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  1. Hey, what kind of acid do you use to clean up your agates?
  2. crazyice

    So what's the deal? Do Bullheads sting?

    Sorry for the late reply here, yeah two years ago I had a yellow give me the business in the webbing btwn my thumg and index finger. Instant blood spurting like a miniature gyser, throbing pain like I've never had with a fish before. Took probably 30 minutes for it to quit bleeding, and by that time, it was swollen something fierce. Couldn't move any of my fingers in my hand, and it was numb. Ended up going to the ER, the doc there said he did some looking into it, and he said that the venom they have is the same type as a brown recluse spider, scorpion and sting ray. Can cause necrosis at high enough levels and if not taken care of. Believe what you want, but for me I firmly believe that they have venom, and I can't even force myself to handle one without a glove anymore. My hand stayed swollen and black and blue for over a week.
  3. The 3.5 inch chamber is also for turkey loads. You will find plenty of turkey loads in 3.5 inch.
  4. I agree with the majority, the 870 is a tough as nails gun that seems to work no matter what the conditions are. I have two of them. Love em!
  5. Thanks for the advice!!!
  6. crazyice

    Muzzy Help Please

    Taken from page 90 of the rules and regs book: "In lottery deer areas (where either-sex permits are limited), muzzleloader hunters must apply for and receive an either-sex permit. The application deadline is Thursday, Sep. 10." So what that is saying is, if you look at a deer zone map, if you are hunting in a lottery zone, you needed to apply for an either-sex permit, which I am assuming you did not if you are just thinking of getting back into it. So it would be "bucks only" for you in that area, now if you were to hunt in a managed zone you can take either sex with your main tag and ONE additional antlerless deer on a bonus tag. Now if you hunted in an intensive harvest zone, you could take one of either sex on your main tag, and up to FOUR more antlerless deer on bonus tags. I hope that wasn't too confusing for you, I had to decipher them myself just the other day too. I'll be out there as well, so good luck!!
  7. I got it figured out, I am using the #11 caps with Pyrodex pellets, the ones that aren't Triple 7, they seem to fire up just fine with that cap, so I figure since that works on the range, it will work just fine in the field.
  8. Best of wishes for your dad.
  9. Does anyone here shoot an older CVA Muzzleloader model SMA 7060-VP?? I think it's called a Pro II In-line... If so, does it take the 209 primers? If not, how easy are they to work with? I have access to one, and want to know if it's worth the hassle to work with, or if I should just go with newer technology... Thanks!
  10. crazyice

    LakeLady and DLF custom fishing rods?

    Wait until you see that in person on the glass blank!! It will look sharp! What kind of wood did you go with? Cedar?
  11. crazyice

    LakeLady and DLF custom fishing rods?

    They turn their own handles down there out of about any kind of wood you can dream up! They are the ones who taught me what I know about rod building. I would not hesitate one bit to order one from them! Very good quality work, and it will be a true "one of a kind" rod with every handle turning out a little different!
  12. crazyice

    Channel Catfish Photo Gallery

    Awesome fish! But what dumped on it's head!? lol
  13. crazyice

    My New Invention

    I would first try the insulation on the buckets. I did something similar a couple of years back for tipups. I cut a hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon pail big enough for the reel on a tipup to go in, then I used the spray foam insulation on the inside of the pail. It wasn't a cure all, but it definitely slowed the freezing process. I would think that spraying the outside of your pails would get the same effect.
  14. crazyice

    Thermal or non Thermal Ice Shelter

    I have the Buddy Heater, I found that on a remotely cold day, fishing for a fair amount of time, that I would really burn through the 1 lb tanks. Sometimes going through 2 per trip. If you do go this route, stick to running it off of a bigger cylinder, it will save you money in the long run because those little tanks can really add up cost wise.