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  1. slabchaser

    Youth deer hunt

    I have searched for this answer and it's still as clear as mud to me. I apologize in advance if this question is asked frequently. My daughter is ten years old this year and I see there is a possibility she could do a special youth hunt. I was looking at hunting near Lanesboro. Is this correct? Being ten and being able to deer hunt. I see I can apply online. She would need a tag but how does she get one if she hasn't completed hunters safety? Does she tag it with my tag? Any other info would be great. I'm excited rust I can start hunting with my daughter. She has tagged along before and this year will be great for this proud dad. Thanks in advance fellas. Slab
  2. slabchaser

    advice needed

    I have an 18 month old yellow lab. She hunted a little last year. This year she has retrieved about 20 ducks. She is only 60lbs and not dominate at all. She isn't crazy about retrieving geese. Took her out for pheasant opener. She followed a few scent trails and retrieved a bird really well. She appears to have trouble trailing birds but that could come with time. The actual question is. She has been taught to stay close for duck hunting so when we go pheasant hunting she stays at my side. I'm worried that its not possible to get her to do both and retain all the info. Any tips on getting her to search more? I've been working with her on scent trails recently. I'm wondering if 6ft of pvc with a leash run through it would help train her to stay ahead but not wander. Sorry for the rambeling, lots of random thoughts going on.
  3. slabchaser


    Gotten a few. Always had good luck the week of MEA. Nothing for the wall
  4. slabchaser

    Goose ID please

    Id guess immature blue as well. Most people have bagged a bird and it turns out to be something other then what we thought.
  5. Southern mn river valley. Tons of woodies around. Fast and really close. Sat-2 limits of woodies, several really pretty drakes. Added a hen mallard and merganser. Sun-2 more limits of woodies along with a couple of drake green wings. Best opener in years. 18month old lab did all the work on Sunday and found everything. Hope the success continues.
  6. slabchaser

    Proper Wall Framing

    Everyone on here knows more then i do but speaking from the last two months of finishing my basement I can tell you to measure the distance from your floor to the rafters. Dont assume your rafters or concrete are the same all over. Measure each one. Maybe my home was made terribly but I think it would be a good task on every home.
  7. slabchaser

    Spaying a dog

    I got a vet quote to spay my pb yellow lab approx 55lbs 9 months old. The vet said it would be 300 to 350 dollars. I live in the west metro and it may be that I have been out of touch for a while but this appears to be very high. Anyone else have quotes of this amount? Can anyone recommend another vet for a 2nd opinion?
  8. slabchaser

    Fewer Decoys?

    It depends a lot on the spot but I have gone small. Has worked pretty well most times Ive done it. I just try to have my spread look different then most peoples.
  9. slabchaser

    deer harvest reports ? anyone

    Hunted the river bottoms in SC MN. Counted 40+ shots to the east on Sat. and 30 Shots to the West on Sunday. We only saw 5 deer on Sat. Small buck and the rest were does. Passed on them all. Sunday was even slower, saw one doe and I didn't let her walk away. My stand felt like I was riding a mechanical bull in that wind
  10. slabchaser

    Deer decoy during gun season?

    I think you can. I did a few years back. Not great success with it but we did have a nice buck run 300 yards across an open field and run right at the decoy. We had blaze orange tape on a few different parts of the decoy and we hunted on 100% private land. This is the only way I would use it, if still legal.
  11. Ive never had a climber but I broke down and bought one to hunt some metro property. I got a Viper SD. Ive used it twice now and I feel like I have been waisting the last couple years. Pros:Light, carries well, light, comfortable, light, super easy to use, and I don't know if I mentioned this or not but it is so light. Cons:Still looking
  12. slabchaser

    Opening day Musings

    How would a lost bird count against your limit? What was it? How would anyone else know what it was? You have to make an attempt to find the bird, it doesnt automatically count in your limit. Ill have to remember to tell the CO about the ghosties in my bag limit next time...
  13. slabchaser

    Snowmobiler ran over the Beaver Dam

    1st people to destroy your property are the same ones that go and cry to mommy and daddy. swift kicks all around
  14. slabchaser

    using cut up bait

    ive used minnow heads when the fish are being finicky. It gives them less to work with and presents more of the hook. I wouldnt suggest going out fishing expecting to use minnow heads, the whole minnow is generally better.
  15. slabchaser

    posting during big wind?

    personally when the wind is bad, I find a stand/spot I have the most confidence in and I sit all day. I get frustrated when I try multiple spots and strike out. On the land I hunt 25 percent of the land have high activity. I would rather pick one of these areas and hunt it 99 percent of the time then to hunt 99 percent of my land 1 percent of the time. There are folks on here who will have better ideas but I hunt the way I do because it doesn't stress me out as much.