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  1. Anyone at the show come across any good deals on electronics... specifically a Vex FL-28?
  2. I'm getting oh so close to finally bringing this to reality. Just ordered up a Spike's Tactical 16" Carbine length complete upper last night. It comes with an A2 handguard & fixed front site base. So exciting! Started out with the Lower Receivers which I bought during the panic like 10 months ago. Now that things have settled down, I obviously overpaid for them but oh well. Didn't know at the time. Over the following months, I've slowly acquired the rest of the parts. The build list is looking like this: Lower Receiver - Seekins Precision forged lower Lower Parts Kit - Rock River Arms LPK Buffer Tube, Buffer Spring, Buffer, M4 Stock - Bravo Company Complete Upper - Spike's Tactical I'm already making some modifications to the basic build: Billet Trigger Guard - Seekins Precision Billet Mag Release Button - Seekins Precision Grip - Bravo Company Gunfighter Mod3 Handguard - Magpul MOE Handguard Rear Sight - Magpul MBUS Gen 2 Flip Up Stock - Either Magpul STR or CTR stock I'm going the Magpul MOE Handguard route for now as they look so much better than an A2 handguard. I'm more than likely going to go with a Midwest Industries drop-in quad rail handguard in the future as well. I'll probably shoot it with the "iron" sights for awhile and am thinking of going with an Aimpoint PRO red dot for my optic after awhile. Kind of nice to spread the purchase price out over a period of time. LOL! Building the lower receiver is actually a piece of cake and really requires no special tools. Nothing to be afraid of here although I did experience the obligatory rocket launch of the front takedown pin detent and spring. LOL! I'm going the complete upper route for simplicity sake for now. Next time around I'll probably build the upper. Hopefully within the next week, I'll have a nice little AR-15 Carbine put together. The next question is what to build with the other lower receivers I have? Definitely looking at a .22 not sure if I want to go the dedicated .22 route or the conversion route and also considering another .223 with a 18" or 20" barrel and a full length free float rail... more of a precision gun. Black Rifle Disease setting in.
  3. There are 2 types of Sufix Leadcore, the regular stuff and then 832. Regular Leadcore is going to get you 5' per color @ 2mph The new Sufix 832 Leadcore is thinner in diameter and is supposed to go 7' per color. Dive Curve on a Shad Rap #5 is 5-6' down on 30' of line. I think you are realistically in the almost 20' range with your set-up. Also remember that speed lifts leadcore in the water so if you are going a bit faster than 2mph, you'll be up a little higher yet.
  4. I've found myself pulling Shallow Shad Raps more and more in the fall... the smaller ones. Favorite colors are Purpledescent and Yellow Perch. I like them around weeds because its easier to tell when they foul. When it comes to stickbaits... Rapala Husky Jerk 12s & 14s, Smithwick Super Rogues, Storm Thundersticks, and Rapala Floaters (various sizes). What crank I'm running really depends on depth and what I'm trying to do with it. If I'm trying to pull over weedtops in shallow water, I'm using Floating Raps or Floating Rogues. If I'm trying to crank over rock in say 12' of water on Mille Lacs, I'm using a Husky Jerk or Super Rogue. Some of the in between depths with weed pockets or weeds of differing heights take a little playing around to get the right crank... usually looking at a Shallow Shad Rap or Floaters again.
  5. Precision Trolling Data, LLC The book is no longer in print and is fetching some good money in the secondary market. There are 2 new products available from Precision Trolling, one is the Stickers and the other is the smartphone App. The stickers can be purchased in groups of similar lures or individually. Fleet Farm has the packages of stickers. The individual stickers can be purchased directly from Precision Trolling. The stickers are directly from the book but can be stuck on your different Plano trays to help organize your cranks. The smartphone App is nearing completion from what I understand. The App is going to be the cat's meow when it finally comes out.
  6. "Smoothie" is a 1 piece rod and LCS69MLF is the correct model number. Love my Smoothie's!
  7. There is another way you could look at this and that is each presentation (long line, leadcore, planer board) is going to use a different type of line and a different type of reel. So if you are looking to find a rod that is going to accomplish all these tasks, you are still going to be switching reels around. So why not add a few more rods to the arsenal and have all your presentations rigged and ready to go. For my long line trolling, I have a couple St Croix Tidemaster 7'6" Medium Moderates with 17 sized Sealine linecounters. I believe I have 20lb Sufix 832 on them. These are really light and sensitive combos that let me hand hold the rods for a long time if I need to. These rods are good for 3-waying and bottom bouncing as well as pulling cranks. When you go to leadcore, the popular combo is the long (12'-14') outside rods and the short (5') inside rods. This lets you spread your baits 35-36' from one outside rod to the other. When contour trolling a break, you can get lines on top of the break and down the side of the break with this kind of spread. On a body of water like Pool 4 & Pepin where 2 rods a piece is legal, this is a great way to go. My leadcore is on 47 sized Sealines and I actually have these on Scheels 8'-6" telescoping trolling rods right now. I haven't quite invested in the all out leadcore setup yet or I'd go the long & short rod route. Planer board rod length is sort of a personal preference. 7'-6" to 8'-6" seams to be a good length. The rod length has to be manageable in the boat for clipping on and taking off boards, but you still want long enough rods to keep your line from catching waves. Rod holders with extensions or trees (like from Bert's Tackle) can help get your rods up in the air as well. 27 sized Sealines with mono are pretty much the way to go for your board reels. The Scheel's rods I have would be good board rods as well, I'd just have to flip flop reels around when I switch techniques. I could use them for long line trolling as well but I think there are better rods to do that with.
  8. I've gotta believe its going to be a fantastic trolling lure. The Scatter Rap Minnow is what I have my eye on.
  9. Holy cripes you guys are helpful. Sheesh. Apply for your "Permit to Purchase" at your local police department. If you don't have a local police department, than it is the county sheriff.
  10. I've been a new home owner for about 4 years now. Bought a foreclosure that needed some work and upgrading and have been picking off the jobs 1 at a time. House is really starting to look good now! I had helped my dad out with odds and ends growing up but never really did the skilled work myself like plumbing, pipe sweating, electrical, etc. I've been learning as I go and taking my time. Sure I make mistakes and jobs take 2-3 times longer than hiring it out by its really satisfying to know I did it, not to mention the money saved to get that result. Biggest job I've done is a full kitchen remodel. I totaly gutted the kitchen down to the subfloor. All the kitchen cabinets were stripped, sanded, and refinished. Added new countertops. Plumbed and wired for a new dishwasher I still have to buy. Added a Microwave/Range Hood (wiring and venting myself). I still have to install the flooring which will happen soon. Going to put in-floor electric heat in the kitchen and then slate over that. It will be sweet! Problem with this project was I did all my cooking on a camp stove and the grille for 3 months and dish washing in the bathroom sink. LOL! Sacrifices you have to make. I've gotten pretty good and refinishing things, electrical work (adding outlets, switches, lights, etc), plumbing (sinks, undersink plumbing, pipe sweating, etc), hanging drywall and taping. Few upcoming jobs are adding recessed can light fixturs to my living room, a bathroom exhaust fan, and finishing the kitchen floor. Longer term projects are installing egress windows in the basement and totally finishing the basement off. I think I can accomplish all of these things. I do work for a general contractor (although I'm a designer) so it helps to have access to special tools - gas powered concrete saw, hammer drills, tile saw, etc... And have relationships with subcontractors that I can talk into doing side jobs for me. My advice is do your research (books, internet, etc), plan it out on paper, do a materials list and price the job out. Once you have your game plan, just jump right in. It also helps to have the right tools for the job, acquiring them is just part of the cost of doing business IMO. New job = buying new tools! LOL! I just bought a Makita drywall cutout tool this week, how did I ever live without this thing! LOL!
  11. Assuming I get into the Cabela's National Walleye Tour events this year as a Co-Angler, I'll be fishing Pool 4 @ Red Wing, Lake Erie, Green Bay, and then Devil's Lake as thats the tour schedule. Should be a lot of fun again as usual. Also looking at doing the Cabela's King Kat Catfish Tournament on the Red River in Grand Forks, ND this year. First time the King Kat has come to Grand Forks. Little bit of Mille Lacs fishing, little fishing back home at the lake cabin, hopefully get back into the Flathead Cat groove a bit this year and then fall trolling. Mix in some local metro muskie fishing as well. Variety is good!
  12. I must have been sleeping in a cave for the last decade as I didn't realize how popular the AR platform of guns has become. I remember reading posts here of guys building guns for predator hunting, etc but really didn't pay too much attention to it. So now with the recent political theater regarding banning these guns, I suddenly decide I want to own one. LOL! What I've come to discover is everyone and their brother is buying up anything and everything related to AR guns. Just absolutely crazy!! My new favorite world is the AR15 HSOforum... I never knew what kind of hobby a guy could get himself into building AR15s. From buying stripped lowers and completely assembling guns to buying 80% lowers and finishing the machining on them, from anodizing, engraving, etc, etc. Way too cool! Anyway... not knowing whats coming down the road politically, I've pre-ordered three stripped lowers and am anxiously awaiting their delivery whenever that may be in the upcoming months. There is an absolute fever out there with guys buying lowers... its unbelievable really. I figure its cheap insurance against whatever is coming at us from the federal government. All the other parts should still be available once the market calms down a bit. I really believe Congress won't be able to do much about passing a new Assault Weapons ban so I "think" we're OK, I just want to be prepared though.
  13. Here's a couple suggestions for you: Scheel's Pro Classic 8'-6" Medium Fast (telescoping) = $79.99 Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Series 8'-6" Medium Fast (telescoping) = $89.99 I have the Scheel's rods for my leadcore rods and they should have no problem with boards either. The BPS rods are almost, if not, the most popular trolling rod amongst the walleye tournament guys. A lot of the trollers out east use these rods for planer boards. They'd be fine for lead as well. Get some Sealine 47 reels for your lead and Sealine 27 reels for you planer boards and you'd be set. You could swap reels back and forth on your rods until you add a few more rods to the collection and have dedicated leadcore rods and dedicated planer board rods.
  14. RafterJ- Was going to PM you my address but it doesn't look like you accept Private Messages. You could ship it to my work address: Vanman Architects & Builders Attn: Chris Hanson 669 Winnetka Ave N, Suite 210 Golden Valley, MN 55427 I'll cover the cost of the magazine and shipping as well. Appreciate it!! (For some reason, the 2012 Ice Guide is not available on In-Fish's HSOforum)
  15. Just curious if anyone has a 2012 In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide they'd be willing to part with? This is last years guide... not this years (2013).
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