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  1. Plus one more after that that cleared the blind! 4 shots at one bird in a few minutes... I count that as one opportunity! Lol Talk about a tom locked onto the decoy!
  2. Looks like that 'trick did the trick - congrats!
  3. Nope, after chasing them around until the end of May last year, I made sure to get out early this spring. Haven't seen a bird behind the house in 10 days now. My wife has a tag, but it's not looking very good. She had her opportunity though... poor blind. Good luck Don!
  4. Congrats and great pics! How have the birds interacted w/ that decoy the past 3 weeks or did you just start hunting?
  5. Turks with the bow don't come easy. Like Don said, having a few birds within bowrange in MN is about all you can ask for... you've done good! When you miss at 10 yds and start shooting your decoy - then you can say you hate turkeys! True story!The frustration will make the reward pretty sweet. Just a thought, but NE tags are $6 for kids and there's a lot of birds. Probably not in the cards for this year, but I bet Ryan would have a ball.
  6. Don't forget Muzzy, Pro Release, & Carbon Express - they all make a small game head too.
  7. I think there's a reason you're not finding much info. Just because something is legal, doesn't necessarily make it a good choice. Especially when excellent choices are available. Good luck if you decide to try the G5 SMH out for turkeys.
  8. Congrats to the young man and good luck to you with the bow!
  9. Way to go Brian - you guys had a great hunt this year... congrats!
  10. Sure it MIGHT work pretty good, but why??? So many other better options!
  11. Way to go delzz - sounds like an awesome hunt you had and with the bow to boot... congrats! Looking forward to seeing some pics! That's 5-5 for us - nice work everyone! Be sure to get those fine birds registered.
  12. Yowza - that's a stud bird Don... congrats! One more in MN for the hatrick!
  13. Probably headed to a preferred strut zone. Early mornings can be tough. I did the hunt before work thing last spring and was outfoxed by a sly tom during archery season. He'd usually get fired up about the time I was walking back to the truck to get to work. If you can, give it a shot around 9am or even the afternoon. Don't be afraid to gobble at 'em either. I try to use it as a last resort, but it can often bring them in. Thanks for the updates - good luck!
  14. Awesome - congrats mws... excellent pics! How long can you guys sit in the blind before having to pull the plug?
  15. Great looking bird - congrats!
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