deer doing a good job of staying out of sight. So why would there be unlimited management permits available if there's not a deer behind every tree?
  11. WingDing2

    Bonus Permits for Season B

    Only within area 601
  12. WingDing2

    How scent free...

    The Biggest Buck I have ever shot, was taken after having a juicy cheeseburger in town that was covered in onions and I slipped back into the stand, lite up a smoke and all I saw were antlers coming through the woods, he never even knew I was there....even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.
  13. WingDing2

    2004 Silverado "Service 4wd" Message

    Great! So now I have 2 problems, because my dash has gone completely blank a couple times with no function of any gauges but they did come back after turning the ignition on and off a couple times. So to fix the "service 4 wheel drive" problem I need to have it diagnosed by the dealer again is what I'm hearing.
  14. WingDing2

    2004 Silverado "Service 4wd" Message

    I have the same exact problem with my 03 HD silverado and the dealer diagnosed it as an ignition contacts going bad. There are 5 contacts in the switch and they wear out. This information came from the service writer, when I found out the cost to replace the switch I have chosen to drive it until it fails. It always "resets" when I cycle the vehicle. You will notice it acts up more in frigid temps. Airjer you have any experience with this one?
  15. WingDing2


    I did the same thing to a co worker with a new Harley first day he drove it to work, only difference was that I used new clean oil and he went nuts! The guy was seriously bummed and called his dealer right away and made a service appointment angrily. thats when I had to tell him what we did... and I really dont think he has forgotten about it several years later.