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  1. Looks like a silver to me, but you can't really tell without counting the dorsal fins.
  2. Around here people call sheephead(drum), perch for some reason. Completely different species of fish.lol. I'll say...... look at this huge drum I caught, and the guy will say...... that's not a drum, it's a perch.
  3. Ripping a 3-4 lb smallie pales in comparison to a 3-4 lb carp
  4. common carp any redhorse channel cats sturgeon
  5. He put them in someone's grandma's garden for fertilizer.
  6. Suckers and Drums are fun too. Keep fishing for sturgeon, and you'll eventually catch all them big strong varieties of fish. Great sturgeon!!
  7. Yeah. Their snout is bony, which makes it hard to set the hook. I've been sight fishin them lately. Once they take the bait, I'll let them keep it for a few seconds before I yank. Just trying to make sure it's fully in his mouth. Plus, I'll give her a good little yank.
  8. The one you are calling sauger is a saugeye. Look at the dots on his dorsal fin, and his distinct markings.
  9. Got away from me. Them buggers are squirrely.
  10. Thought this pic was worth posting. Love the teeth.
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