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  1. Yay another game that will make me incredibly angry but yet I have to play.
  2. Andy - Andy, I just snapped a couple quick pics over the cleanest patch of snow I could find while waiting for the dude to show up so I could give him the rod. clKiekhafer - Not really sure kinda a mystery blank that was given to me. I think its a St. Croix unsanded factory second of some sort. Stout rod, musky type blank.
  3. Traveler now reach the stream. The astral flight adapter. From the pain-sheath life ascends - the Non-returner sees. Empathy release me - and the phoenix rise triumphant. And walks onto the certitude ground - the soul's submergence ends. From the rounds of rebirth - he arrives onto the deathless. Light bores through the adjunct worlds - the soul-galleon prevails. Liberates in wisdom to complete state of negation. The five roads subsumed by grace - emancipates from dream.
  4. Oh and the mini map...can't put my finger why but I don't like it.
  5. I find the sound to be terribly inaccurate. Same ol issues with lag. I got killed by a dog that was running at me and I was dead by it before it even got to me on my screen. Quite frustrating. Spawning is by far the WORST out of any COD games, it really is a joke. I feel a little bad killing a dude I just spawn next to and even worse when I die 3+ times in a row because I got spawned in front of someone else. All in all its got its positives and negatives like all other CODs. I had a K/d over 2 in BLOPs 2 and now struggle to keep a k/d of 1.4. I wish they had a sniper free playlist as
  6. I think sometimes there are and sometimes they're not? I think it has to do with poximity or something...I dunno...it was up n running. I was gettin my butt handed to me. Maps are overly huge for the amount of players there are.
  7. haha no..I am still like a chodey level 4 or 5 ..like I said I only got to play two maps before the server crash...I haven't tried for a couple of hours since I have been doin the campaign. Just taken a quick lunch break then back to the shoot em ups!
  8. hahaha Deitz straight up glitchin! Game is pretty fun and got a couple of TDM matches in before the severs went down. Been playin the campaign which has been pretty fun. Seems to run pretty smooth! Guns are nice..people die when you shoot them! So many options as far as perks and stuff...gonna take awhile to figure all of the stuff out. You earn point to buy guns and stuff. Customizatizable characters and you have a butt load of them...each with several loadouts a piece. Maps are bigger and gonna take awhile to get used to as well as the perks. Overall so far I am diggin it. The peo
  9. I can't wait to shoot Deitz!
  10. 360...Of course would like the One but not enough to spend $500. Ill wait.
  11. Thanks and ya that's the smaller dia tuna cord. That stuff is super comfy will outlast anything else. Gimmie a shout when you got your new pad up n running and I'll bring it up.
  12. Thought it was about time to give some luv'n to one of my first spinning cat rod builds. Its seen many fish over the years and still in great shape but I always thought of it as a bit ugly. Been awhile since I have done a cord handle or any rod building, so I am using this build as a bit of a warm up/refresher. 7'6" 15-50lb Gator Glass New handle and guide rewrap. Before After
  13. Nice! Now can you do the same with those stupid commercials?
  14. I am sure I will get it and I am also sure it will [PoorWordUsage] me off. lol
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