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  1. Quote:Here is my take.......no matter what the moon phase is, just be on the water during sunset, sunrise, moon set and moonrise. The closer these conincide with each other the better it is. Was out on a lake on Saturday and caught two fish (47" and 36") within 15 minutes of each other, right at moon rise. What phase is the moon? 1/2 right now. Full Moon and new moon are the best times and the two you caught were around noon. That is what you are saying, isn't it?
  2. They face the way the water is coming from. Just like a predator hunts up wind. Yes lakes have current
  3. Quote:I do believe the larger fish Ive caught and seen caught were had not because they were the next greatest bait deal but because they weren't and never will be, baits you cant buy at Cabelas or even Reeds. I have no idea what you are trying to say.
  4. Muddog

    Lake Temps.

    I saw they are forecasting 20-30 mph winds tomorrow. It looks as if we are out of the doldrums. That should stir things up.
  5. Get some "SPIKE-IT" Scent Markers. Or you could just leave the package open to let the small disperse.
  6. Quote:I'd tell everyone... LOL. I do tell every one. I just don't fish Muskies that much But I am looking forward to a change in the wind.
  7. Have a map! The Two landings are not easy to find the first time. I've seen lakes with less boat traffic and less stocking that have more and better public landings. I find it odd that the DNR counts on a private pay landing for access to a lake like this! Does the owner of Hoys have state position?
  8. Muddog

    Lake Temps.

    How deep? Down wind side of the lake? Up wind side of the lake? I think as soon as we get a good wind to stir thing up the temp will change fast. With the angle of the sun this time of year most of the light energy being reflected off the surface. The cooler water is alot closer to the surface then it was a few weeks ago.
  9. Quote: the one i have, an HT micro master (7 foot model) is absolutely perfect when sight fishing for carp it casts small jigs like nothing and it stands up to even a 20lb carps brutal run. and they are also pretty sensitive. so as long as you dont horse the fish. you will love the rod What kind of jig are you throwing? I'm sure others would like to know also.
  10. Quote:all in all a best hour's worth of fishing i've ever had And if you kept them, you won't be able to do it again! Quote: and then a new pb at 25lbs. Good for you. You may want to use a heaver rod. With a fish that big on a UL light rod you tend to fight the fish on the reel and the rod is over powered. Congratulations on making the 25lb mark.
  11. When it comes to fishing carp in lakes I have the beat luck in July and August. This year is differant in that the long stable weather came in late August and September this year. The main thing I see is that Carp feed more in warm water then cold water so your chance of catching more fish in a day is better in warm water. I also find that the corn bite picks up after the spawn. Along with that I tend to fish for other fish in cool water. Always have some corn along so if you see carp moving around you can go after them. It is the best way to learn.
  12. You can't skip a Bass across the water on a light drag! Lets face it, Bass don't get so big that they may break 12lb test line on there own. You need the heavy line and drag to drag weeds wrapped fish and such to the boat. I set the drag to just give a little on the hook set... I also stay away from Eurasian Watermilfoil like a school kid from H1N1. I just see no reason to fish the stuff.
  13. 12 of one a dozen of the other. I guess it depends on the time of year.
  14. Quote: I was wondering if anybody knows offhand what the max HP rating is for a late 90's early 00's pro-v 1775 non-tiller. I see alot of them with 150's just wondering if you could go bigger. thanks for the help. Why would you want to go bigger? Good luck to you and keep your head down.
  15. Muddog

    Lake Turn Over

    There are a lot of things at work here. The wind will stir the lake and keep the top 20-25 feet or so mixed. As water warms it becomes less dense which changes the specific gravity of the water. Then there is the algal bloom. What I see happening is we have had little to no wind to stir up the water, the water has been cooling and becoming more dense which is causing small particulate matter to suspend higher in the water coulomb. In other words, The fish are moving shallow! In the winter half of the year the coldest water is on top of the lake. In the summer half, the warmist water is on the top of the lake. When it changes in the spring and autumn we call it turnover.
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