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  1. my friend, that we cook ribs with on the 4th, doesn't wrap her racks either and just cooks them straight for 5 or so hours. Her final product is not too bad but I still prefer the racks I did as the meat appeared to be juicier overall. Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th and enjoyed a nice meal of ribs!!
  2. with the process that I listed for ribs IF I turn the heat to 225, for the 2.5 hours they are to be in the foil, I find the meat still holds to the bone but still tender meat. My family just prefers the pull the bone out and eat type of ribs. And i am not sure where you would question 6 hours to smoke baby back ribs as almost all the recipes out there say to use to 3-2-1 method or a 2-2-1 method, but I just adjusted to a 3-2.5-.5 method. It all depends on the temp you like to run them at. Like I said I start the first 3 hours at 180 to get the most smoke flavor out of my pellet grill then
  3. Ribs are pretty simple. Dave's method is almost spot on to what I do. My prep is as Dave does...I have a pellet grill and go 3 hours at 180, then as Dave said meat side down into foil with apple juice 1/2-3/4 cup back on at 250 for 2.5hours and then pull out of foil (they will be fall off the bone so handle gently) then I sauce them and put them back on the grill for 20-30 minutes
  4. I second the smoke tube if wanting a more smokey flavor to your meats on a pellet grill. I have used it a few times but my family and I have found that we like the more subtle smoke flavor from the pellet grill than with the smoke tube.
  5. about time they cut their losses with Saunders. Just seemed in over his head from the start. It sounds like Finch is highly regarded but interesting that they did not go with Vanderpool being he is on the staff currently and is highly respected as an assistant coach. Oh well a new Twolves era but I am sure the results will be all too familiar!
  6. I just throw them in the garbage. Interesting to know if they do help gardens and grass grow as it would get me to spread them on the lawn all summer.
  7. I don't think the traffic would create too much an issue...probably nothing more than is already coming through the area. The lick may make them stop for a longer period in the summer/spring months.
  8. Woody seems to be a great guy and knows the lake really well from what I have followed. He used to post on here, and I would follow his summer adventures, and boy did he seem to catch fish...and BIG fish! I don't think you can go wrong using Woody!!!
  9. I found I had to go to Chrome to see the site correctly now. My old internet explorer was displaying the site in ways I could not navigate.
  10. I have a chuck roast on the Traeger currently...put it on at 5:15am and foiled at 160degrees at 12:30. Should hit 204 by 4pm and into the cooler until dinner! Can't wait!!
  11. i now have owned my Traeger for 3 months and can say that it certainly makes food taste better! My pork butts are better, chicken legs juicier, burgers so good my youngest now eats them! In fact, now whenever I cook on the Traeger, my youngest will eat whatever we cook as he calls it all Traeger meat!! They are a pain to have to vacuum out and make sure the foil is in but overall I could not be happier with the food the pellet grill cooks! I have done brisket, burgers, steaks, pork butt, ribs, frozen pizzas, chicken legs, and everything so far is better than either my electric smoker or
  12. Well that was a fun and interesting Summer with the Camper. Slept like junk all summer as the set up just wasn't good for us. Now it is time to go look to sell the camper! haha
  13. My condolences to you and your family Scoot!
  14. My thought is that if you are going to use this for the full season is to invest into a handful of 2x4's and a sheet or 2 of plywood and create a floor! overall you will be warmer and not have to worry about animals and water from the ground. use screws to connect everything and then at the end of the season unscrew it and you will have scrap wood or it will be ready to reassemble next time you need a place to stay.
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