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  1. I did find it funny last year after using the drill set up, and all the people I happened to fish with had electric in one form or another, that when a gas auger ripped off in the distance it sounded so loud and obnoxious How quickly things change! Any way to get a person fishing is fine by me as long as they have sharp blades!!
  2. Last year I went from the gas auger 10" strikemaster (still have it) and now use a 8" strikemaster auger lite flite paired up with a Milwaukee fuel 2640 drill. It came with 2 batteries and added a 8 amp with purchase of another Milwaukee item. Found i get about 30 holes with each of the smaller batteries but have not tried this year with bigger battery. This setup is great, easy to use, powerful, and lightweight. Good Luck on your search!
  3. well it got really meaty smelling in the fridge for a few days but overall not too bad! The crust was tough in spot but areas that I ate had a very strong flavor! The meat itself was tender as it gets!
  4. Thanks Mike! The one mistake maybe I made was I just took out of packaging and wrapped in cheesecloth right away without washing and drying. Always room for improvement when trying things. I am going to end up smoking this roast when it is time to cook but in the meantime hopefully this will breakdown some stuff and create a more tender roast. I will update this thread as I go through the process. It started off a very nice red color as a good chunk of meat should from the store.
  5. So my mother in law bought a prime rib the other day for Thanksgiving. I didn't know what to do with it as I don't like to freeze a nice roast like that so my friend told me to dry age it. He said take out of wrapping and wrap it in cheese cloth and put back in fridge changing cheesecloth after a few days. I decided to try this even though we won't age for 30 days like recommended but my friend said even 10-14 days will change the tenderness some. Has anyone tried this before and how did it turn out?
  6. sorry Macho Man I do not have any experience with that bow setup. Hopefully one of the archers in this forum can assist you! Good Luck
  7. Well opening weekend came and went with my hunting buddy shooting a decent buck for the area. Our area was selectively harvested for trees so what was a thick area of hills, ravines, and swamps, is now a open area with a oak standing here and there with the bottom of the ravines still thicker. Well I had 2 deer come in and must have seen me as they blew and flagged up and took off from where they came from. Then as I walked in on Sunday had something crash back into the woods from one of the ravines and then as it was darker had another set of deer not like my movement and took off running. Good days to be out in the woods even though it hurt like mad to walk that kind of woods let alone on an heal that was fused 11 weeks ago...compared it to having your worst ankle sprain and while it is recently sprained, to put on a boot, and walk across some of the most uneven terrain. I am feeling it today! Looking forward to getting back in the woods on Saturday and hoping for some success!! Good Luck to all!
  8. Good Luck to everyone hitting the woods this weekend! Would love to hear about your experience, camp tales, pictures, or other cool things from your hunt. Most of all BE SAFE!!! Good Luck- Ozzie
  9. Anyone else excited for the season to get started? I have been waiting for the opening weekend for a couple months as it was a goal date after having ankle surgery. I have been taking evening drives looking for deer and have seen a lot of good deer so far and that really gets the excitement for the season to start! Unfortunately for me this season I have to coach Saturday and will miss opening morning but took off Monday so can hunt Sunday and Monday. Sight in my guns this Saturday and get the gear all washed up and hung up and that is all I have to really do to prepare. Last year was fun and exciting and hoping this year is the same! I will be back hunting the west side of Mille Lacs. Good Luck and tell me what you are most excited for this season!
  10. huh would have never guessed that is how horseradish is made! learned something new
  11. I am a rookie and have 36 more points to move up in the ranks...over 3,400 post since March of 2005. Finally getting closer to not being a rookie! Edit: I am a newbie and not a rookie!! I got a ways to go but the post I made gave me a badge for my 500th post
  12. keep your spirits high and I wish nothing but the best for you hungonion1!
  13. my friend, that we cook ribs with on the 4th, doesn't wrap her racks? either and just cooks them straight for 5 or so hours. Her final product is not too bad but I still prefer the racks I did as the meat appeared to be juicier overall. Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th and enjoyed a nice meal of ribs!!
  14. with the process that I listed for ribs IF I turn the heat to 225, for the 2.5 hours they are to be in the foil, I find the meat still holds to the bone but still tender meat. My family just prefers the pull the bone out and eat type of ribs. And i am not sure where you would question 6 hours to smoke baby back ribs as almost all the recipes out there say to use to 3-2-1 method or a 2-2-1 method, but I just adjusted to a 3-2.5-.5 method. It all depends on the temp you like to run them at. Like I said I start the first 3 hours at 180 to get the most smoke flavor out of my pellet grill then I crank up the heat. If i started at 225 or 250 then this process might be overkill for baby back ribs. But do as you please as Dave mentioned it is pretty hard to screw up ribs!
  15. Ribs are pretty simple. Dave's method is almost spot on to what I do. My prep is as Dave does...I have a pellet grill and go 3 hours at 180, then as Dave said meat side down into foil with apple juice 1/2-3/4 cup back on at 250 for 2.5hours and then pull out of foil (they will be fall off the bone so handle gently) then I sauce them and put them back on the grill for 20-30 minutes
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