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  1. mike morris

    Frabill Commando

    Anyone here own a Frabill Commando, or ever fish one? I just bought one, and haven't used it yet, but it looks like it's a solid portable? Any mods?
  2. mike morris

    Vexilar forgot on Pelican

    Ouch... sorry to hear about that. I hope a genuine person found it and will get it back to its respectful owner!!!
  3. mike morris

    Twins needs

    Don't think Kennedy's good enough... but he's probably about what we'll end up with.
  4. mike morris

    Clearwater Lake

    Peavinery road
  5. mike morris


    Shouldn't have to wait that long! Shoot it's only been two and a half weeks.
  6. mike morris

    Delmon gets new deal

  7. mike morris

    Go Go Go Gomez

    It's the middle of March... I am not worried about Span at all. He is just starting to find his stroke. I still see him being much more consistent that Gomez at the plate, so I'd say the Twins should leave Span leadoff and Gomez as the second leadoff hitter at #9.
  8. mike morris


    Yeah, just go with Vexilar........ Most reliable product on the market, has been and always will be.
  9. mike morris

    Nomar to Oakland

    The A's are going to make one heckuva' run for the West this year!
  10. mike morris

    Pre season Twins predictions......................

    I honestly don't understand why Gomez should be playing over Delmon Young. Gomez is more raw than anyone with Minnesota, yet he'll be starting over a guy who hit .290 last year with big power potential. I think it should be Young in left, Span in center, and Cuddyer in right.
  11. mike morris

    Strike Master to the rescue!!!!!

    Had a Nils Master for 5 years. Replaced the blades once, that's about it. GREAT, fast auger.
  12. mike morris

    A-Rod is a cheater

    A-Rod is only making it worse for himself. He and his cousin did them together, and he didn't even know if they were working...... Right....
  13. Heckuva' stick! (I broke the administration/moderator post streak in this thread )
  14. mike morris

    Guerrier signs

    Guerrier was garbage last year, but I think he's young enough and has the right stuff to turn his game around. The heavy workload didn't help him any either.
  15. mike morris

    Your next Twins setup man

    After looking at his stats prior to last year, I've changed my mind about this guy. It sounds like he had groin injury problems last year, so that could be a reason for the 5 + ERA. The four seasons prior to last he held his ERA close to, or mostly below 3.