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  1. every time I come back to this thread my mouth waters and I start to get the meat sweats!!
  2. To be honest I smoked the chunk of meat and it really did not have a thick smokey flavor as I thought it might have...but used a mild wood smoke flavor (cherry). Hope yours turned out!!
  3. picture is upside down or something but I think you get the point...haha oh and the rub I put on it was a olive oil and then sea salt, pepper, sage, rosemary, and thyme. I eyeballed the mixture and then lightly coated the roast. nice added flavoring for the outer edge bites.
  4. I always forget to take pictures along the cooking process and I did not get a crust on the exterior...I did get a picture of the first cut!
  5. Thanks for all your help and information...I went with a 35-40 minute per lb smoke at 225 using cherry wood. once it hit 130 I pulled it and put into foil. For some reason the temp started to go the wrong direction after 20 minutes or so, so I cranked up the grill to 500 and put the roast on the grill rotating side to sear and raise the temp up to 135. after that I pulled it off the grill and put on the cutting board for 10 minutes as we waited for the taters to be done. Turned out pretty good with a nice cherry smoke flavor and a perfect med-rare finish! All in all turned out well and tasted great. not bad for a first time smoke of prime rib. Next up is ribs for xmas eve and a 7lb butt for xmas! Merry Christmas to all you smokers (grill) out there!!!
  6. So was at the butcher shop and they had this prime rib roast I stared at for a half hour before I had my opportunity to make a purchase and decided I was going to give smoking a prime rib roast a shot. I know it is not the biggest roast but for $40 it was all I wanted to spend to experiment with. What are some recommendations on temp and time? preferred wood? I look for a medium rare finish. Any tips or suggestions?
  7. I bought my recent one online as did my father who bought 2, one for home and the other for the cabin. I have seen them at Walmart and Dick's' sporting goods also.
  8. I bought the more aggressive roller and it was a 24" wide roller which I didn't see when I ordered but glad I made this mistake! I can take this roller with me anywhere including the boat when my back or legs start acting up on me. I now take the roller with me on my trips and it is easy to pack! Hope all worked out for you Wanderer!!
  9. back to the Elk River bait shop though is they do have a decent selection of rapalas and other lures! I have now stopped in more than a couple times as I pick up a pizza next door. If I have to wait for my pie I go next door to the tackle shop and find a lure I "need" and usually find something to buy. support small and local otherwise we get forced to Cabelas and Fleet!
  10. Fleet in Monticello wasn't too impressive...Cabelas is really hard to shop at in Rogers now. Used to be a every other week stop for me now I dread going as I know I more than likely wont find what I need.
  11. I heard Gander in Eden Prairie is closing now...
  12. Thinking of your family in these difficult times Archerysniper...hope all goes better than expected!!!
  13. I have never been too big of a spinner guy but it is a technique that should be utilized as I am sure it would be successful! Especially on the whitefish chain in the crosslake area
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