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  1. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    does he need to? Sounds like he put a whoopin on the boys in the one practice he showed up and played in...
  2. ozzie

    Who Has Winterized And Stored The Boat Already?

    I have another weekend in me to fish and fight the winds and weather and then the boat will be done for the year. Guess it is that time of the season but would really love to get another couple outings in but such is life!
  3. ozzie


    yup just had the guy come out Monday the 1st and said I have bats and gave me the rundown of my issues and cost to button up the house and rid me of my problem. $2000 later it should all be good!! He hopes to get them evacuated yet this year but depending on weather it maybe next spring since it is getting late. fun times but a lot goes into making sure they don't return and get into other crevasses of the home. The joys of being a home owner right? At least the guy I am having do it is very knowledgeable and thorough and he did not see evidence that I would need to replace my insulation so that is good!!
  4. ozzie

    Montana Archery Elk 2018 By Cheetah

    Always enjoy the "out west" write ups!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your journey!!
  5. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I don't get the concept that we won't get anything in return for him. If you are using that theory look at Kawai Leonard...San Antonio seemed to get something for a guy that everyone knew was not gonna work with San Antonio and everyone said they would only get something from the Lakers but Toronto stepped up made a play and the word is that they may be the front runner on resigning him! Look at Paul George...he was in the same boat that he was not gonna resign with anyone and the Thunder took a chance and now they have him on the books for years to come cuz he changed his mind. Players in the NBA seem to change every month as to what they want to do. Get rid of Butler, get some good assets, and move on.
  6. ozzie


    yes...they have been there probably for longer than that so what is 6 more months? Not something I particularly am happy about but I am not the expert so I go off their recommendations and also it is expensive and other things were coming into play so here I hang.
  7. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    Butler is a locker room problem and that is evident now. We just need to hope there is a team with assets that feel they can deal with his attitude and are willing to give us decent compensation. Then we need our knucklehead coach/gm to think about the franchise and not himself and really get whats best for the Twolves future and not this season alone! We have a good chip to deal. We have 2 players that will be hungry to lead this team and show the nay sayers that they can play at a high level and win!! (hopefully)
  8. ozzie


    oh and sorry about no update on this...I was told I couldn't do anything with them until Labor day as that is when the exterminator could feel good that any babies had learned to take flight. Now I am waiting on the exterminator to come out and start remedying the issue but I am having troubles with that too! I give this guy another week and then I am going to have to call someone else. I don't look forward to this as it will cost most likely in the $1000 range is what I have been told.
  9. ozzie

    How Would You Handle This.

    Obviously the guy has "passion" for "his" hunting spot. I would try to meet him face to face with your son and see if you couldn't reasonably discuss it and come to an agreement. Possibly do it at the landowners home if you want to put him in his place. This of course first goes with how you feel this gentleman would be towards a talk. After all it is not his land and he can't just bully his way around. Now if you feel he is psychotic then don't bother. I have a chunk of land that I can't hunt (even though I have permission and all the rights to hunt it) because the neighbor is crazy enough that he will possibly hunt me and I don't need that feeling of being hunted. Hope you can work things out! People get funny when it comes to hunting land especially when they know there is a bigger deer in the area.
  10. ozzie

    Ribs Done Right!

    yeah I guess I messed up by not heading into Nisswa to give the ribs a taste!! Looks good though and making my mouth water!!! I know what we are having this weekend...
  11. ozzie

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    Congrats! Now get out there and start building memories!! Jealous as can be
  12. ozzie

    Flying W/ Vexilar-flasher Battery

    Great question but best to be answered by the airline you are traveling with. I can't imagine there to be too great of an issue when you can bring other devises that require a battery pack to use but best to get approval for such an item before you get turned away at the airport.
  13. ozzie

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Butler turning down the offer was a no brainer...if he signed it this year he would lose out on like $60 million opposed to if he signs after this year. Sure he could blow out a knee and not get signed but odds are in his favor that he waits a year gets same contract but for $60 million more. NO BRAINER!! We offered it out of respect but knew he was not going to sign it...
  14. ozzie

    Picked this up at a yard sale today

    Looks to me like a great fishing cart...mount some pole holders on the sides and a cup holder for your beverage and life is good!!
  15. ozzie

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    A lot of talk about a lot of nothing...until it is actually something! As long as Thibs is here I believe that Jimmy has chance to stay. If Jimmy were to leave I would be surprised if he stayed in the west but if he did matching him up with LAbron would be a tough duo to build around.