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  1. bassNspear

    How is everyone

    Hope everyone is well. I have been super busy the last 6 months! Everyone ready for the season to get here?
  2. We have our schedules up and ready to go for the 2015 season. Check us out at www.umbcs.com and get your entry fees in for the season. Its going to be a blast!
  3. bassNspear

    ice reports

    I'm going out wed or thursday am. any suggestions on what to look for?
  4. I am selling my auger that I have used for less then one year. It has a few scratches on the handle from laying it down but thats it. 400.00 email me
  5. bassNspear

    In the market for a new auger.....please help

    i ended up buying the 10 inch ion and man its flipped awesome. ya its slower but its exactly what i needed for my house. thank you all for the input
  6. bassNspear

    In the market for a new auger.....please help

    How much slower is the ion 10
  7. I have jiffy propane 10 inch and I hate it. Throws to much ice and is way to heavy. I have a ice castle and I use the bucket and it still gets all over so I need to get a new one What are your guys thoughts. I don't want gas
  8. bassNspear

    Ice Castle or Lodge?

    i have had 2 castles, and won't buy anything else. I had a 18 and now a 23 footer and its the best thing i ever did. I got hydro frame as well, its well well worth the extra money I'm telling ya. They are the biggest company and can make anything you want.
  9. bassNspear

    Thermostat in wheel house

    I got the same one, and it works awesome. I went out to my house the other day at it said 23 degrees, fired right up
  10. bassNspear

    Whats the best generator for a wheel house.

    I agree. I have had mine going on 3 years now and its amazing how quite it is. I have the 2000. Every time you drive around on the big lakes like red or LOW all you see is red generators all over the place. I started to keep mine under my roll up cover in the back of my truck, and it seemed to help out a lot as far as no snow or having a problem starting it. Keeps it out of the wind
  11. bassNspear

    which 2 man flip-over?

    clam hands down best company for ice fishing
  12. bassNspear

    Where is everyone

    looking good MJ
  13. bassNspear

    who should i start this week

    no but dang close. my team is good i just scared of this week with rivers
  14. bassNspear

    who should i start this week

    Rivers vs Seattle In San Diego Tannahill vs Buffalo in Buffalo