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  1. river rat316

    Things are heating up

    Finally got to get into some good ones!
  2. river rat316

    What's going on out there?

    They were in all different stages on this lake, was messed up and I didn't know what was going on
  3. river rat316

    Some good smallies

    Got out on Tuesday in the rain and got some good smallies to cooperate, hope you enjoy the video!
  4. river rat316

    My timing is off

  5. river rat316

    My timing is off

    Or I flat out suck, can't figure it out, on the bright side the snot rockets kept me entertained!
  6. river rat316

    Flipping Jig Review

    My original goal was to keep all the jigs under $5 for this review, then I screwed up when ordering the NuTech and ordered the elite which was $5.50. I also wanted to review flipping jigs and not grass jigs, the RTX will be included in an actual grass jig video. I am also going to do a review of the "smaller" manufacturers like NorthStar and a couple others, I feel they are in a different class then these jigs.
  7. river rat316

    Flipping Jig Review

    I Just wrapped up a flipping jig review, let me know what you think
  8. river rat316

    2 brown creepers

    you are a brown creeper
  9. river rat316

    First Bass of 2017

    Got out on the river for a little basin yesterday, beautiful day to be out, water temps were all the way up to 58 a lot of small fish shallow but the bigger ones were still a little deeper and a little lethargic
  10. river rat316

    Frogs .....

    Second the swim jig, comes through any cover nice, and if they aren't hitting the frog they will the swim jig
  11. river rat316

    Frogs .....

    Spro Popper and Spro regular, expensive, but imho still the best
  12. river rat316

    I put a fork in it

    Well my season is done, was an extremely short year, with not alot of fishing opportunities, but still enjoyed some good outings with good friends!
  13. river rat316

    Fishing with Moose round 2

    Moose and I got the chance to get out on the ice last weekend, for what very well maybe the last trip of the 2016-2017 ice season. We laid the smackdown on some nice keeper size gills, Moose got into a couple decent crappies on plastics and I caught my Personal Best bass (through the ice) to cap the day off!! Hope you enjoy
  14. river rat316

    Its gonna be a long couple months

    Cripes, I am already in Mourning
  15. river rat316

    Winter smallies

    Finally the weather and work gods aligned and I got out for some winter smallies, not bad considering my last trip out for river smallies was in November!!