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  1. *shakes head* like a bad penny, it keeps coming back!
  2. Grant

    Boats for the river

    I used to run the Crow from rockford down to the Sip for MMCD... had a mod-v jon in the spring, a zodiac with a jet for mid summer, and a canoe or just waders for the later parts of the year. the zodiac was fun
  3. Grant


    Blue shirt of death?
  4. Grant

    Catfish around Maple Grove area

    you'd prolly have to venture into the wilds of Champlin, Anoka and Dayton, upto perhaps as far as wild and wolly Otsego! *grin* (just friday loopiness!) the Mississippi is a good bet- there are alot of good shore spots to be found! Generally FM 'ers don't like to post specifics in public forums, but most are very willing to help one on one. Good Luck! Grant
  5. Grant

    Home Made Anchors?

    I use one of these with the rubber tips taken off for a brush clamp- the large sized ones can be had for a couple bucks at Home Despot. punch a hole in one of the handles if it doesn't have one already, and tie a rope to it. this has held my 14' in flood conditions. if the branch is too big to clamp direct to it, just wrap around the limb and clamp to the rope.
  6. Grant

    Widowmakers and Prop killas

    there's a tasteless joke here somewhere I'll let float on by
  7. I have some questions that some of you may be able to answer... in my admitted ignorance of this unit- for the record it's a 1989 model with recoil start only; does it have any source of 12v output? even if it's only a few amps? I'd like the thing to be able to at least trickle charge the the battery for the lights when underway. I do also have the bits to Frankenstein a charging system on top the motor, but I'd like to avoid overcomplicating things if I can help it. thanks in advance for any help! Grant
  8. Grant

    Cats in April

    Another thing to remember this time of year is that at least for channels, there is still a lot of winterkilled forage just drifting downriver in the current. the amounts are tapering off, certainly, but for now at least I'd recommend going a bit overboard on the "flavor factor" of your bait, be that stink or bloodiness. had good luck last night with livers steeping in a mix of chicken blood, and the juices from a can each of whole oysters, and garlic sardines. wasn't out real long but I caught three channels ranging from 7-8 up to perhaps encroaching on 10 pounds. not monsters, but quite fun none the less. and yes, 7 handwashings later my hands still have a faint aroma!
  9. Grant

    Fishing with liver

    Livers are my "safety net" bait when nothing else works... I use the nylons thing too- the secret is to get some with no fragrances added- some of them have perfumes or the like applied to them; in my experience this kills the bait. I use a quarter to a third of a liver, laid on a square piece of the hosiery large enough to tie up like a little hobo sack(knot together opposite corners)then dunk it back in the blood in the bucket. if you can let the bucket ferment (and withstand the smell later, unlike Larry! ) it's a great bait to gather attention in a forage rich environment, as the rivers are in the spring with all the dead matter flowing downriver. another thing- if you have crawlers, marinade them in the chicken blood a bit before using them, maybe if you have the wet paper worm bedding dump some blood in there. adds to the "appeal" a bit. works to spice up cutbait too. something I haven't tried, but am meaning too- quite a few of the southern catters swear by anise and/or banana extract as a bait flavoring... might be worth a shot?
  10. Grant

    A quick easy way to fillet Catfish (Video)

    methinks the elecric knife may go missing from the kitchen now~ thanks Darren!
  11. Grant

    Funny white sturgeon video

    "Exactly why am I doing this again???" too funny
  12. Grant

    Painting 16ft. alum. boat

    Dtro had an awesome step-by-step a few years back on here when he redid the "catcraft"... be durned if I can find it now however.
  13. Grant

    Newest catmaster in training!

    thanks to all of you!
  14. Grant

    Newest catmaster in training!

    my son Logan was born yesterday afternoon and is looking forward to hitting the rivers in a few years (he told me so... really... I swear he did!) 6lb. 15oz. 20 inches stem to stern.