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  1. TrophyEyes

    Fishing line

    I am a long time fan of power pro. I hate fireline, had a terrible experience on a Canada trip with two different spools of bad line where it would snap in the middle of the line fishing for pike. I am trying 832 for my pike set up this year. All I have to say about that, is that it was a little stiff going on the first time. I am also a big fan of Cortland MasterBraid for my muskie gear. I am trying P-Line this year in a variety of sizes and offerings to see if it will compare to my favorite line of all time....Gamma.
  2. TrophyEyes

    Gama mono

    It is the best line I have used. When they sold I went out and bought everything I could find, but finally ran out the middle of last year. Now I am using suffix but wouldn't hesitate to go back to gamma.
  3. TrophyEyes

    Auger cutting slow.

    +1 for D Rock.
  4. TrophyEyes

    Squeezing a Clam Yukon into a GMC Envoy

    The answer is yes. I had a 2004 Envoy and a clam yukon.
  5. TrophyEyes

    Taking children fishing?

    My oldest son started fishing when he was 3 years old and my youngest son started fishing this year at 2 1/2 years old. Circle hook and a snoopy pole and they are good to go. The 2 1/2 year old caught a 17" walleye on Leech this year all by himself. The trick to little kids fishing is you bring plenty of toys, snacks and minnows to play with. When they say they are bored and want to go in.....GO IN. Make them think it was a positive experience and they will continue to want to go. I don't think I have caught a fish myself when they are in the boat in 2 years, they reel in every fish and I couldn't be happier.
  6. TrophyEyes

    northern with 2 mouths

    The post said tasty, so I think it might be too late:)
  7. TrophyEyes

    Walleye Standards?

    I keep only enough to feed the group with 15-18" fish. I had two fish mounted (killed) 25 years ago, and now I would never think about killing a big fish. My dad and friend just about fell out of the boat as I released a 33 1/2" Walleye. I wouldn't keep any fish that wouldn't be a state or world record.
  8. TrophyEyes

    What is your go to walleye lure?

    1. Orange buckshot 2. Orange tear drop 3. Red glow hook with a glow bead and a fathead
  9. TrophyEyes

    Coyotes yet?

    My parents had a coyote attack their dog (small dog) and was carrying it away. My mom chased it down and the yote dropped the dog and had a stand off with my mom. The story was actually on the news last year. Finally the city did something after 3 dogs were attacked.
  10. TrophyEyes

    Coyotes yet?

    Thanks so much for all the advice. I am giving them to the land owner and he can do whatever he wants with them. They are killing his calves and that is that. He is in the middle of harvest so he needed some help getting it under control.
  11. TrophyEyes

    Coyotes yet?

    We are heading out to ND at the end of October for some duck hunting. The land owner is letting us stay at his house for free, except we need to try to take some coyotes off his land for him. I don't know the first thing about Coyote hunting, but can shoot pretty well. Any suggestions? They are attacking his calves and are even hanging around his yard so I think they are becoming pretty bold. And I think there are a lot of them. He says a guy got 8 in 3 hours of hunting a few years ago. He said something about the rock piles by the sloughs are their dens, but I don't know anything else. Do you hunt during the middle of the day, night....what? We have a 7mm,a few 12ga, a slug gun, a couple .22's and muzzleloader with 3 guys, which should we use? I have not even looked up the rules yet. We see 1 or 2 every morning driving out to the duck sloughs.
  12. TrophyEyes

    ifavorite topwater?

    Top raider, super thumper, or low rider
  13. TrophyEyes

    gull lake?

    What about Pelican or any of the other lakes around there?
  14. TrophyEyes

    Off topic walleye VS. muskie

    I currently have 7 walleyes over 30", one being 33 1/2", but my biggest Muskie is on 45" and still frustrates me to no end. 50" Muskie is way harder to catch than a big walleye.
  15. TrophyEyes

    Leech Lake muskies

    I too am fishing leech for the first time for muskies, but a week prior to you. I am going out of Chase on the Lake, but really don't have a clue what I am doing on that lake besides walleye fishing. Trolling during the day? Rocky reefs at night?