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  1. I actaully do not put up much fur anymore. Otter, Fisher/Martin, cats and wolf if I have a tag are all I put up any more; and that is simply because I need to skin them to register anyways. As I spent endless hours pecking away at rats or coons I did the math and found if I go to bed on time, get up on time and hit the now longer trapline fully rested and going like a badger on a gopher den I actaully came out money ahead. It helps to have a good country buyer you can trust and treats you right on prices. Shop your buyer hard and it may work out better for you.
  2. To add to this what is deemed handheld? Does the light have to be in your hand or can it be mounted to a shotgun that is held in your hand? I did call the DNR and they did the uhmmmm, let me see...uhm, we are going to have to get back to you on that.
  3. As the law reads per night hunting predators in the winter months; "~using a shotgun" That said has anybody used a gun/scope mounted light on a .12 and if so how does it handle the recoil and shock a scatter gun delivers?
  4. Ya I'm jealous, I was just talking to the misses about trading in a turkey trip for a predator hunt somewhere.
  5. Boil in baking soda but then put the hose in the pot and run the oily water off the top before pulling the snares back through it. You could spray paint them but no need, if you use enough soda they turn a light, very dull gray color that blends well with both the foliage and open air behind the snare. Remember we look at a snare from 5-6 feet up with the ground as a background, critters see snares at eye level or even a touch above eye level with the sky oftentimes as the back drop.
  6. ...and RumRiverRat, I just read through a bunch of your posts, you could try to make at least one positive post. I know ya got it in ya.
  7. Now I remember why I stopped posting pictures on this particular forum. The point is we have been doing this for four generations and we have NEVER had a timber open a bait. They will smell it and often mark it but NEVER open it. My baits contain nothing but grains and carbs, no meats or smells that a wolf would want. The last thing we want around a bait is wolves. This wolf would eat every last bit of bait. He was run off multiple times only to return the the same night. It concerned me that this wolf appeared in good health when seen in person but consumed grains? Is he running out of other things to eat?
  8. One thing about mink is they love to run along edges, such as walls. Plus they are like a weasel and have to investigate every hole they find, especially if it smells like fish or crayfish inside.
  9. The young, man was lucky or dang tough, maybe both. As part of my job I get to see the handy work of wolves or even a single wolf more often than I should and it is not pretty. Unlike cats or raptors they do not kill swiftly and cleanly, often time packs rely on drawing and quartering their prey...if they actually kill it before they begin consuming it. I vote the young man gets a wolf tag, no questions asked.
  10. We get a lot of wolves, so many I have a dedicated folder just for trail cams pic of wolves. Normally we just dump a bait when wolves show up and start stinking the place up. This is the first one I have ever had open the bait and eat it.
  11. Wolf forgot he was supposed to be running under a full moon, the north star, northern lights and a bonsai tree while howling a song and not biting people like a big K9...oh wait he is a big K9.
  12. I have a Filson Double Mackinaw Cruiser. I love it for trapping. Lots of well designed pockets and back pouch. It sheds rain and snow off branches and holds up well. It was a bit stiff when I got it but after the first season it broke in perfectly.
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