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  1. What are your colors in the peacock pattern? I could see about doing some I have been doing a few spearing decoys. Jiggin Jim Taxidermy.
  2. I would take a drive to the New London - spicer area. Lakes I would say to go to first is Norway, Games, Andrew and Nest. if you check with a few locals you may find out about a general area on Mud lake north of New London. Plus if you go for a weekend you could get on a crappie and Walleye bite.
  3. Dang, two years ago I put a 8inch lazer blade drill on my old 3HP Cobra ice auger, Had a 8.25 chipper for years. Now I have to go buy a ION. When guys are doing the comparing, is it the 50Volt SM or the 12volt SM?
  4. What is the latest on ice conditions? Have not heard much, looking for the big perch.
  5. The other thing I did notice is the line you use can make a different. I started with fire-line, switched to 8-32 braid, I tried power pro It seemed to warp around the tip allot, I'm going to checkout the nano lines. My company made several components for making nano lines.
  6. I had a Loomis rod that I picked-up used. 5-9 jigging worked go until I broke, then I found out it was a custom made rod. I bought a St.Croix avid 6-0 medium, loved it, now I used a6-3" avid for jig fishing, I have 5 more, that my clients can use on guide trips. Several guys have said many times, "it's a mind thing. you what the rod and reel so bad, nothing will make you happy until you have it." I also figured I could buy 2 avids for the price of 1 Loomis.
  7. The rpm's may sound correct, call Frankies in Chisago. Best suzuki dealers I have worked with. I have had two Suzukis a 60 for 680 Ranger & now a 90 for the 690. If Feeling your moving to fast use a small drift sock. I have two sizes a 30" & a 54" works great for windy days on Mille Lacs. Also check your prop pitch. th
  8. DonBo, Do you live on Yellow lake? I got up there to fish but their boat was down. I should have brought mine, but best laid plans, and counting on others that don't do allot of fishing. Did manage a couple pike down river.
  9. I have only fished yellow a couple times. I didn't know yellow had sauger, still trying to figure out the walleye bite. My friend has cabin down river from little yellow. We could use some advise on catching couple eyes. Her boat can't under bridge between the lakes, but my smaller boat has, is the area just down stream from the bridge at the lodge a good night spot? Last summer I got over to yellow 3 times all season. So I will not working over the lake. Your info goes no farther than ME. If you would rather keep your info on the low call me. ph: on taxidermyforsportsmen.com
  10. I droveup river on the minnesota, I found some holes that were 20-30ft deep. Thats been a few years back but have thought about making the ride again some time. Only then i may bring mt muskie rod with large suckers for bait.
  11. Just would like to know normal days of ice out. Or any reports on the ice conditions?
  12. What no ski's or snoshoes. Concider 8ft. 2x6 for those soft pockets.
  13. What type lures are you going to use? Another thing is distance you need to cast. I use a Quantum with 7:1 gearing, 50# 8-32 braid. Just for the extra lure speed.
  14. I have one rubber which I use 75% of time, it's heavier but most of the being then are for bass,crappies and walleye. Two coated nets one stow-away for Muskies the other, A Beckman pen net for pike and for fishing guide trips, has extra long handle.
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