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Catfish Caption Contest Week 7 Submit your Entries


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Since the open water Catfish season is winding down, I thought I'd try something different to keep things active here.

I have a few small prizes that I can send out to each weekly winner.

The rules are simple, I will post a photo, and you will post the best caption you can come up with. Please submit only one entry.

On Wednesday, I will pick the top 5 and create a poll and everyone will get to vote on their favorite. Voting will be open until midnight on Sat.

Let's have some fun with this and please remember, this is a family site, so keep them clean, I will delete any captions that are inappropriate smile

Also, if anyone has a funny or "outtake" Catfish photo they would like to have me use, please send that to me via the email in my signature. I don't have very many to use, so I'm hoping to get several.

Week 1 Winner--> Crazyice

Week 2 Winner--> Capt Fireman

Week 3 Winner --> Deitz Dittrich

Week 4 Winner --> ezwalt

Week 5 Winner --> AceintheHole

Week 6 Winner --> Wildcatcreek

The photo for week 7 follows. Please submit your entries below.

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Hey shack - That was great. That could be hard to beat. You have to be a fan of Teletubbies but the caption sure fits the picture. The names fit those two also - Dipsy and Laa-Laa. I think we should give them those Nicknames. All in Favor signify by saying "Eh-Oh - Teletubies love each other very much". laughlaugh

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... but the caption sure fits the picture. The names fit those two also - Dipsy and Laa-Laa. I think we should give them those Nicknames.

OK, is Darren (on the right) Dipsy or Laa-Laa? smile I am hoping Dipsy. Dipsy Dtro Darren. Triple D. It has a nice ring to it.

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As Darren and Brian prepared to do battle at the "thriller on the River", they donned their team uniforms and posed for a quick photo. In a couple seconds they will enter the river and battle for the championship. The first man to emerge from the depths with any part of a catfish in his mouth will be crowned the champion. They have their mouth warmers snapped to help keep some dexterity in their lips before entering the chilly water and to hide any surgical alterations they've undergone since their last bought. The league is still considering banning these alterations in the spirit of the sport.....but until then it will continue to create some interesting grilles among the contestants.

WWG is still in rehab after dislocating his jaw trying to bring up the entire fish at last weeks quarterfinals. His artificial barbed teeth would not allow him to retreat after the initial bite. Hopefully we don't have any similar mishaps tonight. When asked about the incident WWG just simply stated "I was hungry".... The two finalists here tonight didn't get here by trying to bite off more than they can chew....this should be a match for the ages.

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