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  1. Sit till noon and you'll have a great chance. As I've seen in my scouting the toms chase hens down then follow until there on there nest and then they venture off to tackle the next one that's not on nest.
  2. I've built 2 home made blind and bought 2 custom blind for 2 different boat. I'll tell you its a night and day difference between bought and made. Don't get me wrong homemade blinds save a little money and take up some off season time but the just don't hold up like the blinds on the market. I know this custom shop is a long ways from you but I have had 2 made from him and will go back again if I find another boat. Sky busters are great blinds!
  3. 91 and putting the hammer down that's amazing!
  4. This is my 3rd time trying this turkey hunting thing. My 1st attempt was 15+ years ago in high school on public ground in s.e Minnesota later in the season. Didn't see a bird in 3 days or so. Last year was my 2nd attempt and I failed miserably as I missed a bird at 7 yards on the 4th day. Seen and heard plenty of birds. So this year I ponyed up bought a new blind and new ammo. This year being my 3rd try I really wanted to conquer the turkey and I bought a season d tag as I didn't find it necessary to do the lottery. As the spring progressed it seemed warmer than normal do I changed seasons to
  5. The Zink wicked sister did the job this a.m. Wind,cold,sleet. Love this call!
  6. Took min to the quarter car wash and $12.00 later there was still stuff coming out of the carpet. Looks 10x better though.
  7. 550 is going to ask for power when loaded. My pick would be Polaris wide track with the big motor.
  8. Jeff Holmin does great work. South central Minnesota
  9. I'm a flap guy. Buy the biggest ones available. I have a older Tahoe and I bought a set of 11"x19" off road style. Less than $50 for a set of 4. To my knowledge there about 3" from the ground with the boat hooked up. Good luck!
  10. So I guess I was a little excited and just but my over the counter tag today. But upon further review I have now noticed that I could have purchased and earlier season as there are leftovers. Has any one ever changed season after purchasing the tag. I hope there's a way as the group I hunt with all got there tag and that would be 5 guys in the same area same time. Sounds like fun but its a small area and would like to hunt earlier if possible. It looks like there is 194 surplus tickets for B. Wish me luck!
  11. I have the look out hen. Great decoy!
  12. dan z

    Fishing sled

    Not cheap but this will prolly out last me. 1/2" conduit $70 with tgr purchase of a bender included. Can carry over 200lbs with ease and you can pull it through 10" like a hot kbofe through butter.
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