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  1. My Wife makes Deer Jerky & lets it dry in the window in the Sun. Then puts it in a low temp oven and it's ready to eat!!
  2. Target has Spare Ribs for $1.99 a Lb. this week. Stock up!!
  3. Several years ago I set-up on LOW with the reading at -39. It was kind of a cool feeling.
  4. White Bass, does that count?? St. Croix River, Jig & Minnow Head. 17 1/2" long, 1" short of Mn State Record. THE STORY: This one got off as the jig (a Silver Rapala w/ a Minnow Head) hit the bottom of the ice & it was laying there stunned because I brought it up fast, so I had to reach WAY down with my arm, give it a "Death Grip" & pulled it up into the Fish House! Arm & Fleese was soaked! HA!! Here's a pic of the biggin'. May not look big as I had to pull way back to get the whole fish in the pic...
  5. Some Sufix Ice Braid, but ices up in a reel below freezing. Some Trilene "Cold Weather". Low memory & controlled stretch. I use this for all snells.
  6. My Wife eats fish eggs all the time, along with eyeballs and all of the other meat in the fish heads. In fact, she's the best fish cleaner I have ever seen in 40+ years. I have never cleaned a fish since I met her. ...and this is from a guy who has cleaned fish all my life!
  7. Yea, there's bones. But not as much as the Smoked Whitefish I just had...
  8. Hey, Last week my Wife caught a Mooneye on the St. Croiz River, she never saw it before and I was going to throw it back. She said, no, keep it, so I did. She gutted it out, de-scaled it, put many knife slices, about 1/8" apart, in each side. Then she sprinkled kosher salt & some pepper on both sides & inside and it sat in the frig until the next day. Then she fried it in extra virgin olive oil and ate it, head & all. She loved it, I tried it, and we both said it tasted like Crappie. So, there you go... a recipe for Mooneye!
  9. Thanks guys! Used a medium pad with the Meg's Ultimate compound. You can get it at Wal-mart or Fleet Farm. Put it on a speed of 5 then did up & down, then side-side strokes. Then wiped it off. Put on Meg's Nxt 2.0 on a waxing pad with a speed setting of 3, then did up & down, then side-side strokes again. Then wiped it off again. That's it!! I'm likin' the Surf City Garage waxes better, will buy nothing but from now on. Just did my 2006 GTO. Looks purrrrty now...
  10. Hey, thanks! That's Black paint you're looking at. Did my Saturn, a Camry, my GMC Sierra, a BMW, a Mercedes & an Audi. I should do it on the side. For cheap.
  11. My fishin' boat, see below, needed a little TLC before putting it away yesterday. Below the line is Meguiar's Ultimate Compound with my new Griots Garage DA/RO Buffer. Not bad, eh?
  12. Wow, I fogged every cylinder, every year on my 140hp 4-stroke EFI Suzuki for the past 10 years with zero issues (and I'm super anal & picky). The engine just sings! What on earth is wrong with fogging then?? Please be specific with data & examples.
  13. No one likes my holocaust surviving Wife's St. Croix slab?? Biggest she's ever seen.
  14. Yep, we sure did! Works great with 2 burners in the bottom. Put in a tray of moist wood of your type and you're good to go. Make sure you wire the door shut to keep kids from accidentally being trapped inside. I got a mid 50's GE Fridge waiting to convert, but it won't stop working!!!
  15. Tough subject everyone. We don't want to over-fish a lake so the population is sparse, but don't want to under-fish so we have stunted, hungry fish either! A limit of where we're at + every angler managing their own take should work. I believe we should leave both the heavy harvest free-for-all & heavy-handed government out of it.
  16. My wife fry's up fish eggs. She tried these but weren't as good, so we threw them away. I got out the casserole bowl because that was one of the only things big enough to fit all the eggs. Shouldda took a picture of just the eggs...
  17. Thanks Guys. My wife took the eggs out and it filled a large Casserole/Mixing bowl. At least 4LBS of eggs! Sounds like a 25 pound piggy!?! Off to go Spear more; sure is fun...
  18. Ok, here's a cropped pic of my wife (barely) holding it up. It's not turned perfectly, but you can get the picture. So, what do you think piggy weighed??
  19. Yea, speared it on my vacation day. Hand spear. Man, what a heavy wiggle & haul up out of the water and plopping it up on the bank above the low bridge! I'm guessing 18-20 lbs, but someone here should know...
  20. I speared a 36" carp today that was plum full of eggs. Did not weigh it, but it was 36" long. What does a PIG Carp like that weigh?? Thanks!
  21. 10-4. I put down Scotts this afternoon. Have enough for a 2nd application in a few weeks - in case the timing's off. Thanks!!
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