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  1. One thing with Internet speeds is you are only as fast as the slowest bottleneck. And for the most part their speeds are measured from your house to their edge router. Past that you are fighting the wild wild west as far as speeds go. With the propensity of so much streaming it is overwhelming the Internet backbone, just can't handle all the stuff from the likes of netflix. I work in Networking and we have had to ask the ISP we use to route traffic around certain network segments as they were really slowing down the traffic for some of our customers. Speed tests are good, but again they traverse the Internet in the same way any other traffic does. There actual formulas out there that can tell you your actual throughput compared to your "connection speed" using network latency. Eye opening at times, people are paying for 50 MB connections and latency can easily knock actual download speeds to less than half that.
  2. upnorth

    How much play

    Nothing that bad. A grinding sound going around the corner for the one I replaced.
  3. upnorth

    How much play

    Thanks! Just wanted to be sure I wasn't in for a disaster right now.
  4. I just replaced the wheel bearing assembly on my wife's 2007 Chev Trailblazer and noticed a bit of side to side play on the passenger side. Not a terrible amount, just noticeable. What is normal/acceptable?
  5. upnorth

    Powerhorse Generators.

    No experience with Generator. But for running the AC, we can with our Yamaha 2400, runs at like 2000 watts, but will handle bursts up to 2400. If we have the generator running, turn everything ac in the RV off, fire up the Air C fan and let it run for about 30 seconds and then fire up the AC it works fine and we can turn a few ac devices back on. We paid about $1100 for the Yamaha 2400.
  6. upnorth

    2 - 12 volt batteries in parallel

    I know the is a little late in the game, but I have to series 29 batteries in a box that I cobbled together from 2 battery boxes and leave them that way all season. The few exra $$ is little compared to not have to worry about running out of juice over a weekend, especially a rainy weekend where you spend more time in the RV.
  7. upnorth

    Speedometer issue

    Did contact them and they recommended pulling the cluster, removing the bezel/cover, resetting the needle and pulling up on the needle. They send the cluster without the bezel and you take yours off and put it on the one they sent and it seems the dang things is sensitive to the needled being touched as it pushes it down on the shaft and sticks. Go figure. On the bright point I can take that cluster out and put it all back together now in about 20 minutes.
  8. upnorth

    Connecting wireless printer to new network

    The install process goes out and queries all the devices on the network(internal wireless) for the printer, the printer will reply here I am and its network/IP info to recreate the IP print queue. Either the install CD or download the install app from the vendor web page.
  9. I had an issue with a battery drain on this truck a while back and traced it down to the instrument cluster. Battery drain 2005 F250 SuperDuty, 6.0 Diesel. 164,000 miles. Put in the rebuilt cluster and worked fine for about a tank of fuel, this truck is used mostly for towing our RV or if I need to put something in the bed it isn't a daily driver so it I don't use it much. But anyways. Now I am seeing an issue with the speedo not going back down to zero when stopped or even really going back down all the time when I slow down. When I first noticed it, it read 65 at about 30 mph. Pulled over turned it off and let it sit for about 10 minutes and started it back up. Stilll didn't got back down. I got it out on the hwy and after getting up to about 60 or so the speedo was reading well over 100. Back at home I did some googling and found that pulling both negatives on the batteries, hitting the light switch and letting it sit for 10 minutes would reset the modules and put everything to zero again. It did reset it, but it started the process of not going all the way back down again. I have seen various posts about it being either the Vehicle Speed Sensor or a module in the Instrument Cluster. Is there a way I can rule either out without swapping parts?
  10. upnorth

    Dumped Outlook went to Gmail

    Outlook is an awesome app for connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server. Other than that, not so much.
  11. upnorth

    Battery drain

    After poking around and backtracking a bit I found that didn't tighten down the cable going from the battery to the fuse panel, just enough to make a connection. So bumps etc broke the connection. Tightened it up and seems to be fine now. Let is sit for about a week(wouldn't start after 3 days before) twice and started up fine. I think I am good to go.
  12. upnorth

    Time for an upgrade!!

    Congrats. Always nice to upgrade :-)
  13. upnorth

    Title page on videos

    Movie Maker should do what you need. It there in windows seven, not sure about 8 or 10 tho.
  14. upnorth

    Battery drain

    That is what I have been thinking myself. Just work has gotten a bit more time consuming the last couple weeks.
  15. upnorth

    Battery drain

    Well tho the drain appears to be gone, now there is a whole new issue. Now it starts and runs fine for 3 to 5 miles then all the dash/warning lights come on the radio dies and once even the engine killed and escalated to some very hard shifting. Called the people who "rebuilt" the cluster and of course said they can't understand why. But did say they would replace it, but did get a call towards the end of the day that I misssed saying they ran into some issues and couldn't send a replacement immediately and wanted to do a little troubleshooting. Beginning to wonder if sending it to them was a mistake?