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  1. I bought my recent one online as did my father who bought 2, one for home and the other for the cabin. I have seen them at Walmart and Dick's' sporting goods also.
  2. I bought the more aggressive roller and it was a 24" wide roller which I didn't see when I ordered but glad I made this mistake! I can take this roller with me anywhere including the boat when my back or legs start acting up on me. I now take the roller with me on my trips and it is easy to pack! Hope all worked out for you Wanderer!!
  3. back to the Elk River bait shop though is they do have a decent selection of rapalas and other lures! I have now stopped in more than a couple times as I pick up a pizza next door. If I have to wait for my pie I go next door to the tackle shop and find a lure I "need" and usually find something to buy. support small and local otherwise we get forced to Cabelas and Fleet!
  4. Fleet in Monticello wasn't too impressive...Cabelas is really hard to shop at in Rogers now. Used to be a every other week stop for me now I dread going as I know I more than likely wont find what I need.
  5. I heard Gander in Eden Prairie is closing now...
  6. Thinking of your family in these difficult times Archerysniper...hope all goes better than expected!!!
  7. I have never been too big of a spinner guy but it is a technique that should be utilized as I am sure it would be successful! Especially on the whitefish chain in the crosslake area
  8. Fishing over the deep has ended for me now...I will concentrate on breaks and weedlines that remain as the fish start putting on the fall feedbag! Good luck
  9. did you ever find a solution to your problem Bob?
  10. Well things are cooling down but the fishing over deep water continues to boat fish! Didn't slay them but got 2 more eater's this weekend over the deep water trolling for about an hour and half towards sunset. Benn using Rapala Shadow Raps as of late and have been impressed.
  11. I have been using my smooth foam roller daily to help position my body in a way that I can adjust my back myself. just roll to loosen up the joints then get an area tight with the roller under the area and grab my neck and POP my back will snap crackle and pop like rice krispies!! the instant relief is amazing!! I am ordering a more aggressive roller to try also. For personal health maintenance a foam roller is a must IMO
  12. Yeah when we pull over deep water we always keep the baits 1'-20' at the most down. Fish are feeding over that deep water so they will rise up to hit a bait. Plus it is a pain without downriggers to put out enough line or weight to get a lure down over 20' IMO. I will be pulling a few plugs and spoons over deep water this upcoming weekend and see what is swimming out there!
  13. It has been a crazy time watching all the players change teams and frustrating to watch the Wolves have to sit and do nothing due to the fact of bad contracts to bad players! Would have to think that if the Wolves couldn't move Wiggins now, unless he changes his aggression, they will be stuck with him for the duration of the contract eating up KAT's big years so when KAT becomes a free agent he will feel bad about wasting years here and will probably bounce. For the rest of this free agency it will be interesting to see what the Lakers fill out the rest of their roster and where Kawhi lands. Fun Fun FUN
  14. I fish a big reservoir that goes as deep as 140 I believe and we do a bit of trolling over the deep parts of the lake. In fact at night you can troll and your graph will be littered with fish in the 20-50ft range starting over 70ft of water but if you go to 60ft depth range your graph will be empty. Once the deep darkness of night falls those same fish will show 30-70ft deep on the graph suspending over 140ft of water. We seem to mostly catch walleyes out of this group of fish and rarely catch anything else.
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