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  1. I don't think the traffic would create too much an issue...probably nothing more than is already coming through the area. The lick may make them stop for a longer period in the summer/spring months.
  2. Woody seems to be a great guy and knows the lake really well from what I have followed. He used to post on here, and I would follow his summer adventures, and boy did he seem to catch fish...and BIG fish! I don't think you can go wrong using Woody!!!
  3. I found I had to go to Chrome to see the site correctly now. My old internet explorer was displaying the site in ways I could not navigate.
  4. I have a chuck roast on the Traeger currently...put it on at 5:15am and foiled at 160degrees at 12:30. Should hit 204 by 4pm and into the cooler until dinner! Can't wait!!
  5. i now have owned my Traeger for 3 months and can say that it certainly makes food taste better! My pork butts are better, chicken legs juicier, burgers so good my youngest now eats them! In fact, now whenever I cook on the Traeger, my youngest will eat whatever we cook as he calls it all Traeger meat!! They are a pain to have to vacuum out and make sure the foil is in but overall I could not be happier with the food the pellet grill cooks! I have done brisket, burgers, steaks, pork butt, ribs, frozen pizzas, chicken legs, and everything so far is better than either my electric smoker or
  6. Well that was a fun and interesting Summer with the Camper. Slept like junk all summer as the set up just wasn't good for us. Now it is time to go look to sell the camper! haha
  7. My condolences to you and your family Scoot!
  8. My thought is that if you are going to use this for the full season is to invest into a handful of 2x4's and a sheet or 2 of plywood and create a floor! overall you will be warmer and not have to worry about animals and water from the ground. use screws to connect everything and then at the end of the season unscrew it and you will have scrap wood or it will be ready to reassemble next time you need a place to stay.
  9. tomorrow is an arm roast on the Traeger...
  10. wow those are either really big or the 3rd one in the picture is really small! I will say you would be surprised that you don't necessarily need to go that deep. Caught a lot of my walleyes on original floaters over the deep water. Good Luck and I hope when you do connect over the deep water, it is a monster of a fish!!
  11. I keep forgetting to run a spoon...I have been running rapalas again this year with little success over the deep water. I have ran shallow and deep divers but not as "hot" of action as we had in years past. The fish are still there but not attacking the same as they historically have. Great to hear you are catching some nice eyes on Superior! Sounds like a great trip to land a few lakers and then a few eyes to top it off.
  12. listening to the FAN Outdoors the other week the bait shop that they speak with often stated that minnows in the summer become almost impossible to keep alive due to some factors with a protective slime (?) and that is why you don't see them sold as frequently in the summer. I maybe off on some information along with it but was interesting to say the least...
  13. I have this issue with my dad's boat when loading. seems no matter what we do sometimes, the only way to get it on the trailer straight is to hold the boat while pulling out of the water...not ideal especially with only one person...
  14. i have had clients that have the Sea Legs and use them as their lift. the issue came when the waves became an issue and the Sea Legs bent. one owner could not do anything other than call the manufacturer of the Sea Legs and they had to set up a time to come to his pontoon and disable and remove the legs because they would no longer retract due to the bend in the sea legs. IMO great to have for pulling up to sand bars but no way would I use them as my main lift system.
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