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  1. Quick question. Are those old-fashioned orange life jackets (not the vest kind, but the kind that went back around your neck and over your chest and had a strap), still Coast Guard approved? I'm kind of embarrassed not to know the answer myself, but many of the current life jackets (vest style) cost a bomb, and the nylon fabric is so sheer that they break down in no time. I'm always on the lookout for used vest life jackets with the older strong fabric, but I also see lots of the orange ones common 30 years ago.
  2. Many in the U.S. come from different cultures than most of us, and have developed a lifestyle over centuries that utilizes fish on a daily basis. I have no doubt that if people in Minnesota made a concerted effort to catch and clean carp, there'd be thousands who would love to take possession of those "other fish." It's a matter of communication and respect.
  3. As part of our handyman/maintenance service, we do property cleanouts and estate sales. Some clients just shrug and tell us to get rid of all of it however we want to, but we always sort through and hold back photographs. And usually the family looks through them and finds a bunch that they didn't realize were there, and that they don't want to part with. Being a photographer myself, and with my spouse as a professional photo retoucher/restorer, we often then scan the old prints and retouch them as digital images. Are these family photos? If so, my bet is someone in the extended family will be interested in them. Shame to toss them, if that's the case. If they're not family, then I agree they can be given to the local historical society for review. Generally, I have a hard time throwing away old B&W photographs. I know about the hassle and space required to keep them. It's an instinct thing with me. Someone, somewhere, can find a use/interest in them . . .
  4. That made me laugh. For years I've called walleye the Wonder Bread of the fish world, because it tastes like whatever you put on it. Eaten by itself, might as well be unseasoned lefse. I've had carp prepared like shore lunch walleye (breaded and fried in oil). It is bony, and God knows we hate our bony fishies, but it tasted good. It's also excellent smoked, as mentioned. When I was a boy in LaCrosse, there was an old guy down the block who would pay us a quarter for a carp, and he'd give us smoked carp whenever we wanted it. Come to think of it, that was the first money I ever earned from fishing, and I wasn't even 10 years old yet. A quarter in 1969 meant something, and if you could string together enough quarters from carp to reach $2, well, that was like being the king of the world. Pickling them. Hmm. That would be interesting. Worth a try for folks who like pickled fish.
  5. Yes, but they are very wary! I'll post pics here if I can get them.
  6. Here are some images I just took of a female Northern Bobwhite in our Ely garden. I went out with my camera after I first saw her this morning and heard her calling from the woods/brush right behind our yard. I got Lisa to use her iPhone bird song app, and when she played the Bobwhite call, the female came running full speed toward it, stopping about five feet away and calling loudly in a way I associate with a covey that's been broken up and is looking to reform. I know one person in Winton who has had some Bobwhites hanging around. My guess would be these are released/escaped birds from some type of hunting farm. They are significantly north of their range, as per Sibley. But I'm wondering if anyone knows of more reports that might indicate the species has expanded north. Sure was nice to hear them. Reminded me of my youth around LaCrosse and the Eastman, Wis., dairy farm, when the Bobwhite and Whip-poor-wills would sing together in the late evening.
  7. There will be some up by the weekend, but I think it won't start to take off until next week. The rain and coming warm temps will get things going.
  8. Yes, they do grow here. Black morels. Swampy areas are one place to find them.
  9. Good Lord. Quoting a law that takes a legal expert to interpret has no value if there's no real explanation. I'll just go with what the sheriff's office said. Probably I'll reach out to my own sheriff's office just to verify what the first two Tom-Toms said. How many Toms can reply to this topic anyway? Isn't there some HSO regulation limiting the number of Toms in a single thread?
  10. Let me know if you have anything more than a passing interest. These suits will be current next fall as well.
  11. Hey all: We've been doing property cleanouts and estate sales for the last few years, and surprisingly have not run into this until our current project. There will be a bunch of guns up for sale as part of the esate. All are either hunting or target guns. Four handguns (three revolvers and a 22/45 target semi-auto), and a variety of shotguns and rifles. Can these be sold at an estate sale by someone who is not a gun dealer? If not at an estate sale, what about private sales? Here's the rundown . . . Handguns 1. Ruger 22/45 semi-auto target .22 pistol 2. Ruger GP100 .357 revolver 3. Rohm GMBH 1M/BRZ .22 revolver 4. S&W .44 mag revolver Shotguns 1. Winchester Ranger Model 120 youth 20 gauge pump 2. J.C Higgins Model 21 20 gauge pump 3. Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12 gauge pump 4. S&W Model 1000 20 gauge semi-auto Rifles 1. Winchester Model 1873 .38 WCS, lever action, octagonal barrel 2. Ruger 10/22 3. Marlin 336 lever action .30-30 w/Bushnell fixed power Sharpshooter scope 4. Browning 30-06 semi auto w/Redfield 3-9x 50mm scope 5. Winchester Model 670A .243 bolt action w/Redfield 4x scope 6. Remington Model 7400 .270 semi-auto w/Bushnell Sportview 3-9x scope 7. Remington Model 510 Targetmaster .22 single shot 8. Savage Model 24 .22/20 gauge over/under Also, there are at least three cannons (ceremonial, not combat) and a LOT of black powder. I shnit you not! Any restrictions on selling the black powder? And no, I'm not trying to sneak in a for-sale post and arrange sales through the forum. I figured the list would make it easier to get some input, since there are handguns and semi-autos involved. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  12. I think it'd be OK, Steve. They seem slightly larger per size than the other Striker suits. At 5-9 and 225, I fit the large really well. Usually I'm in an XL. Is your 3X a tall size, or standard?
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