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  1. ozzie

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Butler turning down the offer was a no brainer...if he signed it this year he would lose out on like $60 million opposed to if he signs after this year. Sure he could blow out a knee and not get signed but odds are in his favor that he waits a year gets same contract but for $60 million more. NO BRAINER!! We offered it out of respect but knew he was not going to sign it...
  2. ozzie

    Picked this up at a yard sale today

    Looks to me like a great fishing cart...mount some pole holders on the sides and a cup holder for your beverage and life is good!!
  3. ozzie

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    A lot of talk about a lot of nothing...until it is actually something! As long as Thibs is here I believe that Jimmy has chance to stay. If Jimmy were to leave I would be surprised if he stayed in the west but if he did matching him up with LAbron would be a tough duo to build around.
  4. ozzie

    Stanley cup

    Hey if you have never had the pleasure of drinking out of the Cup I suggest you take a trip over and do it!! I remember the night my bother's good friend Dan Hinote brought the Cup to Elk River and we had a great time drinking out of it at the local bar. I am not even a hockey fan but I knew the opportunity was rare so I spent the evening having a good time pouring beers on people from the Cup like they won!!!! Very odd watching people walk up to the Cup to drink out of it and many looking like they are walking up to drink wine at church!! Good Times and thanks for mentioning this and bringing back good memories!!
  5. ozzie

    What's more aggravating?

    I would have to say for me it is more aggravating when I don't see what's on the other end of the line opposed to the one that you see and gets away. I can remember many fish that got off at the boat but those don't bother me as much as what could have tugged that hard or been unable to move off the bottom.
  6. ozzie

    Wing It Quick Swap weights

    exactly! It is nice to lighten that bouncing a weight causes when going from spot to spot. I always end up with a sinker or 2 in my pockets at the end of the day and need to remember to put them back in the tray for next outing. one thing that I always do is throw a bead on my line between the sinker and the swivel
  7. ozzie

    Lac Seul Reports

    Sorry Fish Head! My father got back on the 11th and said they did very well but only found fish in a certain area and didn't do as well in other areas. They fished an area they call the stumps which is just that a shallow 7-10ft deep area that leads to a back bay that is old stumps in the water. They fish out of Mahkwa. He said they used the usual jig and leech.
  8. ozzie

    Wing It Quick Swap weights

    I have been using these for years!! I never understand why people I fish with don't use them, but I haven't lindy rigged without one for the past 8 years or so once my buddy showed them to me. I bought the kit also and then had a bait shop go out of business and they had larger weights so I have them up to 2oz.
  9. ozzie

    Lac Seul Reports

    my father and his buddies head up Saturday and will be back Wednesday...will give a report on Thursday on what he says
  10. yeah you should make a change for once in your life...I bet it would feel real good and maybe you will make a difference!
  11. ozzie


    This is Saturday's project...so excited!
  12. ozzie

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    that is certainly a dream!
  13. ozzie

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Last off season I was so hoping that the Wolves would have landed JJ Reddick but he chose 76er's...what the Wolves needed was a solid quick shooting 3 point guy and I really think that ended up being their shortfall. It was a good season and hope that Wiggins either gets traded or finds that fire in the belly to become a dominant scorer and on ball defender night in and night out!!! I really think he has the potential/talent but just don't think he has the will or determination to work that hard.
  14. ozzie


    I am pretty sure I found how they get in and out...where my soffits meet my roof lines the soffits have a gap of a couple inches and runs the length of the soffit, so about 18" in one spot and the other spot is wider but has the Gap of 2" or more for them to enter. Since I just had one find and opening in my walls and found a way to make it to my basement I am pretty sure they are in my attic right now and have been there all winter but I will get up there and take a look around. All you interest and responses on this is appreciated!!!
  15. ozzie


    suppose I should "man" up and get back up into the attic and get a visual of the situation but those things just don't make me excited to open up the attic and face them.