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  1. papabear

    North Star College Cup

    The whole tournament was fantastic. I am definitely going again next year. Seeing the gophs loose 2 was almost as great as seeing BSU get the wood cup. If the UM won, the tournament may have lost some credibility IMHO. I must also say attending a college game is way more exciting than the Wild. I've been to several college arenas and they all outperform the Wild as far as atmosphere and excitement. BTW watch for the Beavers to make a run through the Final Five.
  2. papabear

    Finding Bigfoot in Minnesota

    That deer looks like he believes. Part I dont understand is they go to Moose Lake and think that area is lacking civilization. Go between Red Lake and the border that area looks pretty squatchy in my professional opinion.
  3. papabear

    Appliance guy HELP!!!

    Stuck contactor in the clocktimer/oven control board. Depending on the model it is an easy fix. Check all over online for one if you go through Sears your looking $150-200 for the part. That is if it is the simple oven control only on the board. Check warranty info on back of owners manual maybe under warranty 5-10 yrs never know. Hated these calls when doing this for national appliance repair corp. Telling somone the fix costs as much as a new appliance then have to charge them a service call.
  4. papabear

    Need AC help (video added)

    Easy money for a tech who checks that first. BTW coils on fridges dont work real well with a blanket of dust/fur on them either.
  5. Those heaters may be intermitten in my experience. The coil inside looks good and tests good but doesnt have good connection to terminal. If you go to board and unplug heater harness you can test the whole thing, tstat and heater, at the plug. While it is unplugged jumper it and then plug in. If it is good, heater coil will glow red hot in a few minutes. I have replaced a lot of these coils that test good then bad then good again. Be careful and good luck.
  6. papabear

    Favorite character

    thanks all for Virgil Ive been trying to think of his name for weeks Superhero: Capt Caveman
  7. papabear

    Favorite character

    McClintock Like He!! I wont
  8. papabear

    Wives and Garage Sales

    wife just had her garage sale this weekend got rid of half of Shtuff in garage. Now she has all summer to go to other sales and refil it. Got to admit that lady can shop, she may have every closet filled but not a birthday or other event goes by that she cant reach into the magic closet and pull out a present. She's also found me tackle and tools and other necesities so cant complain at all.
  9. papabear

    Gun owner rights

    from what Ive read about this "incident" the weapon was secured during the stop and returned to him when the officer was through. Another scare tactic by a group who stands for the $ not the 2nd Amendment. IN fat I think I saw somenting like this on a show about Alaska where they have to inform the officer of any weapons and surrender them if asked to and then have them returned at the end of the stop. It sounds like this was blown out of proportion by a gun group to stir things up since Obama hasnt taken our guns away they need to find someone to be the bad guy so we'll send money to fight a one sided fight.
  10. papabear

    Duck Dynasty

    That is just a plain old fashioned fun show. I dont believe there are to many people who would like it outside of the outdoorsman because it does have some comentary, I guess, from Phil. But these are just good old boys havin fun on camera. BTW loved the duck pond.
  11. papabear

    Duck Dynasty

    gotta tune in a reality show that is a little closer to our reality, amazing A&E got it on the air along with such wonders as extreme couponing on another channel btw.
  12. papabear

    Drama, Drama, Drama

    Mike Rowe did it best. This is what people do for a living and it can be funy sad boring and dirty, but rarely dramatic. DRAMA: Bill went on break 20 min ago and hasnt come back yet, and I really gotta pee. IRT made drama out of everything these guys do and I couldnt watch it. The loggers I know were more concerned about there own business than competeing week to week in some made up game show. That is until they went under when all the mills closed. How about a show where folks get laid off, go back to schools and then they can make a game show out of it and the winner are the ones who get a job above minimum wage.
  13. papabear

    convection microwave

    go for a convection oven instead. And find someone who knows how to use it to show you the ropes. Those who know how love convection baking. Fortunately they are now very common on basic ranges. If you need a new micro just buy one. In my experience the more you pay for a micro the more to go wrong and cost you buying a new one in 5 years.
  14. papabear

    Electronic Waiting Room

    called 33 twins got on in 20 minutes very helpful lady searched many options for me still couldnt find 2 seats within spittin distance of each other. that lady was verrrrrrrrrrrrry patient and helpful. Tried online this morning and found 3 seats on day that looked on line as though it was sold out at one time yesterday. HUH?!
  15. papabear


    seen a lot of front loads where people build a stand from wood that they can make fit them better. options there are endless from how high it is to of you want storage underneath. yes simple direct drive top loads are far cheaper and easier to repair. A board for an HE washer can be $200 before labor. Get one now before new energy efficiency standards make them obselete.