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  1. That's what s been stopping me. I can buy 200 packs of toe warmers for that kind of money.
  2. Are you talking impacts, or chips and dings / rust protection?
  3. Had a topper on my last truck, had to find another person to help lift the thing off every time I had to haul something tall. New truck, put a roll up cover on. Just need to roll it up for the tall stuff. Also, truck doesn't look like a "grandpa truck" as my wife always said my last one looked.
  4. pulled the plug 3 years back. don't miss it. got a Roku box and a $9 a month netflix account.
  5. I had cable operated dampers installed on both fireplaces in my house. its a cable operated unit that attaches to the very top of your chimney. guy cleaned both, and installed in a few hours. http://www.chimneydirect.com/c10095/Lock...CFY47MgodhG4Aig
  6. I don't see the math working here. An extra 2MPG, but now it runs on fuel that is .50 cents to a dollar more per gallon.
  7. I do this every fall on my Ranger or I'm sure to get a stuck door over the winter. Also, I've heard NOT to use anything that's going to leave a sticky residue in the lock as its going to trap dirt and eventually gum up the tumbler.
  8. hmm, did they show you or just tell you? Is it wearing tires? making noise? did you notice anything before? 2nd opinion for sure.
  9. I've got the $8 a month Netflix and I'd say its worth it. loads of documentaries, bunch of stand up comedian stuff and quite a few shows. I also have Amazon prime. It was $79 for the year, but it gives you free shipping from Amazon for the year on top of the streaming. If you order stuff from Amazon on a semi regular basis, that pays for itself. Wife and I had a new bed frame shipped from Amazon and didn't pay a dime to get it shipped.
  10. for sure. My Ranger with the old Cast iron, Push rod V6 heats up and stays warm. My Wife's Hyundai Struggles to get very warm on super cold days and is near cold again after coming out of the grocery store.
  11. This is what got me to sleep years ago when I was going through a divorce. My mind was on overdrive and I wasn't sleeping for crud. I picked up a crappy old Bicycle and rode that thing until my legs were no more. I'd get home and go face down for 6-7 hours. These days I try for 7-8 hrs. I found a good mattress, a good memory foam pillow, blinds that block out the light (there is more light at night in the city than you realize) a white noise machine (the dog snores like a grown man) and NO TV in the bedroom is my trick to good sleep. I'm also someone who can't do caffeine or sugar past l
  12. I was a bad food junkie for years. what helped was both my Wife and I on the same level for goals. neither wanted to do it for weight gains, only for health. There is no restrictions, or "Taboo" foods, Just a conscious decision to avoid them when possible. We do our best to avoid ANY kind of prepackaged food. They are usually 99% junk. I take it real easy on the carbs, and what carbs I do have are a quality multi grain. Lots of fruits and veggies (buy local and in season and it isn't expensive). This is the bulk of my "snacks" in my lunch box at work. I drink whole milk and eat quality yogur
  13. if you are dumping cable, then yes, you will need a set of rabbit ears. I dropped cable about 2 years ago. Got the $8 a month Netflix account and never looked back.
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