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  1. I've been buying ammo to feed all the guns I have bought recently...just as many, many other people have. Obama is the greatest gun salesman of all time.
  2. They are fairly decent, entry level defensive pistols. The PT145 is a great gun...small size and it holds 10 rounds of .45 ACP.
  3. For anyone interested, Best Buy gave me $40 for BO2. Enough for a new game.
  4. I disagree. DemonScience and I can show you some run and gun madness on other cod games but on this game I round a corner and get killed by a guy head glitching or by terrible lag compensation. This game is the communism of video games...design it so skilled players are mediocre and bad players are decent.
  5. I really dont know what you guys see in this game. I am a COD freak but this game is just flat out horrible. If the guns, maps, zombies, and campaign were decent then the game might be tolerable despite the lag. Demon Science sold the game already and I am trading it in once I have time.
  6. I do have 1.4 right now as it sits because when it works I can mop people up. But like yesterday I could not play a single game that wasn't laggy and I struggled to go even each game.
  7. You guys must be playing a different game then me. I can't even tolerate this game anymore. Multiplayer is so buggy for me, constant lag compensation issues. I am getting killed before I even see guys round the corner. Way worse than previous cod games. I struggle to get a 1.0 k/d and I am a better player than that. The maps are mediocre at best. Each map seems littered with places to head glitch and second story windows. The gun selection is not that great either. Seems to be a very sniper friendly game too which I hate. I would probably enjoy the multiplayer if the lag issues were figured out for me. As it sits, I don't enjoy multiplayer at all. And zombies...for those of you who are crazy about zombies like I am you will be severely disappointed. They really took away from the excitement in previous call of duty zombie modes. Tranzit is huge which is cool, but it's not really big in a good way. I am a call of duty fan boy, but this game has left me seriously disappointed. The only thing I can say that is good about the game is the sound effects. That's about it for now. Glad I didn't spend $50 on the season pass.
  8. So does Elite not mean anything anymore? I got it in the summer and from what I hear I now need some other talk for Black Ops. Getting sick of the greed.
  9. I highly recommend using Best Buy's trade in deal if you want a new game. I brought NHL 13 in yesterday and the normal trade in is $16 but it's doubled so I got $32 for just that one game. I also traded in a couple other games that are horrible and I won't play again and walked out with Halo 4.
  10. Joel - I still keep data (although I admittedly have not fished as much this year as before). You are always welcome to have any data that I keep, you just say the word and it's done.
  11. Really? You must fish somewhere I don't go.
  12. There is no way fishing pressure has anything to do with this. Overall, there really aren't that many people who fish the Minnesota River. It's usually the same people who are out there night after night with the rarity of the people who go down there, catch a big Flathead, and take it home because they don't know any better. It sure seems odd that the fishing on P2 is so great and the fishing on the Minnesota is now so terrible. I'm in on the theory that they have been moved out because of the unusual flooding patterns in the last couple of years. Joel seemed to hint that it was very unlikely for that to happen, so who knows. All I know is something is happening that's for sure.
  13. I took a look last weekend at Scheels and they do not look very healthy. I definitely would recommend Winklers or the Dam Store, but I guess as a last resort option Scheels would work but it will cost you.
  14. There are some big Flatheads in the MN River, but you really need to put in a ton of time to catch them, or just have luck on your side. I have never fished the Red River, but would love to go there. Kind of like the Crow River on drugs.
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