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Softwater Goals -- 2008

Stick in Mud

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I always like hearing and reading about the goals other guys set for themselves each year. It helps me put my own goals into perspective, and it is just interesting reading!

So, without further ado, my (top) five goals are:

1) To catch fish on 10 lakes that I've never fished before. I fing myself fishing Mille Lacs or the river around St Cloud 90% of the time, so I need to broaden my horizons. Catching fish is fun and all, but I think I need more of a challenge this year (I'm not that good of a fisherman; it's just that Mille Lacs was great last summer and the river isn't particularly difficult.)

2) To fish with two new fishing partners. Not only is it fun and interesting to fish with new people, but I always learn something fishing with new people.

3) To catch largemouth bass in deep water. I love fishing for largies, but I usually have to fish shallow because my deep-water repetoire isn't particularly developed.

4) To float the Mississippi north of St Cloud. I know the river near St Cloud like the back of my hand, but I've never spent much time north of Sartell.

5) To get my girlfriend and her son "hooked" on fishing. I usually fish 5 or 6 days a week, so I figure if I can get her interested, I won't have to feel so guilty when I'm out there all the time. grin.gif

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Find the bigger perch during open water on Upper Red Lake.

Utilize more spider trolling for Crappies (trouble is it takes several poeple in the boat to pull it off)

Try more topwater baits for pike behind planer boards

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Ya bring up a new boat from Crystal Pierz and we will big wave test it! I know you guys have some rigs that would most likely fit nicely on red \:D

Yet another goal

Find a good boat with lots of room, wash down decks and the wave capabilities of a Coast Gaurd Cutter.

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since this is only my 3rd season fishing after a 15 year Hiatus Im going to focus on three things

#1 knowledge and techinique.

Again, I was out for 15 years (gave up fishing at about 14-15 years old) so Im still quite a noob. I try to get out anytime I can and I always accept an invite when someone asks me if I want to go drop a line in. I have learned lots from fishing with others. the best thing I do is let them Know that I dont know. they are always willing to give me advice or let me borrow a lure or rod/reel for the day

#2 spend a little money on gear.

At this point I have accumulated basic fishing tackle and a canoe. that gets me out on the lake and a line in the water. I would like to try different types of lures and outfit my canoe a little better. A trolling motor and Finder are top on the list.

#3 I would like to give my Fiancee an opportunity to try fishing. she seems to have some interest in most of the Hobbies I have, and I wouldnt mind having her along.

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(1) Catch a Brook trout with a Flyrod on a fly that I tied.

(2) Catch a bigger fish this year then my big fish for the last year.

(3) Try for a state record Bowfin in May-June (I think this one will be easier then the first two).

(4) To be more tolerant to Walleye only fisherman and not say things like. "If you think Walleye are the best fish So you only fish for Walleye. It doesn't mean you are the best fisherman." Sometimes I think they feel that way.

(5) To have #4 start now.

(6) Last but not least. To take a kid fishing!

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 Originally Posted By: papabear
Outfish my daughter just once. cry.gif


catch a fish bigger than my daughter's...

I can sympathize... my daughter's a fishing machine... taught her how to fish a few years ago, and she seems to catch just one bigger than me every time!

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Being Laid Off It's ok), I may actually be able to achieve all of these:

1) Fish Rainy Lake

2) Catch several Catfish on the Croix & Mississippi

3) Fish Vermilion more often

4) Catch a large Muskie

5) Catch a large Sturgeon

6) Try 6 more new lakes

...now someone needs to hold us accountable for these & we need to post the results at the end of the Year !!!

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Major goal for the year. The Deitz challenge.

Go bass fishing and use a lure until it catches something. Then immediately switch to a different lure.

Never catch more than one fish on each lure.

It takes a lot of willpower to put away a bait that works and switch to something else. I think it will force me to build confidence and use up some of those lures in my tackle box.

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I love to do that, but I usually don't put it down until I have a few in the boat. It makes you learn new methods. I did that with lake trout once, we were catching them on jigs, but we were starting to drift a little too fast so I threw a three way rig down with a rapala and yep biggest laker of the trip. Trying new lures, set ups, and in a variety of different circumstances can be the best part of fishing. It also comes in handy when times are tough and so you are not one dementional like those bass guys. Key to catching bass, through on a spinner and pull it through the weeds. I am just kidding. I am expanding my bass knowledge as well. I have recently explored top water and next I am going to learn Texas rigging and drop shotting. Sorry I am traditionally a walleye, pike, and lake trout guy.

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1. Take my son out as much as possible.

2. Fish Mille Lacs for Smallies a lot more

3. Find a few new spots on the Mississippi

4. Find time while fishing to just "take it all in" and relax

5. Make a serious attempt to get out of my comfort zone by fishing new waters with new tactics.

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