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  1. Here's the somewhat hidden link on the DNR site: DNR - Montrose Area Trout Streams
  2. This year's AA tourney should be pretty good. Even the four non-seeded teams are capable of playing at a high level and could easily pull off a Thursday "upset". East is the popular favorite, although they won't have an easy road to the championship.
  3. I've targeted cats using a fly rod down river from "RFM's pond". They are a blast on a fly rod. I've caught them two different ways. First was fishing drop offs in the spring time using a weighted line and dark colored wooly buggers and nymphs. The other way was like Pushbutton decribed, working the shorelines near current in the summertime. Again with wooly buggers and larger flies. There were times when smacking the fly down on the surface would trigger a strike.
  4. You sure there's no unicorn or Royals stickers?
  5. Indeed. Happy birthday my friend! A little too cold for fishing today, so may all your thoughts be filled of brookies and family travels!
  6. I agree with pureinsanity, there are a lot of variables to factor in like buck/doe ratios, hunting pressure, second ruts, etc. Maybe during a standard year a dominant buck might breed with several does although I've heard 10 or more is not out of the question.
  7. Got out tonight for a bit. Nothing during shooting hours but had three come through after dark. Hard to tell what they were even at 15 yards and a full moon.
  8. You have to wonder what the networks were thinking when they decided to hire Brewster this year. He doesn't exactly have credibility or respect in the midwest. On a side note, it's really too bad that a post-game interview between Brewster and Bielema didn't happen after the championship game this year. I think some in tv land were hoping for another Joe Capp-like moment on live tv.
  9. If you're goin' bear huntin', you better be prepared to get the bear.
  10. There is one mtn bike that's specially designed for going through snow - the Surly Pugsly. It's got big burly tires, but also a $1,500 price tag. I like the idea of mounting the bow to the handlebars. Another option is to ride with a hiking backpack that has exterior straps for attaching gear, like your bow. I think the more challenging issue would be pulling a deer back out behind a mtn bike. You might have to strap it to a sled and pull it back out on foot.
  11. Nelson and Leidner both look like they have some talent. Although I bet both will redshirt next year. Gray, Shortell, Alipate, Parrish and a couple other young guys are already on the roster as QB's.
  12. Was the "Taylor" picture taken above the reservoir? Is so, that's a nice fish for that area.
  13. GOPHERS WIN!!! 27-7!!! I wasn't able to watch the game but it sounds like the Gophers were able to pull everything together for their last game of the season. A very nice way to roll into next year.
  14. Alright, I'll go first. There looks to be an undercut/overgrowth on the far bank. And based on water color it looks to be slower and deeper right where his line is pointing. I'm a nymph fly guy, so I would cast further upstream and allow it to get down along the bottom before hitting the deeper water and bank. The upper portion of the deeper water could have the dominant feeder, too.
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