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  1. aanderud

    Fall Flatheads

    Like Special said -- cutbait and dead baits (shad, for instance) work well in the fall. Find schools of shad and fish under/in those. But go fast, as the water is definitely cooling fast.
  2. Probably motherboard battery. Try a new one.
  3. Looks like a great time! Thanks for posting!
  4. Looks awesome! Congratulate your son on having such an accurate shot! He must have learned it somewhere. I'm sure that I couldn't shoot that accurately! What a grouping.
  5. Our biggest was 25.5 lbs. We got two that size. My biggest was only 24 lbs. The triple picture is a triple-21. It was comical. Around here I go all year waiting to see three fish of 20+ lbs in the boat in one night, but up there we got three on SIMULTANEOUSLY! We also threw back double-22s. I don't remember the lengths, we only measured a few and most of those that we did measure were the tagged ones that weren't necessarily all that large (35 inches or so). We were there 4 days total. We weighed over half our of 369 fish over those 4 days, and the average was just a bit over 17 lbs. Total for the 4 days was 369 fish in about 32 hours of fishing. Total weight estimated over 6000 lbs. My 7 year old quit fishing every day about 3/4 of the way through due literally being exhausted from reeling in fish that weigh 1/2 as much as he does. A trip I'll never forget.
  6. Lots of nice fish there, 556LaGue. We did great on Frogs at Lockport about 3 weeks back. They don't require a whole frog, either -- we were cutting them in half, and the biggest ones we were cutting 4 pieces. So, don't be afraid to try that and make your frog supply last twice as long. Doubles, triples, and even QUADs (when we were able to get 4 lines in the water). They were on fire!
  7. Everything I've read says you're supposed to lock it with a NON-TSA lock that ONLY YOU have access to. You will have to open/display it for them to prove it is unloaded (usually right when you declare it at check-in). They should then re-lock it using your lock, put a sticker on it saying it's been inspected and proven to be unloaded, and if anyone else should need to open that case, you'll be paged using the overhead paging system at the airport.
  8. I upgraded one of my laptops and I'm happy with it functionality-wise. That laptop happens to be the cheapo that I bought from a guy for almost free as a "travel" laptop. It was cheap because it won't take more than 2 gigs of ram, and win7 works terribly with that much ram. Win 10 works LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than win7 on low-ram systems, and it's even better/faster than the linux I had been running on it. As for my main laptop, I'm still on win7. Nothing specific keeping me back, just want two options around here. As for the new browser -- I've just avoided that 'edge' thing and continued using chrome anyway. So, no difference there for me.
  9. You have to install over another version of windows, but during the upgrade process there's a step of "what do you want to keep"... The options are something like "files", and "programs, files, and settings", or "nothing". If you pick "nothing" it does a clean install. Well, I'm not sure technically how "clean" it is, but I didn't notice any windows 8 remnants laying around when I upgraded from 8 to 10 on one of my laptops. If you're still not happy with that installation, after you do the "upgrade", the system recovery program in windows 10 has a "reset" option that allows you to wipe everything. Word on the street is that a clean install can be done on any PC that has previously done an "upgrade" install. So, while it requires installation twice (upgrade, then format/install), it does seem to allow the option of a clean install if you really need one. Here's one page that has plenty of info, from which I copied the following snippets: http://www.howtogeek.com/224342/how-to-clean-install-windows-10/
  10. I've never had gar invade so much as to scare the other fish away, but I have seem them thick as thieves around the boat at times, snapping at the surface and whatnot. I think a lot of the live bait clicker runs that grab your bait and run with it for 1.5 seconds and drop it are actually gar, but I rarely land one. I think I've caught only 1 or two in my 8 years of catfishing actually.
  11. Wow, nice fish! Was that on the Red or was it somewhere downstate (St Croix, Minnesota, or Missippi Rivers)?
  12. The new bait shop in Shakopee has bullheads, as does Prior Lake bait and tackle. That's all I know of right off the bat. Perhaps there's one in RedWing as well.
  13. Guy on here goes by the name of lowblazah has a sea ark, I think it's a 1972 or 2072 or thereabouts. He loves it, spent a lot of time redoing flooring and wiring and whatnot in there to get it set up just the way he likes it. He's running something like a 115 or 135 hp on it, with a prop. I think it's a tunnel hull but not sure. Alagnak (another guy on here) has a G3 that's roughly the size you're looking at, and he just sold it this spring. I think he had a 90/60 jet (or whatever the conversion is on the 90 outboard jet). Haven't seen many lowes running around and don't know anyone who has one. But perhaps one or both of these fellas will see this post and respond with any info they might have from when they were boat shopping. I don't know that it actually makes sense to go with a tunnel hull on a jet. Correct me if I'm wrong, that's just what I've heard -- that the tunnel hulls are made for prop engines.
  14. I would not so quickly dismiss the battery-drain claim as nonsense. It's entirely possible that the unit could draw some power even when not powered on explicitly. The car-stereo that the previous owner installed in my boat draws quite a bit of power (don't remember the exact amperage draw) even when it's "off", and so there's a toggle switch mounted next to it now! There's a reason many boats have a nice little "master power" switch installed on their accessory feed -- to prevent this type of parasitic draw from ruining your next starting attempt!
  15. Some folks have good luck with cut bullies. I've never really tried, I figure why waste a good live bullhead by cutting it up! I guess the only reason I'd cut a live bullhead up is if he's too small (say 3-4 inchers). Live bait works before the sun goes down too!
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