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  1. Well I just finished the walls for my indoor gym. Have a weight set for bench and a curl bar n rack along with dumbbells. I also have a treadmill, rowing machine and a recently purchased elliptical. The problem is when i went to put elliptical together a wire had been damaged so I have to get a replacement part and a service call to the house...probably won't have that up and running anytime soon! But along with all that getting out walking and playing with the kids in the yard has been the healthy options to stay fit in our household!!! Sure glad I built a sauna in the house last year!!! Stay safe and healthy out there!!!
  2. Usually your home insurance will worry if you have a solid fuel device such as a wood stove or a pellet stove to heat the garage but it is always a good idea to check with your agent for your policy coverage and verify that you are not causing a coverage issue.
  3. I have found that a 2.5/2.5/1 has been great for me! My family loves fall off the bone ribs and the extra time in the foil with apple juice really makes for a tender rib. I also agree that taking the membrane off helps. My mouth is watering thinking of ribs...looks like it is a trip to the store for some weekend smoking!!
  4. personally even with KAT I think I will get my wish!! KAT has not shown to be much of a winner this year
  5. chickadees just showed up at my place in elk river. hadn't seen a chickadee in awhile since we don't have feeder going but had a handful of them hanging around the house for some reason last week.
  6. I just hope any extra winning this team does doesn't push us into the 6-12 picks and we can stay in the top 5 for the draft!
  7. What a whirlwind of moves! I like the change as they sure needed them! Russell has at least proven in his career that he can play to an all star level and wigs never made it to that point. I hope he can play with more passion than we watched with Wiggins but time will tell. I am excited to see what Beasley will do with this opportunity. To me he is the most intriguing piece to the moves we made.
  8. Archersniper please don't let a few knuckleheads change what you are doing! This site appreciates your posts, and I have lived through your hunts and success the last few years, as I have not been as successful!! Don't let the minority speak for the majority here! Keep being you and posting the wonderful success you have had!!!
  9. It brought me back to my days pre-kids being able to go out ice fishing every weekend whether it was Red, LOW, or any other lake this state has to offer! My friends and I would be on ice in the winter. Now I haven't even stepped on a lake yet this year let alone been able to get away for an evening to ice fish! Boys are now 7 and 11 and both into basketball. Traded the ice for basketball gyms. Someday I will get back into ice fishing...hopefully! good ol days
  10. every time I come back to this thread my mouth waters and I start to get the meat sweats!!
  11. To be honest I smoked the chunk of meat and it really did not have a thick smokey flavor as I thought it might have...but used a mild wood smoke flavor (cherry). Hope yours turned out!!
  12. picture is upside down or something but I think you get the point...haha oh and the rub I put on it was a olive oil and then sea salt, pepper, sage, rosemary, and thyme. I eyeballed the mixture and then lightly coated the roast. nice added flavoring for the outer edge bites.
  13. I always forget to take pictures along the cooking process and I did not get a crust on the exterior...I did get a picture of the first cut!
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