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  1. I hear you, but all the folks ranting and raving on here would not take to kindly to a bunch of arm chairs telling them how to do their job... that I know. It is great as a public to be informed, but to think we are more equipped than the experts to handle it, just isn't so. It is a crappy situation no doubt, but constantly criticizing and/or deciding we are going to do it our own way, isn't going to help it, in my opinion.
  2. An interesting read.... I think it is funny that so many folks are the experts here. I think it stinks that there is CWD and anything has to happen, but I'm not going to walk in to the manufacturing plant across the street and tell the plant manager how to run his factory or tell my heart surgeon how to do my bypass or tell the engineer who designed my car, how he should operate. It is too bad so many folks don't trust the people that are in the positions to make these decisions... the biggest issue is there are WAY too many interests to take into account... so nothing will be right.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I'm hopeful the weather backs off just a bit so I can feel good about driving to the woods. I wish I had a nice ground blind set up somewhere near thick cover... could be a fun sit in the snow!
  4. Good day all. I am in the Pequot Lakes/Pine River/Emily area. We have what I would say is close to blizzard conditions and with my kids not having school, would love to get them out in the woods today... fresh snow in the woods and snowing is an awesome natural sight to see. What keys would you guys say are important hunting during and after a snow storm? Do we just cautiously move along... walk a bit, scan for some time, walk some more... we have no stands in place... or hang out outside thick swamps or stands of pines where the weather is calmer and deer are protected? Just not sure the
  5. I understand why they "think" they should be there... the bottom line is I don't feel they should be at the table. I also understand how it works, but I dispute that their presence helps my insurance rates.... I was told by two big insurance companies over the years, when asking about my rate hikes... first I was told, was because of Hurricane Katrina, second I was told was because of Hurricane Sandy.... I no longer work with either company, however I feel this is a crazily flawed system.(I also understand I may have been told that just to get me off the phone as I wasn't a necessarily happy
  6. I'll throw a new, arm chair guy into the mix. The hardest part in all of this is you are trying to find a balance point or win-win... between folks who want less deer and folks who want more. I think the part I struggle with the most is insurance folks being at the table. I understand the state needs to look out for the health of our forests and benefits from the sale of timber and other areas... I understand with farmers being a huge part of the tax base/landowners in MN we need to bring them in the mix. Obviously hunters are a player with license fees, etc. My question is, why do the in
  7. That is great... sounds like my 11 year old.... he has run out of hunting videos and such to watch on youtube!!.... deer camp is one of those things that grabs ahold of you.... hard to explain to folks who haven't experienced it... but is irreplaceable!
  8. I feel like this topic should have been brought to the forefront a while ago this year!
  9. Many of the things I have seen or read.... focus on the nose, belly and back... I'd say your buck is 3 1/2... which in many parts of MN is rare as many folks are eluding to... get a swaying back a they are usually older.... it is really tough to tell as not very many opportunities allow you lots of time to age a deer on stand.... but having a bunch of trail cam pics at different angles sure improves your chances of knowing.
  10. The deck is on the average split level house. I would say clearance underneath is 7 feet or so. I am looking to put a door on it wide enough to fit push mower, snowblower, etc.
  11. Good day. I am in desperate need of more storage space. With a two stall garage and no where to expand it, I have decided to create a shed under my deck. Has anyone on here had experience doing this? There are others in surrounding neighborhoods that I have seen and a few online ideas, but I figured I would check with the great folks here. The requirements for me are that it is weatherproof so a system to run rain out that is coming through the deck above and it has to look nice(not my requirement ) . Anyone done one? Have pictures? The good vs. bad? I really don't want to use the y
  12. I find it funny that contractors want the profit that goes with being the general, but there is questions as to whether or not it is their responsibility. No matter if it is bad mix, bad crew, honest mistake, etc, it is ALL the responsibility of the General Contractor. Nobody is saying it is the General's fault, however it is the general's responsibility to make sure it is fixed.
  13. First off, I never imagined my thread would spark such debate. I have had two conversations with the neighbors the past two years about who's land it is and that I would appreciate if they didn't hunt there as permission was given to others and I want to assure those with permission can hunt as safely and undisturbed as possible. He or someone he hunts with harassed one of the hunters with permission to the event he just took his son and went home. When I've as nicely as possible mentioned he does not have permission, he's given me the sarcastic "Oh really, we'll see about that" and I know
  14. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing Scoot. I have always wanted to go on a casual elk hunt, but between your stories and NoWiser's, it makes a guy want to jump in with both feet. I am curious about hunting pressure. You seemed to be in great area, but I never hear talk about other hunters. There is no doubt you know what you guys are doing. Is it just super limited in tags or are you guys on to something?
  15. In my experience and areas I have been, Central- North Central MN, hunting public land the first weekend of rifle amounts to understand how to play one thing, that is PRESSURE. You can find the best spot in the world, that you think is untouched, however if you have guys in stands 300 yards away at each of the pinch points feeding that spot, it can be tough. We try to use it to our advantage. We are usually the last ones to get off of our stand in the morning and the first up in the afternoon as our lunch break is really quick. We have shot a lot of deer at 11:00am and 1:00pm when other fo
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